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By Chuck Baldwin
February 26, 2002

An Agape Press article yesterday said that former Republican presidential candidate, Gary Bauer, believes the Republican Party is abandoning its stand against the radical social agenda of the Democrats. The story said, "Bauer indicates the signs of a major leftward shift in Republican philosophy are popping up on several fronts." The story also quotes Bauer as suggesting that recent pro-abortion decisions by President Bush and other prominent Republicans "is a prelude to preparing the Republican Party for a pro-abortion vice-presidential running mate in 2004 or 2008."

Perhaps the most significant statement of the article was contained in the final paragraph. It said, "Bauer also expressed concern over the fact that while many pro-family leaders may be worried about this GOP trend, few are speaking out publicly about it." I'm glad someone finally noticed!

During the primary election campaign, I predicted that should G. W. Bush become president, he would take the Republican Party to the left so quickly and so thoroughly that it would not even be recognizable by the end of his first administration. Unfortunately, it has not taken four years. Already, the Republican Party is barely a shell of what it was back in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected and in 1994 when the courageous class of conservative freshmen captured the House of Representatives.

The Republican Party today  (at the national level) is comprised of Rockefeller aristocrats, washed-up Democrats, limp-wristed plutocrats, and "big tent" ideologues. Constitutionalists, pro-life and pro-family advocates, along with Christian conservatives, have been thrown to the back of the bus for the duration of the trip. However, most conservatives think themselves so lucky to just be on the bus. They do not mind the second-class treatment. In fact, the cheers from the back of the bus can be clearly heard even as the bus quickly approaches the brink of the abyss.

"Why don't those back-seat passengers get off the bus?" you ask. Why don't they get off the bus that is taking them toward the cliff of catastrophe? There are two reasons. One, they love the bus driver. He is a "Christian." He throws them verbal bouquets occasionally. He quotes the Bible. He looks like a little boy (and acts like one, too). Two, they like their bus because the other bus is heading toward the cliff even faster than the one they are on (at least, that is the perception).

However, few of them seem to notice that since their beloved driver got behind the wheel of the bus it has begun speeding ever faster toward that cliff. You see, there is so much dust and smoke coming out from under the bus that they cannot see the warning signs along the road, and those who do see them are afraid to say anything for fear of being called "an alarmist" or "an extremist."

A few perceptive passengers have gotten off the bus. Pat Buchanan comes to mind. He even wrote a book on how people could ride a third bus, a bus that would take them in an opposite direction, to a land of green pastures and still waters. However, the people on the bus laughed at him and his book. There is only one bus for them, and even if that bus is determined to take them over the cliff and into the abyss, they will gladly and contentedly remain loyal to the bus and to its driver.

Well, friends, you can stay on the bus if you want to, but I'm getting off! The Republican Party is a fraud! It has become even more dangerous than the Democratic Party because it says one thing and does another. The Democratic Party robs you at gunpoint, while the Republican Party picks your pocket when your back is turned. Both of them are stealing us blind!

To all of our pragmatic conservative "leaders" out there, keep cheerleading for the Republican charlatans, but you should at least be honest enough to tear out those great stories of David and Daniel from your Bibles. You do not really believe them, anyway. To Gary Bauer, thanks for telling the truth. To Christians and conservatives everywhere, how long will you ride this death trap of a bus? There is an omnipotent God that can deliver us, but He won't, not as long as we have given our hearts to the platitudinous promises of a prevaricating political party. Many of us say we trust God. It is now time to prove it! Get off the bus!

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Chuck Baldwin is Founder-Pastor of Crossroads Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. In 1985 the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence. 

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