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By Michael Moriarty
January 22, 2013

The “Witness” To My Prosecution Of A Progressively Marxist New World Order

There is something sacred about the film Witness.

What I really mean is, there is something about Witness that is sacredly American.

Harrison Ford’s tough-cop-honesty and the Amish community’s irretrievably humble and indisputable reverence for God… when combined? The two, seemingly polar opposites meet to insure my faith in the future of the United States and individual freedom.

Two American Polar Opposites Fall In Love

With many in the United States at their wit’s end about President Barack Obama’s previous four years and the Obama Nation’s reinstatement in the White House, America is now indisputably divided and increasingly on the brink of Civil War.


There are as many different explanations for the coming nightmare as there are Americans.

My own, increasingly low estimate of Barack Obama cemented itself when this President made abortion a universally available part of all hospitals in the United States, thus evicting the Catholic Church, preventing Her from running Her own hospitals in Her own, abortion-free, way.

Ergo, the end of Religious Freedom.

With Obama’s planned assault upon “the right to bear arms”?

Thus the end of the Second Amendment.

Make no mistake: President Obama is not only preparing for a Second Civil War in America but purposely, cold-bloodedly and, with serpentine intent, deliberately provoking that potential holocaust.

Barack Hussein Obama has calculatedly made himself the most incendiary President of the United States in the history of America; and, with malice aforethought, prepared himself and his comrades, in both the Communist and Islamic world, for not only a Civil War but World War III as well.

An American Cop’s Justifiable Rage

I have a cop friend on the East Coast.

He’s not only not an admirer of President Obama, this cop is doing all he can to see the entire Obama Nation’s fundamentally corrupt and inevitably homicidal “transformation of the United States” fail.

My friend is only one cop… but then again Harrison Ford’s character in Witness, John Book, was only one cop in a police force dying from homicidal corruption.

Is America, at the hands of Barack Obama, dying of homicidal corruption?


I believe that the most lethal and deadly “corruption”, the one that is bringing America to suicide, is in the allegedly conservative Bush Family’s Republican Party. More on that in coming articles as the holes within this Republican corruption grow wide with their own style of treasonous “transparency.”

“Homicide” and virtual holocausts in both the Soviet Union and Mao Zedong’s Red China have been the fundamental tools of a one-hundred-year-old, Communist plot to invade the White House with a Communist President of the United States.

We now have that homicidally Communist President of the United States: Barack Hussein Obama.

So, if you will allow me to make the film Witness a metaphor for the present condition of the United States, please allow me to reveal this 1985 film’s contemporary relevance.

A Profoundly American Trinity

As “Witness” to a killing, a young boy named Samuel Lapp… a previously sheltered child of Amish parentage, fearfully draws two very opposite corners of America together: his mother, Rachel Lapp, and a Philadelphia cop named John Book. The coming together of a secular, unquestionably “tough”, law-enforcement American and the exquisitely sensitive souls of an Amish mother and her son, this meeting intertwines two very different but equally American extremes.

Part of America’s greatness, I believe, is the ability of those extremes to live in the same nation. To even fall in love with one another.

As of President Barack Hussein Obama, that possibility no longer exists.


If you couple the Republican Party’s corruption with the unrelenting and homicidal commitment of International Communism, the Soviets and Neo-Soviets in particular, if you infect the Republican Party with the zealously atheistic religion of Marxist “State Capitalism” and have the whole nightmare infiltrate the United States from East Coast to West Coast, from The White House to Hollywood, from the Ivy League Halls of Enlightened Despots to the Mainstream Press… what can one possibly expect from this euphemism for bipartisan tyranny, this “State Capitalism”?

What, with any certainty, will ensue from all this except America’s suicide?!

Is there a suicide in the film Witness?

No… well, I say “no” if you don’t believe the fate of the “Bad Guys” was, because of their greed and greed’s ultimate stupidity, if you don’t believe evil in the film Witness commits an involuntary but inevitable suicide of sorts: Death By Cop.

I believe that.

I also believe the Obama Nation, because of the inevitable stupidity of its bottomless greed for power, worldwide tyranny, President Obama and his Know-It-All-Obama Nation are doomed to a similarly, “death by cop” suicide. Only in the case of the Progressively Marxist New World Order, it will be implacably a “Death by God’s Abandonment” suicide.

The death of God, as pronounced by not only Fredrick Nietzsche but his inheritors, the Progressive Movement, by even “Progressive” comedians such as Bill Maher, that “God is dead” banner that flies above the Progressive Parade and its utter lack of conscience, its Planned Parenthood joy in legalized murder and Jezebel-like, wholesale infanticide?!

Such faith as mine has been often dismissed by Progressives as “childish.”

However, much of the film Witness is seen through a child’s eyes.

This child could now be staring at Third Millennium America

“Unless you become like little children, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” -Matthew 18:3

The boy’s innocence is a painfully revealing point of view through which to examine both 20th and 21st Century America’s most debilitating disease: virulently ubiquitous corruption.

The boy identifies one of Book’s fellow officers as the “killer” he witnessed in a shooting.

Harrison Ford’s John Book makes the great mistake of confiding in his profoundly corrupt superior officer. Book quickly discovers the height to which corruption has risen in the ranks when that senior officer sends his junior officer out to kill Book.

President Barack Obama’s wholesale freedom of assassination, his “hit list,” his self-endowed right to kill almost anyone he considers an enemy, including American citizens?!?!

Where did that un-Constitutional liberty of a President come from?!

It was an inevitable outcome of the previously corrupt, Bush/Clinton/Bush administrations that increasingly did what they damn well pleased by point-blank lying to the American people.

As I’ve said so frequently that I’m almost bored by this horrifyingly implacable Truth: America Deserves Barack Hussein Obama! The United States virtually begged for the nightmare of this Obama Nation!!

Neither Officer Book nor the Amish community in Witness deserve the invasion of a corrupt law enforcement into their lives… yet the invasion comes!

And God, the God of the Amish as well as the God of Catholics and Jews, is on the side of Witness’ Trinity of heroes and heroine.

Who and what does Obama and the Obama Nation have on their side?

The “Cultural Revolutions” of three self-declared Gods: Adolf Hitler and his “Holocaust,” Joseph Stalin’s “Purge” and Mao Zedong’s “Great Leap Forward.”

“The One”

Obama says to himself, “America has elected their own Communist President of the United States! Not once but twice!! They made the only choice possible!!!”

The will of the people, at least within Obama’s own “narcissistically sociopathic” heart and soul, has utterly nullified both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and is swiftly activating all the basic principles found within Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto.

However, Obama is doing it with Maoist cunning.

And with Henry Kissinger’s, Republican-endorsed, Mao-adoring seal of approval!

Obama begins his second term by confiscating all civilian, “serious” firearms. That is so Americans cannot defend themselves from Progressively Communist, New World Order law enforcement.

The Middle East has become a rehearsal for Obama’s Third Millennium Law Enforcement in America: Drones!

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Here is America’s and American Fundamentalism’s inevitable response.

“Defensible-neighborhood-fortresses” is precisely what Obama is prepared for.

Meanwhile, Obama’s increasingly open-door policy to Islamic terrorists is thinly veiled by the specificity of his assassination policy.

If any Americans, any at all, can be killed by order of this President?

It’s only a matter of time.

With Obama’s entire opposition in America destroyed within the next four years?

Obama is President of The United States… for life!!!!

Unless, of course, God has other plans. Click here to visit home page.

� 2013 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

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The will of the people, at least within Obama’s own “narcissistically sociopathic” heart and soul, has utterly nullified both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and is swiftly activating all the basic principles found within Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto.