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By Chuck Baldwin
Posted: November 6, 2002, 11:30 pm pacific

Now that the Republican Party has obtained control of both houses of Congress, they find themselves in control of the entire federal government. Therefore, they can no longer blame obstructionist Democrats for any failure to accomplish their agenda. Voters have given Republicans carte blanche to run the country. So, what can we expect from these omnipotent Republicans during the next two years?
*Expect moderate tax cuts, but don't expect any significant reduction in the growth of the federal government. President Bush has already proven himself to be a dexterous big-spender rivaled only by Democrats LBJ and FDR. Therefore, look for more and larger deficit spending.
*Expect more NAFTA-style trade agreements and additional accommodations for illegal aliens. Bush will now doubtless achieve his dream of granting full amnesty to illegal aliens from Mexico. Immigration, legal and illegal, is going to skyrocket.
*Corporate welfare will proliferate at unprecedented levels. The farm subsidy bill just recently passed is only the tip of the iceberg of what we can now expect. CEO's of all stripes will come to Washington with their hands out, and they won't go home empty.
*President Bush's judicial nominees will sail through the Senate. Don't expect a wave of constitutionalists to take the bench, however. Most of Bush's picks will reflect his own moderate views. Some will be more conservative; most won't be. You won't be able to tell much difference in the end.
*Bush could get at least one Supreme Court pick. In all likelihood, that choice would be Alberto Gonzalez. For one thing, Gonzalez is a Hispanic, and Bush is salivating over the opportunity to be the president who puts the first such person on the nation's highest bench. However, conservatives who believe Bush is going to straighten out the court on the life issue should know that Gonzalez is anything but pro-life. He is the man who wrote the Texas Supreme Court decision allowing a minor girl to have an abortion without her parents' permission. He even went so far as to help sink fellow justice Priscilla Owen's opportunity to be confirmed by the Senate to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of appeals by ridiculing her position requiring parental notification for underage girls seeking abortion as "an unconscionable act of judicial activism." This was all the excuse Democrats needed to reject her. In other words, a Bush court will do nothing to overturn Roe v. Wade.
*Bush's unconstitutional faith-based initiatives, whereby churches and religious organizations will be bribed into submitting to Caesar, will quickly become law.
*A partial-birth abortion bill could become law. Bush is not excited about it, but if it came to his desk he would sign it
*Bush's desire to increase socialized medicine in America is now on fast track. Expect Republicans to quickly implement his prescription drug plan.
*A preemptive, first strike attack against Iraq is now almost certain.
*In the name of "law and order" expect this government to increasingly usurp and destroy constitutional protections of personal freedom. Using the USA Patriot Act and the newly established Department of Homeland Security, federal police agencies are going to become an even greater leviathan probing ever deeper into our lives. Using terrorism like they use drugs, as an excuse to destroy our liberties, a Republican-led FBI, ATF, and HSF (Homeland Security Force) will more resemble Germany's SS.
*America's involvement with international organizations will continue to proliferate. Bush is re-creating NATO into an international police force. Furthermore, Bush has violated both his campaign pledge and the Republican platform by continuing Bill Clinton's policy of ordering American troops to wear UN uniforms and to serve under UN commanders.
With Republicans now in complete control of the federal government, Bush will have no opposition. Grassroots conservatives and Christian leaders have already given him unquestioned support. Now armed with unrestricted power, Bush will begin his march to the sea as described above. You don't believe it? Write me back in two years and tell me what you think.

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