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By Chuck Baldwin
March 1, 2002

Freedom lost a dear friend, and few people even noticed. A special word of thanks goes to my good friend, Howard Phillips, for telling America thestory of this special man. His name was Dr. Jonas Mahleiro Savimbi. He was an Angolan patriot, an African nationalist, and Christian leader. The Marxist government forces of Jose Eduardo Dos Santos murdered him last Friday. Four days after Savimbi's assassination, Dos Santos was given a personal meeting with President G.W. Bush at the White House.

The son of an evangelical Christian pastor, Savimbi loved America and the principles of freedom upon which it was founded. A man who loathes liberty and mocks America killed him. Amazingly, it was the killer, Dos Santos, not Savimbi that was given an all-expense paid trip to the United States and a personal invitation to the White House to meet the President. I submit to you that Savimbi's blood drips from the hands of the American government as much as from the hands of the murderous scum that poured those fifteen bullets into his body!

Let me ask you a question, "Why is Yasser Arafat still alive?" Arafat is the grandfather of all international terrorists. Yet, he is still alive and well. Even America's "war on terrorism" has done nothing to eliminate Arafat from this world. I'll tell you why Arafat is still alive: President Bush put him under the de facto protective custody of the United States. That's right. Bush told the Israeli government in no uncertain terms to leave Arafat alone. If Bush is so determined to spare a terrorist like Arafat, why then did he turn his back on the Christian freedom fighter, Savimbi?

Not only did Bush not come to Savimbi's assistance, on September 24, 2001, he reissued Bill Clinton's Executive Order condemning Savimbi's independence movement. To everyone in Angola the message was clear: Savimbi was fair game, and the U.S. would offer him no support. Bush hung Savimbi out to dry as surely as David did Uriah. Why would Bush do such a thing?

Remember that Angola is a nation rich in oil. In fact, communist troops from Cuba are used by Dos Santos to guard American companies like Chevron and others who are doing business there. Are you beginning to understand? Follow the money, friend. Follow the money.

Once again, the American government betrayed one of freedom's finest friends. America's fascination with filthy lucre (and socialism) has taken yet another life. However, America is not richer today, it is poorer. By abandoning Savimbi, this government has violated America's sacred honor and sullied her integrity. The American people should bow their heads in shame at such dishonorable and reprehensible conduct! They probably won't, but they should.

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