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By Chuck Baldwin
October 1, 2002

During private devotions recently, I came across Isaiah 56:9-12. I believe this passage truly depicts many of today's pastors and Christian leaders. See if you don't agree.

*They are blind to approaching danger.

The dangers facing our country today are as real as approaching wolves would be to the security and safety of any herd of grazing sheep. America's wolves are stalking and attacking us daily. They seek the blood of our liberties and the flesh of our constitutional form of government. What is the reaction to these imminent threats by today's spiritual shepherds? They sit blind, ignorant, and dumb, just as Israel's watchmen did in Isaiah's day.

*They refuse to sound the alarm.

Isaiah describes these worthless watchmen who refuse to bark out a warning as "dumb dogs." Truly, what good are dogs that won't bark? What good are shepherds that won't fight for the flock? What good are pastors and Christian leaders who refuse to stand against the forces of evil that seek our country's demise? The Lord Jesus said that these savorless saints were "good for nothing" and would eventually be "trodden under foot of men."

*They are greedy and self-centered.

Isaiah further describes his generation of spiritual leaders as everyone looking "for his own gain." They were selfish and soft. They would do nothing that jeopardized their own financial and material prosperity. If that doesn't remind one of many pastors and Christian leaders in America today, nothing does.

I realize that there are thousands of honest, hard-working, and honorable ministers across the country who are not afraid of being politically incorrect and who are courageously sounding the alarm for liberty and righteousness. Unfortunately, such shepherds are about as popular as screen doors on submarines.

So, while most of our spiritual shepherds slumber, the wolves of socialism, materialism, and egalitarianism continue their incessant invasions against America's founding principles. The faithful flock has already been torn and shredded by the ferocious fangs of these fanatical beasts.

The shepherds have the power to cast off these carnivorous creatures and save the country ­ but will they awaken from their slumber in time to do it?

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