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By Chuck Baldwin
September 17, 2002

A reader named Bruce recently wrote to me and said, "One thing I can say is that you (white man) and your religion (Christian fundamentalism) will die away in 50 years. The U.S. will have more non-Christians or agnostics than Christians in 50 years. When that happens, we shall see whether support for that filthy place called Israel will remain. I will look forward to the day that you and your Christian fundamentalists become extinct."

I realize that Bruce speaks for a number of people. Over the past 2,000 years, Christians and Jews have been the most hated and persecuted peoples in the world. This animosity has come from a variety of sources, but mainly from Muslim, Fascist, and Communist governments.

During the 20th century alone, Communist and Fascist governments slaughtered tens of millions of people, many of them Christians and Jews. Muslim states also murdered millions, most of them Christians and Jews.

Those who believe that Islam's hatred of the United States is only due to our support for Israel could not be more wrong. Islamic countries have waged war against the Christian countries of Europe since the inception of the Muslim religion. Militant Muslims need no extra reason to hate the United States than that we are the ultimate Christian nation to ever exist.

Don't forget, too, that world domination has always been the goal of Mohammed and his followers. Just recently, Muslim leaders announced that Great Britain would soon be included as an Islamic country. At the rate Islam is growing in England, that prediction could materialize faster than most people could imagine.

For all practical purposes, Christianity has already died in Europe. It is no wonder that militant religions such as Islam are proliferating at the rate they are. Hundreds of churches scattered across Europe have already been turned in mosques.

Both London and Washington, D.C., are enamored with the Muslim race. While Tony Blair and George Bush prepare to wage war against Iraq, they are extremely careful to not offend other Islamic countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, both Blair and Bush credit Muslim voters for helping to elect them to public office. Both are counting on those same voters to help reelect them. Beyond that, Bush's commercial connections to the Saudi royal family are well known. As a result, both Blair and Bush are more than willing to bend over backwards to accommodate Islamic communities at home and abroad.

Bruce's prediction that Christianity (as a dominate influence) will die within the United States during the next 50 years could actually come true. It is generally understood that the U.S. is about 50 years behind Europe in terms of moral and spiritual propensities. Remember that it was spiritual revival in Europe that ultimately gave birth to these United States. Now, America is following Europe's lead into paganism.

While many Americans claim to be Christians, most have no clue as to the historic doctrines and beliefs of Christianity. The average "Christian" today believes Muslims worship the same God as he does, believes that tolerance of diabolical doctrines and pernicious practices is the most noble virtue of all, believes there are many ways to God other than through Jesus Christ, and has serious doubts about the authority and infallibility of the Bible. Such pseudo Christians dominate most so-called Christian denominations, not to mention America's political and social institutions today.

So, while Bruce's prediction that non-Christians will soon dominate America may come to pass, his desire to see Christians and Israel become extinct is a futile dream. God's hand of protection and promise is upon both. Furthermore, it is very probable that right now the majority of Christians are non- Caucasians. So, even if America loses its distinction as a Christian nation, Christianity will continue to blossom and grow. What Bruce does not realize is that God doesn't need America; America needs God.

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