Americans Should Want To Know The Details About The USA Patriot Act  4-7-03
Where Is Our Humility?  4-3-03
What Is The April Surprise?  3-31-03
Carlyle Group, Halliburton Getting Rich Off Iraq War  3-27-03
"Conservatives" Intoxicated With Big Government  3-24-03
Congress Could Overturn Roe v Wade Anytime It Wanted To  3-20-03
Bush Continues Clinton Policy: Puts Troops Under Foreign Commanders  3-17-03
Have Christians Become Bloodthirsty?  3-13-03
By Today's Standards, Alamo Heroes Look Foolish  3-5-03
Bush Betrayed Pro-Lifers Again, But Did They Even Notice?  3-3-03
Waco Fires Still Burn  2-27-03
Presidential Grades: A Case Of Non-Study  2-25-03
Americans Are Playing a Dangerous Game  2-19-03
You Gotta See This Movie!  2-17-03
Is America The Revived Roman Empire?  2-14-03
Is A War With Iraq A Just war?  2-9-03
Democrats More Honorable Than Republicans  2-6-03
Bush: Biggest Spender Ever!  2-3-03
Strong Delusion 1-30-03
The State of The Union or The State of Big Government?  1-28-03
Gibson Again Shows Real Courage  1-21-03
The American Holocaust  1-14-03
Bush Planning Social Security Benefits For Mexicans  1-7-03
New Senate Leader Spells Trouble For Conservative Agenda  12-30-02
My Christmas Wish: Courageous Leaders
The Real Reason Lott Was Forced Out
Not Walt Disney's World Anymore  12-17-02
No God, No Guns, No Guts  12-16-02
Our Politically Correct Theologian-in-Chief  12-14-02
Getting The Fox To Guard The Hen House  12-9-02
A Partner in Crime   12-3-02
A Patriotic Christmas   11-25-02
Bush Government 'Out of Control'  11-21-02
Bush Vs. Christian Right on Islam  11-18-02
Rendering Unto Caesar What Belongs To God   11-12-02
Republicans in Charge - Now What?  11-06-02
Ballistic Fingerprinting Is A Bad Idea 10-31-02
How Christians Lost Their Political Power 10-28-02
Granting Pigs Constitutional Rights  10-24-02
Meet Me In Pensacola, Florida  10-15-02
So, What Do We Do Now?  10-8-02
A Scriptural Summary of Today's Spiritual Shepherds  10-1-02
Saving Souls Alone Will Not Save The Country  9-26-02
Freedoms Lost Under Bush  9-23-02
Selecting Terrorist Targets
Is Christianity Becoming Extinct
Bush Setting Up Hillary Victory
Who Are The Winners And Losers Since September 11, 2001?
Since When Does Patriotism Mean Love of Big Government?
Two Books Every Christian Should Read
In Praise Of High School Football
Conservatives Trump Liberals in Thirst for Federal Power
I Am No Longer A Conservative
The Religious Right Has Huge Blind Spot
Americans Must Stop Thinking Outside The Box
A Double Standard Regarding Sexual Predators
Patrick Henry Could Not Be Elected Today
It Is Time To Abolish Congress!
Are Americans Ready to Crown a King?
Will American Troops Be Used Against U.S. Citizens?
King George Creating East-Block America
Jail For Liars? Start With Politicians
Lessons From The Shooting At LAX
Honoring The Class Of '94
Miller Votes Against Less Government - Again!
Time to Put a Stop to Despotic Court Rulings
Is America's Prison System Providing Justice?
Bush's Walk Doesn't Match His Talk On Life Issue
Bush Continues Clinton Agenda
If They Were Your Children, You Would Be Angry Too
War On Terrorism Abroad - Support For Islam At Home
Bush Pushes Gore Plan For Orwellian Government
Just In Time For Independence Day
A New And Improved F.B.I.
Another AmBush
This Is Education?
Is S.B.C. Funding The U.N.? Say It Isn't So!
Catholics Hide Homosexuality, Protestants Hide Adultery
Hope In God
Strictly Personal
More Facts Conservatives Will Choose To Ignore
From Ozzie Nelson To Ozzy Osbourne
Bush In Bed With Homosexuals? 4-13-02
Who Are The Real Victims?
Could Al Gore Get Away With This?
Is Bush The Antichrist?  4-12-02
Bush To Sharon: Do As I Say - Not As I Do
Feminizing America
Is It Time To Secede?
Trading An Empty Tomb For Empty Hearts
Bush Administration Signals End To Open Government  3-22-02
Would You Vote For This Man?
Why Churches Have No Influence
Jeff Miller Has Some Explaining To Do
Were Alamo Heroes Foolish?
Conservatism is Dead - Is America Dead?
Get Off The Bus
There Is A Conspiracy
What Is A Conservative
Can You Imagine Such A Nation?

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