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By Chuck Baldwin
September 13, 2002

There has not been an occupant in the White House outside of the Bush or Clinton families since 1988. This trend (or should I say fix) shows all the signs of continuing without interruption.

The first thing people must wake up to is that the Bush and Clinton families have been chums for years. Sources close to the Clintons have told me that the Bushes and Clintons have had a cozy relationship dating back to Daddy Bush's days in the White House. During those days, then Governor Bill Clinton would take the family to wine and dine with the Bushes at their Kennebunkport retreat in Maine. The only Bush not seen hobnobbing with the Clintons was Jeb.

Now do you understand why President Bush was determined to cover up Clinton's crimes and why he sent a military transport plane to Australia to fetch Bill in the early moments following the terrorist attacks last September 11, and why he has chosen to leave intact all of Clinton's Executive Orders? These two families form a tight-knit fraternity, Brother.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that George I cut a deal with Bill to let Bill win in 1992. Even George's running mate Dan Quayle said dejectedly, "It was the biggest presidential campaign that never was." In other words, George had no intention of winning that election, and the campaign showed it.

Then, when it came Dubya's turn at the wheel, Clinton did everything in his power to sabotage Al Gore's victory chances. It was part of the deal, and it worked. Now, guess who is the next appointed ruler? You bet. Hillary Rodham Clinton. And Dubya is playing the game right according to Hoyle.

Publicly, conservative and Christian leaders are lauding Dubya's job performance. Privately, they are either dumbfounded or downright disappointed at his utter failure to bring home the conservative bacon.

Bush's capitulation on the homosexual issue, his total lack of enthusiasm for the life issue, his blatant disregard for constitutional government and personal liberties rivals even the socialist policies of Franklin Roosevelt. Many people who voted for Bush in 2000 have already made the exodus from his 2004 candidacy. They thought they were voting for a principled conservative. Now they know they weren't.

The icing on the cake for Bush will be his selection of Alberto Gonzalez to be the next Supreme Court Justice. Conservative leaders who have already met with Gonzalez know this man will be a disaster for the conservative movement, not to mention Bush's 2004 campaign. Since Gonzalez is not pro-life (and the record proves that he's not), principled, pro-life conservatives will turn on Bush en masse.

Doesn't Bush know that he is setting himself up for defeat in 2004? I think he does. He knows the fix is in, and he is helping to set the stage for a Hillary victory.

Now, here is the scary part: through the USA Patriot Act, the new Homeland Security Department, etc., Bush and his fellow travelers in the Republican Party have put in place the kind of dictatorial laws and Storm Trooper-style agencies that unscrupulous people such as Hillary Clinton can exploit to the fullest.

It's time to admit it: the Bushes are enabling the Clintons to dismantle our republican form of government and to eviscerate our God-given liberties. It is the perfect con game, and the Bushes and Clintons are playing it to perfection.

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Chuck Baldwin is Founder-Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. In 1985 the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence. 

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