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By Michael Moriarty
September 10, 2012

The Outcome of World War III

Without dwelling too much at length about my joy over Mitt Romney’s Vice-Presidential pick, the hearty welcome bell for Paul Ryan as Romney’s Vice-President, a Vice-President Ryan is the best news I’ve heard out of the United States since the beginning of the promising but ultimately disappointing Republican Primary.

Will the Romney Administration be able to reunite an America that hasn’t been this divided since the Civil War of 1860-65? An answer to that question will require a great deal of hard work, prayer and infinite patience.

Such a unit as Romney/Ryan in the White House, as Ramesh Ponnuru points out, brings the perfect prescription for America’s domestic plight. The main flaw I find in the cited article is picking the year of America’s last election that was this important: not 1980!

It’s 1860 and, God willing, the election of another Lincoln administration with Mitt Romney, throwing out the pro-abortion Leninists with the same mortal commitment with which we threw out the pro-slavery Confederates!

Equally as exciting, as Jonah Goldberg points out, is the “end of the Bush Years!”

Whether or not Romney-Ryan wins in November, this choice signals the end of the Bush Family dominance of the GOP. Of course, some future Bush of real political talent may win through in the primaries, but he won’t start out as the GOP’s establishment choice.

As for foreign affairs and an increasingly hostile United Nations, that institution owned by the Sino-Soviet and Obama Nation’s ideas for a Progressive New World Order? That phalanx of American enemies, both outside of and within the Homeland? I don’t see anything but trouble ahead, not only on the foreign front but, from the Obama Nation’s very Inside-America response to a Romney Victory in November of this year, also at home as well.

The Obama Nation will do everything it can to destroy a Romney Recovery!

As an insight to the very creation of The Obama Nation, here is Tom O’Halloran’s graphic chart for Obama’s rise to power.

This chart of the Obama Nation’s true intent can lead nowhere except to a Second American Civil War.

However, Marxist/Leninists and Radical Islam are, despite the suicidal obsessions contained in both those psychoses, the soul of what I now call Red Islam, the Communist/Muslim Axis, is cravenly serpentine in its ultimately suicidal cowardice.

Red Islam cannot and will not take on a strongly led and well-yea-profoundly dedicated United States, an America committed to recovery.


One thing Red Islam has learned from the history of World War II is that a coalition of anti-Semitic tyrants always loses in an outright war. The human race’s sympathy is too predictably on the side of the Allies.

Who will be our allies?

1- A dazed and, albeit, brain-washed European Union.
2- The similarly bruised and battered, world congregation of the Catholic Church.
3- And, most importantly, the very populations struggling under Red Chinese and Russia’s Putinized, neo-Soviet tyranny.

Legalized abortion, like legalized slavery, cannot exist in America for long. The 89 years of American slavery was at a 19th Century tempo.

The 39 yeas of Roe v Wade and abortion?

In Third Millennium terms, “Time’s up!”

As with the end of the Southern Confederacy and its slavery, the end of Obamacare will also mean the end of Roe v Wade.

The United States of America is a nation of Life, not Death.

With the insane impatience of a Progressively Communist grip around America, the Leninist reach for death as the only solution to every problem?

Death will soon become the patently obvious, universal and only solution of Marxist/Leninists for any diseased condition. A solution reach for by even its own Clintonian and Bushian “useful idiocy”. From the Clinton/Bush homicidal puppets of a Progressively Marxist New World Order to the flamingly presumptuous, would-be Stalin’s and Mao’s within George Soros’s stable of young tyrants: Vladimir Putin and Barack Hussein Obama.

With a Canadian Eagle’s view of the American nightmare beneath me, I see only thunder clouds hovering over the United States. Stormy days are, indeed, on the way!

Above the black clouds, however, are angels singing the new lyric:

Hit The Road, Barack!
‘N don’t ya come back no more, no more, no more, no more!
Hit The Road, Barack!
‘N don’t ya come back no more!

Though Niall Ferguson’s genius came up with a political branding that will live to eternity?! Whenever the famed and infinitely unforgettable “Hit the road, Jack” melody is played, sung or whistled, could there have been invented, by even the Marquis de Sade, a more piercingly torturous agony for the entire Obama family, than “Hit The Road, Barack?!”

As has been said, “What goes around, comes around!” We’ve yet to face either the Inevitable Obama Nation Fallout from his first four years nor the horrifyingly possible nightmare of his reelection. Yet the Band will unrelentingly play on with:

Hit The Road, Barack!

Though Niall Ferguson now has himself an entirely new, roguishly successful new image and hopefully an increasingly joyous life, it was Tina Brown’s seasoned courage that put the headline on the cover of Newsweek for the entire world to see.

With the new Hit Song, Hit The Road, Barack, and Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair”, both Ferguson and Brown are most certainly on the Obama Family’s very different list of “Hits.”

God willing, I too will join the Obama Nation’s distinctively original “Hit” Parade.

Meanwhile, what will be the profoundest cause for World War III?

The terms of the New World Order must be American not Marxist, must grow out of the Declaration of Independence and cannot contain one ounce of the Communist Manifesto.

Presently, with one radically Marxist President of the United States, one Neo-Soviet leader of Russia and the fully Communist Politburo of Red China, we are literally living in a Marxist New World Order.

That state of affairs, for me at any rate, amounts to the invasion of America by George Soros’s megalomaniacal version of a New World Order, his proven allegiances with both Vladimir Putin and Barack Hussein Obama, and his triumph, his virtual anshluss, his creation of his own President of the United States and America’s now-Sorosian participation in an undeniably Marxist/Leninist/Communist New World Order.

That is, of course, not only unacceptable but an unmistakable prelude to World War III.

All will now come in the wake of Israel’s unavoidable attack upon Ahmadinejad’s Iran and its nuclear insanity.

Rumors that the Israeli strike on Iran will occur before the American, 2012 election forces the entire human race to determine whether or not that would be the best timing.

Rather than wait for the ever-hoped-for election of George Romney and Paul Ryan to most certainly back Israel up in the case of any challenge from any direction, Israel may be risking too much, too soon in its impatience.

On the other hand!

Now, even the Marxist Obama is obliged to protect Israel in order to insure his own reelection.

The inevitably Leninist Obama we would see in the tragic event he is, indeed, reelected?! The Leninist Obama of his second term? He would fly the Iranian planes to drop the bombs on Israel himself.


The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men

The Leninist Obamao – a mild redundancy – of Obama’s second term? He might … and I mean maybe … fly the Iranian planes to drop the bombs on Israel himself.

Of course, that hyperbolic fantasy of mine would be beyond an impeachable offense … but then again, he’s already broken the Presidential record for unconstitutional behavior.

Yet then again twice?! Will there even be an America left after Obamao’s second term?

No wonder some old pals of his are singing:

Hit The Road, Barack!

I don’t ever recall any President, with the possible exception of Jimmy Carter, ever being held in this virtually shocking light.

How did he even get on the ballot?! Let alone into the White House?!

And yet!

The battle, according to the polls, is still pretty much a 50/50 split.

With the soul-shaking prospects out of such a horrifying reality, the increasingly famous prediction of Abraham Lincoln comes to mind: “If America is destroyed it will not be by a foreign power. If the United States dies it will be by suicide.”

As the radically Islamic pilot he is becoming, Barack Hussein Obama will most certainly fly the plane of the United States into the three stages of a Kamikaze-style suicide: Marxism, Leninism and Full-blown Communism.

Obama’s reply to Newsweek:

“I won’t ‘hit any road’ Unless I can take the United States of America with me!!”

Oliver Knox of Yahoo News reports Obama as saying about Syria:

"We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation," he said.

Isn’t that reference to calculus reassuring?!

He, like another modern wunderkind, Bill Gates, knows and understands “Calculus”!

Why wouldn’t he?

Why shouldn’t he?

Why mustn’t he?!

Obama’s most beloved saint of Progressive thinking is the self-styled scientist, Karl Marx, who proclaimed unequivocally that economics is a science.



If Bill Gates can be successful as a businessman with calculus, just think what Obamao can do as a prophetic savior of his scientific hero Karl Marx?

Bill Gates had a product to sell: Microsoft!

What is Obamao selling?


Then, in his second term, Leninism.

Then, as that other disciple of George Soros, Vladimir Putin, a potential President-for-life, Obama sells Communism.

Or as the Southern Democrats used to call it: Common-ism.

But, oh no!

Since the United Nations will be the ostensible leader of the world, accepted in earlier American administrations by both Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr., we no longer believe that the first two stages of this New World Order – Marxism and Leninism – will lead to Communism.

The New World Order, after Marxism and Leninism, will simply be the Progressive and eternally Progressing New World Order.

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Can and will this road to hell be stopped?

Of course it will.

Individual freedom and responsibility have always triumphed over any herd mentality or robotic ideology.

The terms of a “New World Order,” if such a thing is destined to arrive with any permanence, must be American not Marxist, must grow out of the Declaration of Independence and not the Communist Manifesto.

At what price, though, and when?

We’ll ponder that troubling question in the following Chapter Five of World War III.

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� 2012 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

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Since the United Nations will be the ostensible leader of the world, accepted in earlier American administrations by both Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr., we no longer believe that the first two stages of this New World Order – Marxism and Leninism – will lead to Communism.