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By Michael Moriarty
November 19, 2012

“Teachable” Tyranny

Here it is, if you are really interested in why the American Republican Party lost to President Obama.

If you want a taste of back-up to the political reality of a divided white voting base listen to the common-sense street wisdom of Malcolm X!

Can’t do it?

Then at least you can see what losing 10 percent of the vote to Obama in the last few days might cost Governor Chris Christie for embracing his party’s political opponent on nationwide television.

If Republicans can’t see either of these obvious problems for the Republican Party, then they deserve to lose the Presidency yet again in 2016…. if, indeed, there is even a United States of America left to lose it in.

After Sarah Palin refused to run in the Republican Party, my choice for the Republican candidate became Herman Cain. The necessity for an even match racially was reality for anyone over three years old. But, as Alfonso of Zonation reminds us, such thinking was too simple for the Republican simpletons in power.

However, as I’ve said in my Enter Stage Right article about the election, “God has other plans.”


Americans don’t want to pay the price for having legalized abortion in 1973.

God’s not letting either America or the rest of the child-aborting world off the hook.

World War III is now beyond even divinely ordained! It is bottomlessly inevitable.


Because Republicans are too stupid to nominate a black candidate?


The plight of growing tyranny in a once Free World is because Richard Nixon’s administration allowed its Supreme Court to come up with Roe v Wade and the legalization of abortion.

What can you possibly think a fan of Roe v Wade’s cold-blooded murder who is reelected to the Presidency?!

What further legacy of legalized murder would you expect President Obama to leave for History to mull over?!?!

Now not even the Catholic Church can enter a hospital to save lives from the abortionist’s weapons.

The nightmare of a Free World under the control of Barack Hussein Obama, a man Mary Matalin labels as a “Narcissistic Sociopath,” is the horrifying fact it is because all previous Republican Presidents from Ford to Reagan to both the Bushes refused to act against the 39 years of Roe v Wade and its legalized infanticide.

The Golden Rule now reads: “Do unto gestating infants what you wouldn’t want done to your own gestating infancy!”

If anything lifted the lid off of Hell 39 years ago, it was the Roe v Wade Decision.

America is no better off now than she was when the Supreme Court legalized slavery with the Dred Scott Decision. Civil war ensued three years later.

The United States are being burned alive by their own hypocrisy while at the same time choking on the smoke from an equally incinerated Declaration of Independence.

There is no longer any “inalienable right to life” in America.

The price for Roe v Wade and its legalization of murder will prove to be the same as the price America paid for legalizing slavery.

The price will be Civil War.

A second Civil War in America is not possible without igniting World War III.

The abortion-loving, Progressively Marxist New World Order being formulated and built by both of America’s so-called freedom-loving Democrat and Republican Parties – the last two Republican defeats being, for the sake of George Bush Sr.’s New World Order, almost intentional – this pair of “fronts” for a New World Order are facing not only Civil War in America but an inevitable World War III.

World War III will be fought over the New World Order’s obligatory anti-Semitism and its eternal commitment to abortion as the best and only solution to a myriad of projected problems that the “illuminati” of the New World Order may face. Even the most gifted and seemingly Liberal entertainers such as George Carlin know it!!

This link I’ve given you was recorded in 2005!!!! The Progressively Tyrannical New World Order is a cluster-scam way beyond even the wildest dreams of Bernie Madoff.

Now why do I think “obligatory anti-Semitism” is such a necessity for this mega-hijacking of American, individual freedom?

The 1.4 billion Muslims in this hoped-for New World Pyramid Scheme will not rest peacefully with either Israel nor the idea of racial equality. Sharia Law will eternally reignite anti-Semitism within Islam.

Why will there be obligatory, New World Order abortions?

The increasingly powerful Communist influence upon America, its obvious presence within the Obama Nation’s White House, will not allow even one state to overturn Roe v Wade.

When Abraham Lincoln endeavored to limit the spread of slavery into the western states, the Confederacy attacked Fort Sumter.

The Obama Nation will prosecute a second civil war resisting States’ Rights of any kind, particularly those claiming the right to refuse legalized abortion.

What Lincoln was willing to concede to the Confederate South, its slavery, Obama will not be willing to give Americans: if there are no State’s rights, there will eventually be no individual rights, individual freedom or individual responsibility.

Obama’s “narcissistic socio-pathology”, coupled with his Marxist commitment, won’t permit the United States to overturn Roe v Wade state by state.

With obvious Communist influence, Islamic anti-Semitism and legalized abortion at the heart of this Progressively Marxist, New Word Order, such reminders of World War II Nazism and Fascism cannot survive longer than Hitler’s efforts at a 1,000 year Reich nor even the lifetime of Stalin’s Soviet Union.

The Obama Nation’s New World Order smells of Obama’s “teachable moment” and its inevitably “teachable” tyranny. Because of four more years of America as Professor Obama’s classroom, all escape routes from his “teachable” tyranny will be cut off and eliminated.

The Catholic Church, because of Obamacare, has been divested of the right to run Her own hospitals as She sees morally fit.

“It’s only the bigoted Catholics” you say?!?!

When they come for the Catholic’s rights and freedoms and you say nothing, eventually they’ll come for yours.

In the agony of the Obama Nation’s victory in the 2012 election, after all the tears have already have been shed and will continue to be poring out over America’s “fundamental transformation”?!

I still say, “Life is perfect!”

How can I possibly say that now?!

Because of the inevitabilities that can be found in the American Civil War and World War II!

In both instances, Good overcame undeniable, unmistakable, eternally indictable and excruciatingly demonic Evil.

The same dramatic and comic and grotesque and tragic outcome will ensue from what can no longer be avoided: World War III.

As I’ve already said in my earlier offerings for this World War III Series, World War III began within the second the first plane flew itself into the Twin Towers building on September 11, 2001!

The Bush/Obama refusal to call World War III for what it is, a challenge to war, and to not combat the enemy with one goal in mind: victory?!

To do, as George Bush Jr. did, use the horrors of 9/11 as an excuse and justification for doing the dirty business of your Saudi oil friends and eliminate a dictator who was never an immediate threat to the United States?!?!

To subsequently never track down the author of 9/11 and let him run free for over 10 years?!?!

America cannot find one man, Osama bin Laden, on this earth in over ten years after having defeated both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in less than 6 years?!?!?!

How stupid do they really think Americans are?!

And when did all these Progressively Tyrannical New World Order Big Lies begin? You always get caught in little lies. But the Big, Big Ones? Such as Roe v Wade in 1973!

“Abortion is not murder”?!?!?!

In 1857 the American Supreme Court said that “slaves” in the North are indeed “personal property” of the slave owner in the South and must be returned?!?!?!

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When the “Illuminati” or “enlightened despots” of the American Supreme Court legalized the butchering of gestating infants, condoning cold-blooded murder because of the inconvenience or possible embarrassment a child might cause the mother?!?!?!

When you start redefining words such as abortion and spinning them into part of a “woman’s rights”?! When you legalize murder as a mother’s privilege?!?! You’ve turned every American woman who aborts into a Biblical servant of the God Baal.

They all become “Jezebels.”

The Southern Bible Belt is thinking of creating a New American Confederacy…and seceding from Barack Obama’s Obama Nation! Yes, breaking away from the United States and possibly provoking a Second Civil War!!

The Possible President of The United Pro-Life States of America

I’m not in love with the name, Second Confederacy, but I know that whatever it’s called, Allen West may prove a greater American President than most of the previous Presidents in the White House… IF the central plank of The Secession is the Sacredness of Human Life.

The Sacredness of Human Life will have the entire Catholic Church, the Pope, all Christians who aren’t hypocrites, Nations in South America such as Brazil where abortion is illegal… the Tea Party… and, of course, God on its side!!!!

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I’m not in love with the name, Second Confederacy, but I know that whatever it’s called, Allen West may prove a greater American President than most of the previous Presidents in the White House...