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By Chuck Baldwin
Posted: December 17, 2002 - 10:45 pm PST

CNS News recently reported, "Walt Disney World in Florida has eliminated its 28-year tradition of offering on-site religious services to Christian guests."
The report continued by saying, "Disney is now advising Christian guests to find other places of worship, some of which are miles outside of the Magic Kingdom's boundaries."
Walt Disney must be turning over in his grave. His once family- friendly theme park has become a cutting edge proponent of anti-family activities, including hosting annual "Gay Day" festivities that draw tens of thousands of sodomites from all over the world. This event is billed as "America's Biggest Gay and Lesbian Vacation Experience." Beyond that, Disney CEO Michael Eisner recently boasted that as many as 40% of Disney's employees were homosexuals or lesbians. Such conduct is an insult to the character and integrity of Disney's founder.
Walt Disney was a very traditional guy when it came to personal moral and religious beliefs. In 1978 Disney released a record anthology entitled, "Magical Music of Walt Disney." An insert accompanying that record quoted Walt Disney as saying, "Whatever success I have had in bringing clean, informative entertainment to people of all ages, I attribute in part to my Congregational upbringing and lifelong habit of prayer."
However, today's Disney seems to delight in flaunting immoral lifestyles. Beyond that, Disney has now decided to expel Christian activities from its park. Isn't it amazing how the people who clamor most for tolerance are the least likely ones to show it?
It would appear that Disney executives do not feel that these decisions will negatively impact their profits. In other words, they feel Christians have demonstrated that they don't mind being bullied, intimidated, or harangued. They feel that Christians will continue to spend their hard-earned dollars supporting Disney World regardless; and they are probably right.
In the name of meekness, Christians consistently demonstrate profound weakness. They seemingly lack the fortitude and character to challenge hardly anything or anyone anymore.

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