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By Chuck Baldwin
June 11, 2002

Those who voted for G. W. Bush thinking they were getting a significantly different type of government from the Clinton-Gore years need to think again. Bush's proposal to consolidate federal law enforcement and civil defense capabilities is actually a replay of an old plan first submitted by Al Gore.

A June 10 CNS news report stated, "Some members of Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, were surprised by President Bush's proposed consolidation of federal law enforcement and civil defense capabilities under a new cabinet level Department of Homeland Security.

"But some are even more surprised to learn the plan has much in common with a nine-year-old idea hatched in the Clinton-Gore administration, which proposed a significant expansion of domestic police powers."

The report further stated, "Numerous components of President Bush's proposal, which were sketched out in a televised address last Thursday, are strikingly similar to a plan proposed by former Vice President Al Gore as part of the Clinton-Gore 'Partnership for Reinventing Government' in 1993."

The Bush-Gore plan to "reinvent government" is, in fact, nothing new. It is as old as tyranny itself - and that is exactly what the Bush-Gore plan is: a modern attempt to reinstall tyrannical government.

In the British newspaper, The Register, Thomas Greene states, "The real purpose (of Bush's proposal), clearly, is data acquisition, mining and manipulation on a gargantuan scale." He is right. Bush's reintroduction of the Clinton-Gore plan has shades of Hitler's SS corps. It is the beginning of a national police force in the United States.

Of course, when Al Gore submitted this plan back in 1993, vociferous opposition from the entire conservative community resisted it. As a result, the plan was summarily defeated.

However, things are different now. A Republican occupies the White House. Furthermore, the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington have created a "security-at-all-costs" mentality among the American people. Because of this, Bush will succeed in implementing the Clinton-Gore plan of freedom confiscation with little or no opposition.

What really takes the cake is the manner in which President Bush continues to coddle illegal aliens. He refuses to deport those whom U.S. law requires to be deported, he continues to promote the concept of granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, he refuses to take serious measures to keep likely terrorists out of our country, yet, he seems determined to thoroughly dismantle constitutional protection of our liberties.

What conservatives would have never surrendered to Al Gore, they seem happy to acquiesce to George Bush. However, the Clinton- Gore plan to eviscerate America's liberties smells as rotten (even worse) when George Bush regurgitates it! So, what has happened to conservatives' smellers?


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