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By Chuck Baldwin
July 5, 2002

Once again, Representative Jeff Miller has abandoned both his conservative constituents and the U.S. Constitution. Despite his constant rhetoric that he is a "conservative," he has cast his vote for more socialized medicine and more deficit spending.

On June 28, Miller voted for H R 4954, which will expand socialized medicine in the United States. The bill spends 320 billion taxpayer dollars for a new prescription drug plan. Amazingly, Hillary Clinton introduced a similar plan back in 1993. Back then, Republicans actually supported less government and rose as one to kill the plan. Just nine years later, however, it is the Republican Party, with Jeff Miller's approbation, that actually passed the blame thing.

The bill passed 221-208 with mostly Republicans voting for the bill and Democrats voting against it. Do you know what the big disagreement was? The Republican plan (that passed) calls for seniors to pay $33 per month premium, $250 deductible, 20 percent of each prescription until a $1,000 threshold is reached and then 50 percent up to a $2,000 limit. On the other hand, Democrats supported a plan that called for a $25 monthly premium, a $100 deductible but no gap in the payment structure.

So, the Republican plan for socialized medicine won out over the Democratic plan for socialized medicine. So much the Republican Party's, and Jeff Miller's, allegiance to less government! Furthermore, I would very much like to hear Miller's explanation as to where he finds support for socialized medicine in the U.S. Constitution.

On June 27, Miller voted for S 2578 to increase the public debt limit. That's right. Under the "leadership" of the Republican Party, deficit spending has returned. This means more red ink and more debt on the backs of U.S. taxpayers. With friends like these in Washington, D.C., who needs enemies?

In case you were wondering, the old debt ceiling was $5.95 trillion. The new debt ceiling is $6.4 trillion - and more deficit spending is on the way. Another increase is expected in February 2003. You should know, too, that raising the debt ceiling passed 215-214 in the House. Once again, Miller's vote was the deciding vote against less government.

While we are on the subject, if Miller and his fellow congressmen really want to do something substantive about the ridiculous court ruling against The Pledge of Allegiance, they will do more than just take to the well of the House and give loquacious speeches. They will support Rep. Ron Paul's bill, H R 4922, "The First Amendment Restoration Act," that actually does something about it. As of this writing, the bill has only one co-sponsor. What about it, Jeff?


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