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By Chuck Baldwin
July 12, 2002

Once again, "the powers that be" are completely missing the salient lessons of the recent shooting at Los Angeles International Airport. This is not surprising. Our political leaders have not been willing to properly deal with the truth for decades. Why should the deaths of two more innocent people be an exception to the rule? However, for anyone paying attention, there are two obvious lessons that scream for attention.

First, militant Islam is at war with the United States! It is time for President Bush and members of Congress to wake up to that fact. Contrary to Bush's claim, Islam is not a peaceful religion. Neither is Islam a friend to freedom in general or the United States in particular.

I will repeat what I said just days after the terrorist attacks last September: every person from a militant Muslim state who is not a U.S. citizen should be immediately deported from this country! If this had been done last year, two innocent people would still be alive today.

Instead, our government has done practically nothing to deport potential terrorists. Rather, it chooses to frisk 80-year-old senior citizens and strip search pretty, 20-year-old women. Our government chooses to subject World War II veterans to embarrassing and degrading treatment. Even U.S. congressmen and airline pilots themselves are treated with suspicion and disrespect.

While this is going on, young Muslim males continue to pour into the United States unimpeded. They continue to enroll in flight schools. They continue to have access to positions of responsibility (in and out of government) that almost guarantee continued attacks upon our country. Furthermore, President Bush continues to coddle Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, and most other Muslim states. This makes absolutely no sense.

The second lesson is equally clear. It was an armed El Al security guard that stopped what would have certainly been a blood bath. Once again, it was the presence of a firearm that saved lives and averted disaster.

Instead of calling for increased security perimeters around airports (how long before the whole country is declared a "security zone" in which the possession of firearms by private citizens is prohibited?), our government should be calling for all able-bodied citizens to take up their own arms and help defend their native land. Now, that would be real homeland security! (You will recall that this is exactly what happened after Pearl Harbor was attacked.)

It is absolutely criminal that during a time of national crisis, when our country is literally under violent assault from foreign enemies, our government would, 1) allow our enemies to be harbored among us, and, 2) prohibit American citizens from being able to freely arm and defend themselves!

The above actions are so logical and sensible it causes one to wonder what our government leaders are really trying to accomplish by not implementing them. Are they really trying to defend the country, or are they trying to scare the American people into surrendering their liberties? If they are trying to accomplish the former, they are failing miserably. If they are trying to accomplish the latter, they are immensely successful. You figure it out.


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