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By Chuck Baldwin
May 31, 2002

Spokesmen for the Justice Department and F.B.I. are everywhere apologizing to the American people for their utter incompetence and dereliction of duty by mishandling evidence that had the potential to avert the horrific events of last September.  At the same time, those same people are announcing plans to expand the F.B.I. by hiring at last 900 new agents and to expand the powers of the F.B.I. to levels far exceeding the constraints of the U.S. Constitution.

According to the Washington Post, "New Justice Department guidelines to be unveiled today (May 30) will give FBI agents latitude to monitor Internet sites, libraries and religious institutions without having to offer evidence of potential criminal activity." 

One civil liberties spokesman rightly said, "The FBI is now telling the American people, 'You no longer have to do anything unlawful in order to get that knock on the door. You can be doing a perfectly legal activity like worshipping or talking in a chat room, they can spy on you anyway.'" She is right.

Just listen to this intimidating and frightening warning from a Justice Department spokesman: "(FBI) agents mistakenly think they have to stop at the church door." Notice that he did not say "Mosque door." He said, "Church door."

For an example of what we may expect from this new expanded and unrestrained Justice Department just look at what is taking place in America's airports. Since the Feds took over airport security, tens of thousands of honest, God-fearing American citizens have been subjected to humiliating and ridiculous abuse of power. Young ladies have been stripped search and wand raped. Ministers, missionaries, off duty policemen, judges, even congressmen, and pilots themselves have been forced to surrender their dignity as well as personal property (which then became the property of the confiscators) to these overbearing, abusive federal employees (many of whom are not even American citizens).

At the same time that honest Americans were being subjected to Gestapo-like tactics by these airport security boobs, people who really do pose a risk to America's security (Middle Eastern males from terrorist nations) are exempted from scrutiny for fear it might violate the federal government's sacrosanct and politically correct doctrine of "racial profiling."

The federal government is the only institution in the world that operates under the notion that incompetence and wrongdoing are punished by granting the offending agency more power and giving it more money. With the revelations of ineptness regarding the terrorist attacks on September 11 and with the memory of Waco and Ruby Ridge still fresh in our minds, it is scary indeed to contemplate a "new and improved" F.B.I.


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