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By Chuck Baldwin
April 9, 2002


President George W. Bush has joined the United Nations in demanding that Israel withdraw its troops from the West Bank. He is so determined to enforce this demand that he dispatched Secretary of State Colin Powell to the Middle East to meet with Israel's prime minister to deliver the ultimatum personally. In light of America's response to acts of terrorism committed against this country, it seems the height of hypocrisy to make such a demand. After all, the United States has sent troops across the world to defend its interests against terrorists. Would he deny Israel the right to do the same thing in its own backyard? Apparently so.
Not only is Powell demanding that Israel withdraw its troops, he even referred to the Palestinian suicide bombers as "innocents." This is an incredible position for the U.S. government to take, to say the least. Does Colin Powell consider the Muslim suicide bombers in New York "innocents"?
Why is Bush willing to coddle P.L.O. terrorist, Yasser Arafat? Why would he order American troops to risk their lives fighting terrorism in Afghanistan while at the same time demanding Arafat's safety?  Why does Bush want to deny Israel's Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, what he demands for himself: the right to aggressively defend his country?
One must remember that there is a long-term commercial partnership between Arafat's chief sponsor, Saudi Arabia, and the Bush family. This alliance is well documented; therefore, it should come as no surprise that Bush would hesitate to offend his Islamic benefactors.
However, President Bush is pursuing a dangerous course. First, he is turning his back on history (both Biblical and secular) by trying to create an independent state for the Palestinians. The Palestinians have no historical claim to the Promised Land. God clearly gave that land to the children of Israel. Furthermore, the only independent nation to ever exist on that land is the nation of Israel. There has never been an independent Palestinian country, and for Bush to pretend that they have some kind of "right" to the land is a denial of history and an act of defiance against the revealed will of God. As a professing Christian, Bush should know better.
To put it in perspective, consider this analogy. Suppose Mexican immigrants in America's great Southwest decided that they wanted an independent country for themselves. They further insisted that the United States has no right to exist and determined to back up their demands by sending wave after wave of suicide bombers into the malls and shopping centers of America's cities. (This scenario is similar to what the P.L.O. is doing in Israel.) What would America do? Would we listen to some tinhorn leader halfway around the world who would demand that we negotiate a "peace accord" with such people? Of course not. Yet, this is exactly what Bush is demanding of Israel. Bush is telling Sharon to do what he says not what he does. Bush should realize that what is good for the American goose is good for the Israeli gander.


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