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By Chuck Baldwin
May 17, 2002

It has been widely known that several major Protestant denominations have been financing the National and World Council of Churches for decades. It is further known that the N.C.C. and W.C.C. have been funding communist causes all over the world. In fact, church support for socialist/communist causes was one reason many thousands of Christians left those denominations and flocked to more conservative churches such as those found in the Southern Baptist Convention. Now we learn that the S.B.C. may also be using church contributions to fund communist-dominated organizations such as the United Nations and W.C.C.

According to a recent report in the Agape Press, “The Southern Baptist Convention continues to fund an organization that promotes the one-world church movement. The S.B.C. provides a substantial part of the budget for the Baptist World Alliance, which has ties to the United Nations and the World Council of Churches.”

The report quotes former S.B.C. president Paige Patterson as saying the S.B.C. has reduced its contributions to the B.W.A. in the last few years. He also says the B.W.A. “is not involved in New Age alliances, unless one considers the U.N. to be a New Age organization.”

Surely, Rev. Patterson knows that the U.N. is a communist-inspired and communist-controlled organization. Surely, he knows that the United Nations is the world’s chief promoter of global government and one-world religion. How could the good men who lead the Southern Baptist Convention allow offerings from its churches to be given to such a hellish organization?

Need I remind Rev. Patterson that the goals of the U.N. include disarming every citizen in the United States? That it seeks to abolish our Declaration of Independence? That it is the chief sponsor of international abortion providers?  That it seeks to destroy our national sovereignty? That Marxists, who have a lengthy history of severe persecution against Christians and Jews, dominate it?

I am confident that most of the good pastors and people within the S.B.C. have no idea that their offerings are being siphoned for such unscriptural purposes. Furthermore, I am confident that when news of this misuse of church offerings reaches the majority of those fine people, they will demand that their leaders immediately cease this pathetic practice – and the sooner the better. The devil’s work gets enough of our money via government taxation; it doesn’t need any help from the people who are supposed to be on the Lord’s side!


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