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By Michael Moriarty
October 2, 2012

“State Capitalism”!
What is that?
Hmmm …It’s not only The Future. It is now The Present.

As many Americans are aware, even on the Conservative side, American Capitalism was never the most moral corner of the United States.

“What’s good for business? It’s always good for The Capitalists!”

Here was one form of State Capitalism: Nazi Germany.

The help that a few American giants of Capitalism gave to Adolf Hitler is now generally well-known.

One of America’s great Capitalist families, the Bushes of Presidential fame, actually made the first announcement about a “New World Order” run by the United Nations and did so from the White House.

There is the Bush Family Imprimatur upon Worldwide State Capitalism.

Which side of State Capitalism, the Capitalist or the State, will finally call most of the shots, so to speak.

What does State Capitalism actually mean with what increasingly appears to be a Communist named Barack Hussein Obama now in the White House?

Here is a clear indication of Capitalism’s appetite for almost any form of dictatorial ideology including what is most certain to arrive in America with Obama’s reelection.

Warning: I suspect that Red China’s apparent enthusiasm for “entrepreneurs” and State Capitalism may be short-lived once Obama’s reelected and the Beijing Politburo has established Red China as the greatest economic power in the world.

Dick Wolf, producer of Law and Order, the television series I was with for four years, said, early on in our relationship: “You need me more than I need you, Michael!”

After I left the show, Dick Wolf subsequently proved, with 16 more years of Law and Order and its many “spin-offs”, that Dick Wolf would never really need anyone more than they needed him.

Well, that depends on whether or not great wealth and great influence are your prime lusts in life.

Those popular motivations were never mine, so I had an entirely different idea of what life was and is all about.

Dick Wolf’s a Capitalist.
He’s also a Lefty.
So he’s a State Capitalist.

Politically Law and Order is buttered on the side that Dick Wolf is certain shall win the Presidency of the United States: the Democrat Party.

My one consolation is that Dick Wolf will always need the Democrat Party more than the Democrat Party needs Dick Wolf.

Since Mao Zedong succeeded in bringing all of China to its knees before him, I doubt if there will be much question about which side of the coin is running State Capitalism. Mao succeeded in having the State run the would-be, Chinese Capitalists into jail and finally into their graves.

Dick Wolf at the Producers Guild Awards

All of Hollywood is engaged, married and locked forever in its back-scratching relationship with the Democrat Party.

However, the Republican Party, certainly under the leadership of the Bush Family, has its own, “special” relationship with successful dictatorships such as Red China.

President Nixon and Henry Kissinger certainly proved that with Mao Zedong.

Nixon In China is an opera that explores what some might consider a great American sellout.

All of Red China awaits the arrival of President Richard Nixon!!
The landing of the President’s plane is quite a showstopper, isn’t it?!
His entrance down the red stairs of Red China’s main airport?
There’s a major if pointedly colorful concession right there!

The entire foundation of this historic meeting with the only man that seemed to really impress Henry Kissinger: Mao Zedong.

Norman Mailer had an interesting interview with Kissinger just following his return from China. With the sounds of Nixon In China rolling through my earphones, it is fun to embed the real face of Kissinger into this article.

Henry Kissinger

State Capitalism is, for Henry Kissinger, what he calls Real Politik.

He knew, all along, that is where not only Richard Nixon’s Republican Party but, with the entire Democrat Party’s increasingly radical turn to the Left, where all of America would be heading without a doubt! Why not push things early in that direction? Ergo, Nixon and Kissinger In China!

These terms, State Capitalism and Real Politik, always sound more complex when uttered by the likes of Henry Kissinger’s European spin on the sounds. They automatically, with his Harvard credentials, make him sound more authoritative than God Himself … if indeed God ever enters The Kissinger’s lexicon.

So, ever since Nixon and the Roe v Wade Decision passed during Nixon’s “Watch”, the Real Politik of State Capitalism entered not only Washington D.C. but the very heart of the White House, the Oval Office.

With legalized abortion, legislated infanticide and the American people’s 39 year acceptance of it, the terms of an old political tradition called raison d’etat or “reason of State” … would have Barack Obama sending drones out to assassinate those on his hit list yet he won’t call battling Radical Islam a “war”.

Such assassinations are merely retroactive abortion.

What did the world’s Communist mafia finally figure out from Obama’s favorite film, Godfather?

“Make American Capitalism
An offer it can’t refuse!
Sell America
State Capitalism!!
The Capitalists
The Communists
50/50… kind of… !”

State Capitalism and Retroactive Abortion are now increasingly interrelated.

Let’s spread the guilt around … and maybe … just maybe … no one will feel guilty.

This isn’t Communism!
It’s State Capitalism!!
This isn’t murder!!!
It’s Raison d’Etat!!!!

Here’s another showstopper.

Apparently Mrs. Zedong, according to the creators of this opera, was not a very nice lady.

No poor Pat Nixon for her!

They all get pushed around by Mrs. Zedong. How does she fit in with State Capitalism?

She doesn’t have to.

Eventually I don’t think either Hillary Clinton nor Michelle Obama would have to fit in with what this State Capitalism has in store for us. Those two, rather like Mrs. Zedong, will tell the entire nation and the one-time State Capitalists what a Progressively Marxist New World Order will be all about!


An inevitable and dreamed-of, world dictatorship must spread fear through the entire human race like the Black Plague.

Hitler did it, Mussolini did it, Stalin did it, Mao did it, Pol Pot did it, Kim Jong Il did it, Castro did it … and what America could very well end up with in a second Obama term is not a Presidential administration but an increasingly dictatorial Regime that does nothing but spread fear. A monster that secretly encourages anything and everything that spreads fear.

Obama has already begun by helping Iran terrorize Israel. He’s done it by simply not meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, President of Israel.

These anxieties and fear he helped create?

The vastly larger terror among the American diplomatic corps after the death in Benghazi of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the three Americans with him.?

This and such fears are, to the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, “noise.”

I suspect that such “noise” and even louder “noises” to come are music to Obama’s ear! The President in his second four years, will purposely, cunningly, provocatively make that “noise” grow into a possible Civil War. He won’t call it a war. He will declare it a “police action”.

All he’ll need is his continuation as President of the United States.

With that and because of all the “noise” over a most predictably “contested” election, he will, he must, it becomes “imperative” that he declare “Martial Law”.

And it all began with the “noise” of fear in Israel, a growing “noise” in America and then, of course, the noise of Civil War or, as the President will call it, “a domestic police action”.

Euphemisms were the backbone of Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution.

All dictators are ultimately terrorists. They cannot possibly hold and maintain power without a state of terror within their nation.

In short, the State will eventually and be obliged ultimately to terrorize the Capitalists. To shrink their importance and influence down to complete insignificance.

What rose as the battle lines between the Neo-Soviet President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Russian “Capitalists”, the Wealthy Oligarchy that rose out of “Perestroika”?!

They were terrorized by Putin’s resurgent version of the old KGB.

“The oligarchy was and still is corrupt!”, cry the Putinists.

That is The State’s opinion of The Capitalists.

State Capitalism is about as permanent a dream as this newly established alliance between Neo-Soviet Russia and Radical Iran/Syria. The Red Islam that has risen to put fear into America?!

According to Obama, Red Islam is mere “noise”.


Or wrong?

When dead Americans are reduced to “noise”, the Holocaust can be dismissed as “domestic unrest”.

What will next week’s topic of exploration be?

Post-the-first-debate between Obama and Romney, what are my predictions about the coming election?

Will Obama be free to dismiss “noise” while, at the same time, he deliberately lifts the “noise” into screaming fits from those out of power?

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What will his answer be?

“What are you crying about, America?! If you don’t stop this ‘noise’, I’ll give you something to really cry about!”

This is when the self-avowed Marxist, President Barack Obama, turns instantly into a Leninist!

What is the major fruit of Lenin’s efforts?

Joseph Stalin. With that history of Communism indelibly written on the Third Millennium’s Communists?

If your hero is Mao and not Stalin?

Mao as a step ahead of everyone

On November 6, election day, this could be America’s early Christmas present!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

As for my next installment, Part Eight?

I’ll know by then if Mitt Romney’s lead in the polls has been fortified by a major increase. If the lead is a healthy five to eight points?

America and Israel may have a chance.
We shall all know better in two weeks.
Till then, God Bless and Save America and Israel!

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� 2012 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

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Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent movie and TV credits include, Pale Rider, Who'll Stop the Rain, The Glass Menagerie, Courage Under Fire, The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby, Deadly Skies and many more.











What rose as the battle lines between the Neo-Soviet President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Russian “Capitalists”, the Wealthy Oligarchy that rose out of “Perestroika”?!