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By Michael Moriarty
October 2, 2012

SIX: The American Intellectual Elite and Their Marxist Revolution On U.S. Soil

How did the 20th Century guide, push, nudge and force the United States into the 21st Century as an Obama Nation?

That question covers almost one hundred years of world history, beginning with the entrance of Joseph Stalin into the Russian Revolution.

Joseph Stalin

The Communist campaign to own the Free World, America particularly, was first begun by Joseph Stalin’s open campaign to control all of the arts in Russia, the performing arts, film and music in particular, the composer Dimitri Shostakovich most specifically.

Stalin’s “Great Purge”, as it is now known, began with signed orders such as that below.

From Wikipedia:

One of many infamous requests

Stalin came to considerable power in 1922 and, upon the death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924, Stalin assumed complete and absolutely dictatorial control over Soviet Russia and any subsequent lands that he and his “Comrades” could invade and hold possession of.

Communism’s Best Friends

I have no doubt that Stalin, had Lenin lived longer, would have “put the hit” on the very man who helped bring Stalin to power.

So much for Communist loyalty.

So much for Communist gratitude in Soviet Russia and later in Mao Zedong’s Red China.

What has this to do with American Intellectuals and the Marxist Revolution on U.S. soil?

These two, Lenin and Stalin, are where it all began.

How did this all lead to the Communist invasion of America, the creation of Mao Zedong’s Red China and an increasingly Marxist state of the world’s economy?

The creation of a growing nightmare called State-Run Capitalism?!

The answer: The American Intellectual Elite of both Public Broadcasting and the likes of Barack Hussein Obama.

Here we have PBS Salesmanship for the most flagrantly unconstitutional and contemptuous President of the United States that ever entered the White House. Third World Rage is all he’s really apologizing for, while he’s eternally and, with frightening success, weakening the importance of American individual freedom and responsibility.

He told us, “You didn’t make that!”

Who or what did “make that”, sir?

The international Communist Party?

Hollywood/Washington Left proclaims, “We are Marxist/Feminist! Not Leninist/Male Chauvinist!!”


Should we reelect Barack Hussein Obama, the shamelessly Marxist President of the United States as if he were the prime elixir of PBS? Give him a second term and just hope and pray that he doesn’t turn Leninist?

He’s already reputed to be Maoist:


That is certainly not Stalinist, is it?

No. Mao’s Red China has proven to be far more successful than Stalin’s Soviet “Empire.” Certainly China is now far ahead of Vladimir Putin’s Neo-Soviet Russia.

Vladimier Putin in one of his more Stalinist moments

Perhaps it’s just a matter of style.

Mao’s mysteriously Oriental ways seemed far less threatening than say the Mad-Dogs of Russia.

The problem is that if you’ve read any complete histories or biographies out of Maoist China, the best of which so far is, to my mind, Jung Chang and Jon Halliday’s Mao Zedong: The Unknown Story.

Even the most respectful and simplistic of “biographies” state categorically how similar Mao was to Joseph Stalin.

The Oriental Stalin

The increasingly-blurred-distinction between Marx and Lenin is where the Intellectual Elite of America have been most helpful to the spread of Communism in the Free World, the European Union particularly. Through multiple corners of the Ivy League and into the highest halls of power in the United States, the Intellectual Elite of American Marxism are now wrapping a fist around any ability of America to regain her former world status. A place of power and worldwide recognition that was most silently built during the Eisenhower, Cold War Years and then proven most resilient during Ronald Reagan’s Presidency.

The Stalinist philosophy of how to invade and eventually control an entire Free World all began with Stalin’s increasingly brutal fist around all of the Soviet arts and intellectuals.

If Stalin and his operatives could invade the universities and performing arts of the Free World without either the students or the general population being fully aware of how powerfully the Communist Message can be peacefully sold through film and television? Without the Americans particularly being awake to the reorganization of the entire American, public educational system, all leading to a recent “strike” in Chicago?

If such were increasingly possible?

If, indeed, an open Marxist and possible Leninist such as Barack Hussein Obama were to become President of the United States?

Then, indeed, the Soviet KGB were correct in labeling American Liberals and would-be Marxists as “useful idiots.”

How can so many “smarty-pantses” on the PBS Channel be so willingly “useful idiots” to the insatiable greed of a ruthless dictator named Joseph Stalin?

They are convinced that the likes of Barack Hussein Obama, a known and self-confessed Marxist and possibly Maoist, is worthy of reelection?

Yet these Intellectual Elites of both America’s Halls of Higher Learning and the unabashed propagandists within Hollywood screenwriting?

All the anti-American violence coming out of Far Left exposés and/or the romanticizing of American Marxists through the very autobiography of an American President of the United States: Barack Hussein Obama and his Dreams From My Father?!

Some are now even saying that Obama’s claims to an African father are pure balderdash and that his real father was Frank Marshall Davis, self-confessed Communist and lover of Barack Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham.

President Barack Hussein Marshall Davis?

If Obama’s reelection is irrefutably legal and he’s implacably chosen to lead what is left of an obviously suicidal Free World?

The Communist Pied Pipers that Joseph Stalin trained and sent to America to corrupt both the arts and universities of the United States?

The power of the Stalinist Pied Pipers’ effects ran all the way out of Frank Marshall Davis and into Barack Hussein … whatever his real last name is.

America will indeed have been “piped” right off the cliffs of their own strength and freedoms and will be plummeting into the growing tyranny of a Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order.

Or as it is now being sold: State Capitalism!

It is worldwide Communism with a Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama oligarchy, an alliance that looks as shaky as the Neo-Soviet Alliance between Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the Islamic dictators of both Syria and Iran.

Red Beijing, Neo-Soviet Moscow and Washington’s Obama Nation? The Obamao Enterprise so supported in the coming election by the Clintons?!

Careerism holds the American/Clinton/Bush side of this unholy alliance of oligarchs together.

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What really gave Barack Hussein … Marshall Davis Obama his extraordinary personal power?

Obama is literally the most singular symbol of the Red Islamic or Muslim Marxist Alliance that has been activated, following Obama’s election to the Presidency. An International Communist Party Policy enacted by Vladimir Putin’s “Axis” alliance with the Islamic tyrannies of both Syria and Iran!

What a serpents’ nest?!

Meanwhile the “Useful Idiots” of both Communism and Islamic Expansionism, the Bushes and the Clintons? That magic act by the Washington powers-that-used-to-be and its euphemistic prestidigitation into “State Capitalism”?!

We shall deal with it in my next chapter of The History of World War III.

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The Communist campaign to own the Free World, America particularly, was first begun by Joseph Stalin’s open campaign to control all of the arts in Russia, the performing arts, film and music in particular, the composer Dimitri Shostakovich most specifically.