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By Michael Moriarty
August 27, 2012

To The New World Order’s Finland Station

To The Finland Station, Bill Clinton’s favorite tome in the highest heat of his collegiate idealism, and the most recent edition of which – as far as I know now of such editions – has a most revealing introduction by Professor Louis Menand of New York University. It is basically a “Before You Read Warning.”

New York University, near which I lived for many years, is hardly a bastion of conservative thought. Yet one of its esteemed professors is cautious enough to qualify the love affairs that young American Marxists fell into with that firebrand of Revolution, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.

The not-so-young but metaphysically urbane Leninist, Edmund Wilson, records Vladimir Lenin’s now historic journey from Finland to Revolutionary Russia and its “Finland Station” in St. Petersburg, a city that was eventually to be called Leningrad.

The metaphysically urbane Leninist, Edmund Wilson

Leninist is a major step up from Marxist.

A Leninist is a Marxist who possesses, as both Vladimir Nabokov declared and NYU’s Prof.

Menand quotes, “a dead rat” for what should have been a human soul.

The Professor might quibble with my interpretation of Nabokov’s description.

I really don’t care.

Regardless, Edmund Wilson’s To The Finland Station was what Bill Clinton carried with him on his Rhodes Scholar’s journey from London to Moscow, via The Finland Station.

How romantic.

I wasn’t as privileged as Bill Clinton to have Arkansas as a home and Senator William Fulbright, Jr. as a mentor. I merely traipsed to London, Paris, Rome and Florence on a Fulbright Scholarship. The essence of that personal nightmare for me can be found in my autobiographical memoir, An Ecstatic Loneliness.

Higher education.

Its fiercest message is what not to believe in.

Don’t believe in God!

However, if you’re a born politician and careerist such as both Bill and Hillary Clinton, born into one religion or another, just put the word “Progressive” before the name of your faith. Call yourself, as Bill Clinton still does, a “Progressive” Baptist. Or, as both Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi both consider themselves, “Progressive” Catholic.

That way it’s the Good-Career-Keeping seal of approval upon Christians who believe in abortion.

It’s also proven to be one way to successfully divide the Catholic Church into those who believe they can call themselves Catholic while defiantly disobeying their Pope.

Divide and conquer the Catholic Church! That command is proving to be quite a successful campaign for the Leninist Left. The Leninist Americans are a profoundly destructive, American movement that fools itself and the world into thinking it is merely Marxist.

Obviously these Progressive Catholics firmly believe that they, the congregation can transform Rome as if the Vatican were built upon a democracy.

She, the Catholic Church, Bride of Christ, hasn’t been created as such.

She hasn’t evolved for two thousand years as such.

She won’t be, as Barack Obama obviously assumes, “fundamentally transformed” in the near future. And, I trust, She never will become what Biden and Pelosi already treat her as: a democracy.

The members of Her Catholic flock are Her children. Lambs to be shepherded to safety by their shepherds.

Though lapsed as a Catholic, I am eternally grateful for the Jesuit education which prepared me for a world that is increasingly filled with “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Perhaps Bill Clinton attended the Jesuit Georgetown University to study his “enemy” more closely.

Whatever Jesuit success might have been made within the Clinton soul, it was wiped clean by a Rhodes Scholarship.

Any Catholic teaching was erased by a lavishly funded scholarship that Senator William Fulbright, Jr. most likely helped the young and internationally ambitious Leninist from Arkansas, the naïve “idealist,” the KGB’s “useful idiot”, the fundamentally Leninist pilgrim, the young Bill Clinton to obtain.

Most ironically for myself personally is the bizarre course I ran to obtain a Fulbright Scholarship.

The judging committee for the Fulbright in theater was headed by the now, well-known, yea, legendary New York City Marxist, Joseph Papp of the New York Shakespeare Festival.

At the time, of course, I had no idea of the literally Marxist politics involved in this American, Federally-funded, scholarship program that sent the “best and brightest” of the Ivy League abroad to learn.

To learn what?

Much of that is, as I have already said, covered in my autobiographical memoir, An Ecstatic Loneliness.

For this History of World War III, however, I must inform you that I, from personal experience, lived out the very closely monitored, Marxist education of all Americans on a Fulbright Scholarship.

They are not allowed, at least on Fulbright money, to stray far from the Marxist/Leninist fold. Thoughts of God are most repellent to these so-called creators of “scholarship.”

While Clinton was floating through Russia on the euphoria of Edmund Wilson’s Leninist love song, To The Finland Station, I had, out of that infinitely Catholic era of the Italian Renaissance and its vast collection of art within Florence, returned to London floating on what is now the well-known, Stendhal Syndrome.

That phenomenon hadn’t yet been recognized then in 1963.

Even if it had, my certainty that Catholic faith in God was the backbone of the Italian Renaissance drove the Fulbright supervisors abroad quite mad enough to have me, not themselves, “committed.”

Communist brain-washing, in other words, the kind already spoken about during the Korean War, and dramatized in the film Manchurian Candidate and the Broadway play Time Limit was already being meted out at an obviously “Progressive” Catholic institution called The Priory.

Shades again of “Nurse Ratched” in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. A cold-blooded insanity I was later to meet again in Washington, D.C. with Attorney General Janet Reno.

A Progressively Marxist New World Order that is predestined to flower or, in my opinion, metastasize into the Cancerously Communist New World Order or CCNWO.

An Obama Nation’s possible second term and Obama’s promise to Vladimir Putin via Dimitry Medvdev that a reinstated President Obama will be more “flexible”?

This entre nous actually insures an America run like the Putinized Moscow. This recent analysis of the Putin ownership of political power in Russia is an operation plan for America under more of Barack Hussein Obama.

As Mr. Satter states at the end of his revealing article:

No attempt has been made to examine seriously the crimes of the post-Soviet period, either, including the 1993 shelling of the Russian parliament, the 1995 carpet-bombing of Grozny, and the murders and swindles that accompanied privatization of industry. In the case of Putin’s period in high office, the crimes include the strange apartment bombings in 1999 that were used to justify the second Chechen war; the sacrifice of hundreds of hostages during both the 2002 Moscow Theater siege and the 2004 school siege in Beslan; the radiation poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in London; and the unsolved murders of the journalists Anna Politkovskaya and Paul Klebnikov and the rights activist Natalya Estemirova.

How did Bill Clinton not know that the likes of Barack Hussein Obama and his neo-Soviet pal, Vladimir Putin, would show up as a result of Clinton’s Leninist year as a Rhodes Scholar and his Waco, Texas Attorney General, Janet Reno?

Sugar-coated poison is the best description I can come up with for all eight of the Clinton Years.

The seminal purpose for his ownership of the White House was to further ingrain the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade Decision into the American culture. If an openly pro-abortionist President of the United States, the first in the history of America, if Bill Clinton can hold two terms in the White House, legalized abortion, rather like Southern slavery, could become an American tradition.

The legalized murder of abortion in America is now 39 years old.

It is becoming increasingly clear that for Conservatives to permanently turn Progressive America back in the direction of her founding principles and the American Declaration of Independence, the words “inalienable right to life” will have to be defended with the same profound courage that Abraham Lincoln defended the words “all men are created equal.”

The Young Admirer of Vladimir Lenin, Bill Clinton

“Think big!”

You can’t get any bigger with greed for power than Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong.

Apparently, and from Barack Obama’s point of view, Bill and Hillary Clinton not only didn’t think “big enough,” they didn’t work “fast enough” to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a Marxist/Leninist State.

That relegates Bill and Hillary into what the former KGB operative, Yuri Bezmenov, describes as the KGB’s “useful idiots.”

“Useful” because Bill is so charming. ”Idiots” because the Clintons actually believe in their romantic delusions about Marx, Lenin and a woman’s right to murder her own child.

Bill Clinton as the Governor of Arkansas and later President of the United States was the second in a line of two Marxist/Leninists in American high office. Clinton’s political mentor was the successfully secretive Marxist/Leninist Senator of Bill Clinton’s home state, Arkansas, William Fulbright, Jr.

Fulbright’s “Scholarship” and his tax-paid, year abroad for young Americans like myself? Lifting the crème-de-la-crème of American graduates out of the arms of America and sending them off to tightly controlled, “Progressive” environments in Europe.

I hesitated to fully label these Arkansas “geniuses” as Marxist/Leninist until I saw the ultimate icing on the cake of the increasingly Far Left Democrat Party’s most revelaing gift to America: Barack Hussein Obama.

Is there a worldwide, Communist pecking order?

Of course there is.

The dubious roles of honor are determined by how ruthlessly successful the applicant can be in the International Communist Party’s objective of transforming the entire human race into a Communist, bee-hive-like “cell.”

In the end, the Clintons are now third-level, Third Way bureaucrats in the International Communist Corporation. Obama and Putin crack the whips and, despite the Clintons’ reputed disputes with their “superiors,” the Clintons toe the line.

If they don’t?

We can all remember the fate of Vince Foster. The questions about his “suicide” still remain disturbing.

There are even rumors of George Bush Sr.’s involvement in the death of Vince Foster.

No wonder Bill Clinton called politics, on both sides of the aisle, a “contact sport.”

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The increasingly close affiliation between the Bushes and the Clintons is a more profoundly rattling revelation on the Conservative side than on the now well-known, increasingly Far Left Democrat side.

Obviously both the International Communist Party and the American, Bipartisan “Progressive” Movement wish to avoid a World War III by settling their disputes behind closed doors. That way no one really knows why the likes of Barack Hussein Obama, the Marxist and possibly Leninist Hardliner, is now the President of the United States.

What has all this to do with the Pearl Harbor of World War III, the 9/11 assault upon New York City’s Twin Towers?

That question I will deal with in my next chapter entitled; From 9/11 To Leningrad. For part one click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

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Regardless, Edmund Wilson’s To The Finland Station was what Bill Clinton carried with him on his Rhodes Scholar’s journey from London to Moscow, via The Finland Station.