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By Chuck Baldwin
July 19, 2002

It should be obvious to everyone by now that, wittingly or not, George W. Bush is in the process of creating a communist-style form of government in the United States. As details emerge regarding his new Department of Homeland Security, we discover that Bush and his band of belligerent brothers have begun the process of turning the federal government into a gargantuan police state not seen since Hitler's Third Reich and Stalin's Soviet Union.

According to press reports, Bush plans to do the following:

1. Merge 22 federal police and emergency agencies into his new Department of Homeland Security. (Say hello to the new SS Corps.)

2. Create standardized biometric travel documents ("Show me your papers or your iris. Sieg Heil.")

3. Develop "screening tools to predict human behavior, such as 'hostile intent.'" (Hello Dept. of Pre-Crimes.)

4. Allow federal police to search and seize at will. (Goodbye 4th Amendment.)

5. Allow federal police to incarcerate and indefinitely hold suspects without arrest or warrant and with no legal recourse by the person seized. (Goodbye 5th Amendment. Hello Gestapo.)

6. Implement a national driver's license. (Hello National ID.)

7. Allow the U.S. military to conduct lethal operations on U.S. soil. (Goodbye Posse Comitatus.)

8. Allow the President to unilaterally procure taxpayer dollars without the consent of Congress. (Goodbye U.S. Constitution.)

9. Allow the federal government to act in secret. (Hello East German Secret Police, Stasi. Goodbye Freedom of Information Act.)

10. Create a "Domestic Informant" program whereby millions of Americans are authorized to spy on their fellow citizens on behalf of the federal government. (Hello Communist Amerika.)

According to the Sydney Morning Herald and other news outlets, Bush plans to enlist 1 in 24 Americans into a new citizen-spy department. This number dwarfs the number of citizen spies used by former East-Bloc countries.

The Justice Department is scheduled to launch a pilot program next month in 10 cities using 1 million informants. The SMH rightly stated, "Historically, informant systems have been the tools of non- democratic states." It would seem that a "non-democratic" state is exactly what Bush is creating.

In Nazi Germany, churches, pastors, and conservatives assisted the creation of tyrannical government. That is exactly what is happening right now in the United States. What we thought we needed to fear from liberals, we find being championed by conservatives.

Right now, George Bush and his fellow travelers compose the greatest threat to freedom and constitutional government that exists. Instead of fighting terrorism, they are actually destroying the very principles of liberty that they claim to be protecting.

America survived the attacks on September 11. It may not survive the Bush administration.


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