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By Chuck Baldwin
Posted: December 30, 2002 - 1:30 pm PST

What should conservatives expect now that Senator Bill Frist has officially become the new Senate Majority Leader? Here is a summary of Frist's record on a variety of key issues.


"Bill Frist is not pro-life." That is the declaration of Judie Brown, president and co-founder of American Life League. Brown further stated, "He's made all kinds of strange statements and is a shareholder in a huge for-profit hospital company that does abortions."

Further muddying his pro-life commitment is the fact that Frist aggressively promoted President Bill Clinton's nominee David Satcher as Surgeon General. Satcher is a rabid pro-abortion advocate and a man who has personally performed abortions.

Frist also joined Democrat Charles Schumer in voting for the 2002 bankruptcy bill that blocked peaceful, pro-life protesters from filing bankruptcy to void large cash judgments awarded to abortion clinic owners. He is also on record as stating he does not believe that abortion should be outlawed.

Bill Frist has proven that he is not averse to joining forces with pro-abortion liberals against pro-life advocates, nor is he averse to receiving financial gain from the killing of unborn children. Furthermore, he is more than willing to promote and endorse radical, pro-abortionists for high public office. It is certain that Frist would oppose any effort to overturn Roe v Wade.

Gun Control

Gun Owners of America gives Frist a "D" for his Senate record on gun control issues. According to GOA, Frist helped kill the filibuster on the Shays-Meehan Incumbent Protection bill, a sham "campaign finance reform" measure "which squelches the voice of pro-gun organizations."

Frist also voted against the Smith filibuster and in favor of sending the Gore-Lautenberg anti-gun crime bill to a House-Senate conference committee. GOA also says Frist is one of "the Republicans who betrayed gun owners and voted for the anti-gun crime bill."

Other anti-gun measures supported by Frist include government wiretapping of innocent citizens and gun owners, the anti-gun terror bill, the Lautenberg Domestic Confiscation Gun Ban, and the Kohl Gun Free Zones Ban.


Senator Frist receives consistently low marks from conservatives who closely monitor the immigration issue. He has voted against curbing illegal immigration, has supported granting amnesty to illegal aliens, and has supported the so-called "guest worker" program, which encourages Mexican residents to obtain work in the United States.

These and other issues mean that Bill Frist's position as Senate Majority Leader can only spell trouble for the conservative agenda.

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