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By Michael Moriarty
April 17, 2013

The Prophetic Genius of Béla Bartók

What might Béla Bartók have to do with a World War III?

His prophetic 2nd Violin Concerto of 1938-39 prophesying the grief of World War II is, certainly for me, the most urgently expressed warning of a World War III to come.

And what does my growing admiration and awe for Béla Bartók, this most famous Hungarian exile (as versus the growing infamy of Hungary’s George Soros) have to do with my own particular anxieties about the future of individual freedom within the obviously closing fists of a Progressively Marxist New World Order out of the United Nations? One that is now being led into tyranny’s closing fist by America’s very own, homebred Obama Nation and its disastrous President, Barack Hussein Obama?

This article, I trust, will not only answer that question but prepare you emotionally for the inevitable violence that all personalities like Barack Obama and George Soros are born to foment in the world.

There are numerous performances of Béla Bartók’s Concerto For Orchestra but this particular offering by the Liszt School of Music in Weimar, Germany is most important to me now.


Well, for one, the breathtaking youth and brilliance of these young musicians.

I have no doubt that every one of them, for the sake of this performance, has listened to numerous renditions of this Bartok classic. That alone would explain the startling maturity within their interpretation.

However, if one thing is missing?

It’s the actual years of living that, say, the members of the Vienna, New York or London Philharmonic Orchestras are able, yea, unavoidably capable of poring over every piece of music set before them.

This does not entirely include purely musical knowledge.

For example, there are a few great performances of the Bartok 2nd Concerto For Violin but my unquestionable favorite is Isaac Stern’s volcanic eruption within Leonard Bernstein’s loving responses to Stern’s passionate story-telling.

The first strains of Stern’s attack on the first few measures for violin?!

Oh, my God.

I’m instantly weeping.

I feel as if I’m living within the very soul of prophecy and the innermost secrets of three prophets: Béla Bartók, Isaac Stern and Leonard Bernstein.

We have a legendary performance to hear in this all-too-brief encounter with the Bartok/Stern/Bernstein and New York Philharmonic love affair.


The wisdom contained within every member of this combined act of genius!!

Oh, I have a few favorite actors I admire, almost to the point of adoration.

However, few experiences have put me not only back on my heels but virtually on my knees in profound gratitude for such a divine experience.

Three famous and divinely inspired artists, Bartók, Stern and Bernstein, plus a breathtaking, musical army of wisdom’s genius, the New York Philharmonic, literally explode upon our ears, our hearts and our souls.

Most importantly, however, is the fact that Isaac Stern has a story to tell, a profoundly important and eternally relevant story to tell about Béla Bartók, about himself, about what Bartók has inspired in Stern, about a life dedicated with divine abandon to the violin, and, finally, about the tyrannies of Man that are always erupting when called out of their jungles by men like Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong.

Needless to say, Stern knows the growing plight that Béla Bartók was finding himself in while composing this 2nd Concerto For Violin, 1938-38.

From Wikipedia:

Bartók composed the concerto in a difficult life situation, filled with serious concern about the growing strength of fascism. He was of firm anti-fascist stand, and therefore became the target of various attacks in the pre-war Hungary. However, the composition is written in rather optimistic atmosphere.

I don’t agree at all with Wikipedia’s assumption that this classic was composed in a “rather optimistic atmosphere.”

The piece is too overflowing with the bitter fruits of anxiety, fear, dread and, yes, purely prophetic grief.

If a life in art means anything, it explodes with the seemingly black magic of translating all of life, every bit of it, into not only beauty but into an ugliness the appropriateness of which is not just beautiful but, yes, breathtakingly exquisite!

Those achievements, in particular, are Isaac Stern and his revelations of the tenderly warlike aggression he feels driven to pore upon Bartók’s notated portrait of pure musical prophecy.

A Marriage of Genius In The Highest Halls of History

What are Stern and Bartok telling us?

I call it suicidal/homicidal Truth-telling.

Biblical-sized prophecy!

Music is something that both Stern and Bartok would not only die for but, as Bernstein once remarked about Aaron Copland, music is also the love object they would all kill for if necessary! That sense of a possible “serial killer”, as Bernstein described an “Aaron Copland without music in his life”, is not only in Stern’s attack but all over Bartok’s creation.

I awake in the mornings these days and am inevitably driven to hearing the Bartok 2nd Violin Concerto. I believe the world is a lot closer to enduring another World War than even Hungary and Bartok were in 1938.

There is not one ounce of sentimentality or self-pity in Isaac Stern’s Bartok.

He hurtles along with a frightening urgency that comes from knowing that the “Emperor” not only wears no clothes, the Emperor is unspeakably evil.

That is why Stern’s second movement of the Bartok prophecies the worst of World War II and the infinite grief within that war’s revelations of Man’s bottomless, infinitely sadistic Evil.

Though the tonality and harmonic explosions within the 2nd Violin Concerto are purely “Modern” and sporadically explore 12 tone rows, the heart of this gigantic achievement… this divinely inspired prophecy… has never been so voraciously captured as in Stern’s vision of it.

Bernstein knows instantly the depth of urgency Stern demands! Together they cry, “Hell is not coming! IT IS HERE NOW!!”

There are common wishes to a performer before he walks on stage: “Break a leg!”

And “Give ‘em hell!!”

Stern “breaks both legs” and our hearts as well, while he gives us a miraculously condensed taste of the “hell” that World War II brought us!!!!!!

There is not a note within his performance that does not contain the excruciating divinity of pain.
Yes, Christ-like pain on the Cross.

Meanwhile, two, ever threatening personalities on the world scene – Kim Jong Un of North Korea and the Marxist President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama – play the eternally reliable terrorist game of “Bad Cop/Good Cop.”

Barack Obama and Kim Jong Un look as if they have become mortal enemies when, indeed, they are working for the same end: terrorize the Free World and particularly conservative Americans, force them to “get with the Progressively Marxist New World Order program!”.

Under the possibility of martial law, the same kind of closing fist that Pierre Trudeau suddenly placed around Canada during that nation’s Black October?

That “martial law”, in the form of an utterly fabricated distraction, a possible war with North Korea, will be placed around Americans, particularly those who oppose the Roe v Wade decision’s legalized infanticide.

The David Frum article I cite is ironically from an Obamabot publication, The Huffington Post.

The irony?

Barack Obama has already become a worse “disaster for America” than even Pierre Trudeau created for Canada. That the Huffington Post doesn’t know that?!

A Quintet of Soul Mates

Meanwhile, Isaac Stern’s performance of Bartók’s 2nd Violin Concerto is not only life-changing, it is soul-altering.

Stern performs the notes of that concerto with the same prophetic intensity out of which Bartók composed it.

The Biblical prophets Elijah and John The Baptist could not have collaborated on a more powerfully explosive and sacred poem than have Bartók and Stern over the contents of this 2nd Violin Concerto.

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My own possible heartbreak?

Most likely both Stern and Bartók, were they alive today, might very well have voted for Obama, not once but twice!

Ah, Communist charm!

Men and women who’ve been trained to treat the rest of us like “useful idiots.”

My hope and prayer, of course, is that Stern and Bartók would have woken up to the true intentions of Barack Hussein Obama. If not immediately then at least by his campaign for a second term.

The Poet of Good Intentions

However, if Eli Wiesel, of all people, hasn’t been alarmed by the true intentions of his beloved United Nations?!?!

Anything is horrifyingly possible.

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That is why Stern’s second movement of the Bartok prophecies the worst of World War II and the infinite grief within that war’s revelations of Man’s bottomless, infinitely sadistic Evil.