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By Michael Moriarty
January 28, 2013

“Humans Are A Plague On Earth”

My most recent article for has inspired a new and higher level of interest in my own, possibly eccentric, American exile’s POV on the United States and its presently very tragic plight under Barack Hussein Obama. What makes the situation even more frightening arose with a recent declaration by the highly esteemed, British “naturalist” David Attenborough. It is finally a headline:

Humans Are A Plague On Earth!

David Attenborough said it.

Who is he?

Let’s look him up!

Of course David Attenborough, at 86 years of age, is the younger brother of the rather well-known actor, director and producer, Richard Attenborough.

“The David” is not only a “broadcaster” but a “naturalist” as well.

In addition to being a “senior manager” at the BBC, he is, according to Wikipedia: “a national treasure, although he himself does not like the term.”

Well… is that all?

No. Here’s the heart of the matter: “His career as the face and voice of natural history programmes (sic) has endured for 60 years. He is best known for writing and presenting the nine Life series, in conjunction with the BBC Natural History Unit, which collectively form a comprehensive survey of all life on the planet.”

One of this Professor’s best friends

Perhaps he could be called The New Darwin.

On the computer screen, beside the first episode of Life On Earth I find a full length version of the “Bill Evans Portrait In Jazz.”

I’m tempted to leave the challenge of David Attenborough, his belief that there are too many people on earth, and indulge myself with 42 minutes of Bill Evans’ genius. However, the apparent fait accompli of The Attenborough Genius In 24 Disks has too many recent and increasingly urgent headlines to be ignored.

We’ve now gone from the Galapagos Islands of South America, the famous, living laboratory of Charles Darwin, to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. We’re learning of animals without backbones, invertebrates… but then, before we know it, we’re in Morocco.

Apparently we’re hunting the origin of animal life itself!!

David Attenborough is obviously obsessed with the haunting question of “where do I come from?!”

He already knows the answer, of course, but his life-long, 24 disc television series, developed and filmed over many decades, comprise his major oeuvre.

“Shells fossilize easily!” … and leave a record for David Attenborough to build his case, his incontrovertible, undeniably factual, immutably persuasive, “doggedly” aggressive case… that the “human race is a plague on earth.”

Accompanying the high-brow, professorial, class-conscious Brit diction of Mr. Attenborough is a plaintively lone violin, generously warning us that the ultimate conclusions of a lifetime’s work will be that “Man is a plague on earth.”

Attenborough would only capitalize “Man” because of its titular place in a range of living but equally capitalized species of life that are an “astounding example of survival on earth.”

A species of life that “sees no reason for change…It plods doggedly on… an ultra conservative.”

Hmmm… and we are less than an hour into a very long exploration to discover “the origin of animal life.”

Can indeed, the dismissal of “ultra conservatives” as a possibly doomed… example of ultra conservative life-forms… can that be made at this point in our search, our passionate, detail-filled, omnivorously wide range of discovery?!

If you’ve known the ultimate conclusion you are eventually going to make, yea, scream out in blazing, worldwide headlines? If your lifetime’s work is to implacably prove that “Man is a plague on earth!!”?????

If you’ve waited until you are 86 and have all your previous “findings” to back up your declaration?!

It is time to “go for broke!!”

I suspect Mr. Attenborough is an equally fanatic believer in “Global Warming.” He can’t possibly defend his precept, Man as the Earth’s greatest disaster, without Marxist Science’s own version of End Times: Global Warming!!!

Besides, at 86 it’s about time he’s left the limitations of a lifetime commitment to the confines of Public Broadcasting Systems and reached the whole human race with a headline or two: “Humans Are A Plague On Earth”

And something like, “I have the proof to back it up!!”

If, however, you’re a purely instinctive animal such as myself, and you say, in a pure Catholic-like faith, “There is a God. A Divine Intelligence far above our own. The human race, as portrayed in the Bible, is The Almighty’s ultimate creation in His earthly library of creation. The ultimate goal of that human race is, indeed, to populate… not just the Earth… but the entire real estate to be found in an infinitely endless Universe!” Therefore “overpopulation” is the very motivating reality to Man’s obligatory yet thrilling and most divine vocation: to populate the entire Universe.

Here the possibility of life on Mars has been again and most recently reiterated in headlines.

As one of Charles Darwin’s most devout devotees, David Attenborough, having clearly made the life of Darwin his own personal Bible, would already know the ultimate conclusion to be made from this “science of naturalism.”

“Humans are a plague on earth!”

I’ve succumbed to the temptation of a Bill Evans album and am simultaneously determining the direction of this article while, at the same time, listening to the distinctive Evanesque voicing’s. He is presently “cooking” on Autumn Leaves.

I’m not sure what Bill Evans’ thoughts on Global Warming would be. “Heat” in music certainly wasn’t one of his own prejudices. However, given his posthumous high standing in the American artistic community, I suspect he would nod in obedient agreement with Washington’s renewed plan to prosecute American industry for its assaults upon Life’s future on Earth.

Presently, however, and particularly in light of the Attenborough cri de Coeur, “Humans are a plague on earth,” I am more concerned about the human race’s future on Earth rather than the apparently dim prospects for “All of Life.”

Extinct species have been a continual and seemingly eternal fact of life on earth since the Almighty even came up with the idea of a Universe.

Please examine this video which shows the Muslims of Dearborn violently telling the world, “Christians are a plague on the earth!!!”

David Attenborough’s Professorial tone does not and cannot veil the violent solutions contained in his virtually suicidal words, “We (humans) are a plague on the earth!”

The complete message from Obama’s visit to Dearborn, including the Muslim street violence?

“People who don’t support and vote for Professor Barack Hussein Obama are a plague on the earth!”

The Professorial Harvard/Oxford academic tones from both Obama and Attenborough and their “teachable moments” belie the street-level violence within their “Progressive” lectures.

With the belief that “humans are a plague on the earth”, and with those words quoted plainly in the world press?!

With the quasi-scientific credentials of a “naturalist” supporting this rather earth-shattering evaluation of Humanity?!

That and the increasingly aggressive and utterly Un-Constitutional behavior of President Obama and his war on Catholics in American hospitals?!

With all that garbage falling into Humanity’s ears?!

I share this letter with my readers:

Dearest Mamma,

The Communists, insofar as they now have a Red in The White House, have won!

Knowing that, at least half of America and all of American patriots are in a state of increasing revolt.

There will be Civil War eventually in America. Obama, the Obama Nation and its lapdog Mainstream Press, plus Hollywood, will try to make the resistance look criminal. That won't work for long.

Tragically the dividing and inevitably BATTLE line has ALWAYS been legalized abortion.

The recent "Poll" by a major network and the Wall Street Journal states that 53 percent of Americans approve of abortion.

I'm not sure that is entirely true.

Because of that poll, however, it is the Obama Nation's opinion and that of the "New World Order" that America has "voted" yes on legalized abortion. That is categorically a criminal assumption!!!

The disastrous Supreme Court shoved Roe v Wade down America's throat, knowing full well that a majority of women and all of American male opportunists would welcome it.

Was it ever voted on?

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Efforts to overturn Roe v Wade have been ignored or "quashed."

This situation certainly demands that people begin to straighten our their "Priority List."

Most would like to IGNORE the Abortion Dividing Line... in the same way America ignored slavery and then let the Supreme Court of Enlightened Despots LEGALIZE it in 1875!

The more "enlightened" Americans in power become, the more depraved they are.



Great Britain has just announced a possibly greater threat to life on earth than even David Attenborough’s version of Mankind as a “plague on earth”!

With North Korea planning to drop atomic bombs upon America, it seems everyone, including myself, is preparing for the worst.

Yet, as Hamlet says,
at a similarly tragic time,
“One can smile and smile and be a villain!”

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The will of the people, at least within Obama’s own “narcissistically sociopathic” heart and soul, has utterly nullified both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States and is swiftly activating all the basic principles found within Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto.