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By Chuck Baldwin
Posted: February 25, 2003 - 1:35 pm PST

According to CNS News, "A Heritage Foundation panel that reviewed President Bush's presidency midway through his first term gave the president good grades Monday (Feb. 24)."

The report also said, "The panel, part of an ongoing Heritage Foundation assessment of the presidency, told a packed audience at the Cannon House Office Building on Capitol Hill that Bush was in good shape as he approached re-election in 2004."

According to the Heritage panel, the main reason for Bush's high marks is the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The panel believes the attacks propelled Bush to the status of War Time President and said Bush's popularity is comparable to that of Harry Truman's.

I cannot refute the Heritage panel's conclusion that the terrorist attacks have given cause for the American people to rally around their President. This would probably be true no matter who occupied the White House. However, I cannot imagine that conservatives would stand still for the glaring foibles of this administration if a Democrat were in office.

President Bush is pushing America into a war that has the potential to escalate into gargantuan proportions. He has led the nation back into gigantic budget deficits. The economy is reeling as millions of Americans have lost billions of dollars in investments, not to mention the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

Illegal immigration from Mexico can be categorized as nothing short of an invasion! However, rather than use the power of the federal government to protect our borders from these invaders, Bush chooses to create a federal behemoth designed to steal the liberties of U.S. citizens!

The power and authority that has been seized by the federal government is nothing short of incredible. For all practical purposes, federal agents now have unlimited and unbridled power. Constitutional prohibitions and safeguards have been expunged. The American people are now controlled by an ubiquitous and omnipotent federal government that knows no rules or boundaries.

Yet, none of these things seems to register with the vast majority of Americans. Conservatives everywhere give Bush "good grades" and that's all there is to it.

Granted, the Democratic Party seems to be in total meltdown and, at this point, its list of potential presidential contenders looks like a lineup from the Peanuts comic strip baseball team.

However, giving President Bush "good grades" is certainly not arrived at by grading according the Constitution or even by established conservative principles. These grades are achieved by grading on a curve not hitherto known to conservatives. It is the kind of curve every kid who ever refused to study dreamed of. Perhaps that's the problem: conservatives don't want to study!

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