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By Chuck Baldwin
March 19, 2002

Suppose you had the opportunity to cast your vote for or against a man such as the one described below. How would you vote?

1) This man professed to be a Christian, but he appointed several open homosexuals to his administration. He was also seen bowing before pagan gods in pagan temples of worship. Would you vote for such a man?

2) This man professed to be pro-life, but he never promoted any pro-life legislation. Furthermore, he authorized the practice of using dead human embryos as guinea pigs for scientific research. He also promoted several pro-abortion advocates to high public office. Would you vote for such a man?

3) Despite calling himself a "conservative," this man increased the size and scope of government to record highs. He even teamed up with ultra-liberals to pass the biggest expansion ever of government's role in education. Would you vote for such a man?

4) Knowing that a certain Middle Eastern terrorist actually murdered Americans and Israelis, this man actively lobbied for the terrorist's safety and helped to perpetuate the terrorist's position as the leader of a known radical terrorist group. He is also in the process of helping to make this terrorist the president of his very own, newly-established country. Would you vote for such a man?

5) Knowing that criminal conduct took place within the highest levels of government, this man ordered his Justice Department to not investigate the crimes or turn over evidence already gathered regarding this criminal conduct. In other words, he knowingly chose to cover up this criminal conduct. He also refuses to hold himself, or any of his subordinates, accountable to the courts or to the American people for decisions that have the appearance of conflict of interest or unconstitutionality. Would you vote for such a man?

6) Knowing that illegal aliens pose a clear and present danger to the security of the United States, this man pressured Congress to pass a bill granting amnesty to these very same aliens. Would you vote for such a man?

7) This man refused to help a Christian freedom fighter in Africa, which resulted in the murder of the freedom fighter by Communist guerillas. He then invited the leader of the Marxist murderers to the White House for a private meeting only days after the abandoned freedom fighter's death. Furthermore, this man refuses to assist suffering, persecuted peoples in another African nation because the industry to which his family is intricately connected is doing business with the tyrannical government in power there. Would you vote for such a man?

8) Knowing that a certain Islamic country is a notorious supplier and promoter of terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and that this nation routinely persecutes and murders Christians within its own borders, this man invited this country's Crown Prince to his ranch for a private meeting. Again, it is noteworthy that this country is also intricately connected to the family business and personal fortune of this man. Would you vote for such a man?

Well, friends, when you vote for G. W. Bush, that is exactly the kind of man you are voting for. I just thought you should know.

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