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By Michael Moriarty
January 7, 2013

The Obama Confidence Game

The Second Coming is most certainly assured by the serpentine presence of the anti-Christ now in power over America and the Free World: Barack Hussein Obama.

The senior anti-Christ, prophesied in the Book of Revelations, has been embodied by George Soros, the man whose money and influence put Barack Obama into the White House. He also helped to put Vladimir Putin into power over Russia. The three of them, Soros/Obama and Putin are, indeed and in short – despite the few but occasional “illusions” to the contrary – The Unholy Trinity of the Holy Bible.

Christ said, “As you do unto the little ones, so you do unto me!

With over one million abortions per year in America and Barack Obama’s Godless Purging of American hospitals, his summary eviction of the Catholic Church and its Pro-Life commitments?!

How more clearly, how much more boldly, how much more shamelessly could an “Anti-Christ” behave?

With a King Herod in the year of our Lord, 1 A.D? Recognizably the first Anti-Christ of human history?! We now have, in the year of Obamacare, 2013, the American, Mandated Slaughter of The Innocents!

With Michelle Obama we complete the repetition of Biblical history with Ahab and Jezebel of the Bible’s Kings One and Two. Jezebel’s slaughter of the first born to honor the God Baal has been replaced by the contemporary demand that we slaughter whatever babies women wish to abort, thus feeding the homicidal corner of a God, a reincarnation of Baal called Feminism.

In addition to the Anti-Christ’s of Soros, Obama and Putin and the Jezebel of Feminism’s infanticide, we have, with the invaluable help of the Bush Family’s “New World Order” run out of the United Nations, not only a coming Civil War and, out of that, a World War III, we have, indeed, and with the weapons we possess,

Our only hope?
According to The Bible?
A Second Coming.

I really don’t believe the Second Coming will prove to be a single Messiah.
The Return of Christ as One Man?

I am certain that the Second Coming is indeed a passionately committed, Pro-Life Humanity, as ubiquitous on Earth as the air around us. And through the power of the Holy Spirit which infuses this invisibly massive Second Coming, this “Resistance” to the Anti-Christs will be guided rather miraculously, mysteriously and invisibly by the Holy Trinity. With this profoundly untouchable and unstoppable connectedness between all true, pro-life human beings, the Anti-Christs of Soros, Obama and Putin will be, despite their diabolical and seemingly super-human powers, utterly incapable of eradicating The Worldwide, Pro-Life Movement’s Resistance.

Authorities can, as in Red China, slaughter the babies that exceed whatever limit the Communist tyrants have put upon Human Life and Human Life’s Unstoppable Destiny of Populating the Entire Universe!

That “Unstoppable Destiny of Populating the Entire Universe” is, indeed, why we are here!

To explode off of the Earth!

And out into the Universe!!

Felix Baumgartner As The American Prophet of Individual Destiny

Of course they, the Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order can, have and will continue to try and control, to slow and virtually own Mankind’s True Destiny!

To stop the explosion of Life!

To obstruct Life’s True Course out into the Universe!!

Such tyrants or “narcissistic sociopaths” as that gestating within the Progressively Marxist/Leninist Obama Nation cannot be maintained for long.

Oh, every one of the Progressives are trying!

Between the “environmentalists,” the United Nations, the likes of this Unholy Trinity of Soros, Obama and Putin, plus the shock troops of the Islamic Jihad, the Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order is wrapping its suffocating and terrorizing fists around the human race. Until President Obama came along, the main obstacle to this not-so-secret, Communist allegiance with Radical Islam, was the United States.

Not anymore.

With America’s 39 year-long surrender to Roe v Wade and abortion’s “Slaughter of the Innocents”?! Barack Hussein Obama became inevitable!

It’s not that America hasn’t been through this before!

Slavery lasted in the South for 89 years!!

The 39 yeas of nationwide infanticide is just the beginning of this Holocaust Era in America. This “fundamental transformation of the United States of America”, as proclaimed by Obama and the Obama Nation, has been going on since Richard Nixon’s Supreme Court legalized infanticide.

A Republican, Richard Nixon, put his silent but quaveringly neurotic blessings upon the Slaughter of the Innocents.” Subsequent “cool” Republicans, including Ronald Reagan, just “looked the other way.”

Now we have a Republican, former nominee for the Presidency, John McCain, saying that abortion is not the Republican Party’s first priority.

In fact, McCain, according to the Pro-Life Site wants abortion available at all American, military bases.

The very forces that are sworn to protect America and Americans?!?!

They will be slaughtering newly conceived Americans by the thousands!!!!

Right on their own bases.

Is that not massively institutionalized, American, homicidal hypocrisy?!

The armies and armed forces of America, sworn to protect America and Americans, are, in their expanding abortion services, slaughtering Americans and, by virtue of their self-delusion, they are slaughtering America itself.

“The in-alienable right to life?!”

Upon “Creation”?!

“All men are created equal?!”

They are not gestated into equality!!

Upon the moment of their conception?! Their creation!! They are equal!!

With “the in-alienable right to Life!”

“Oh, no… that’s just not reasonable Mr. Moriarty!
You take the words of the Declaration of Independence
all too literally!”


The Ivy League. The Enlightened Despots of The Ivy League! The Bushes of Yale? The Clinton’s, Kissinger’s and Obama’s of Harvard and Columbia?!

Well, this is Michael Moriarty of the Ivy League’s Dartmouth College! A Fulbright Scholar, if you can believe it?! That is until the British psychiatric community at a nightmare called The Priory decided I had… or perhaps still have… “a father problem.”

Why did… or do… I have a “father problem”?

Because I believed… and still believe… in God!

Because I still believe in The Great Father of Us All!!

The God of the Holy Bible.

What’s happening now in America?

This horrifying inhumanity of wholesale abortion.

It had happened before with the wholesale inhumanity of slavery!

That dramas of both infanticide and slavery can be seen in the Holy Bible repeatedly.

Even if you just read a “Pony” of the Bible and race through it like a comic book, the simple and unavoidable reality of Good and Evil… stares you in the face.

The arrival, however, of The Enlightened Despots of The World?! Those Catholic-hating Progressives of the French Revolution, that virtual womb and creative nook and cranny for the eventual birth of Communism?!?! The demonizing of not only the Catholic Church… but the French Middle Class… the “bougeoisie”… while the “Enlightened, Revolutionary, guillotine-waving despots” are the Sanity of the World??!!

Now the “Progressive Sanity of the World” is wholesale infanticide.

Not to mention the new addition to The Progressive Menu: Euthanasia.

“Let’s shrink the human race…
from both ends!!
The youngest… and the oldest…
let’s just start cutting the human race off at both ends…
and what we’ll have…
after we’ve done that?!
The perfect size of a human race
one that is run rather like a beehive.”

Humans as insects.

With a Queen Bee, rather like Hillary Clinton… or a King Wasp like Barack Hussein Obama… calling all the shots.

And if you don’t behave?!?!

You don’t belong in the hive!!!!

Population control by both abortion and… retroactive abortion.

Now recently the King Wasp, Barack Hussein Obama, started to honor the “necessities” of Democracy… all those inconvenient disputes that Democracy demands!! At the same time the President is “honoring” the “messiness” of Democracy, he is preparing his government for the Second American Civil War he is endeavoring to provoke.

Everybody knows it!

Even the Mainstream but Far Left Press are preparing for it by accentuating the “Lincoln Comparisons” within the career of President Obama.

Obama, in his ruse to appear humble, rejects the comparison!


One, he doesn’t want Americans prepared for the Civil War he, his Obama Nation and his Communist friends both worldwide and in the United Nations are committed to provoking a Second Civil War inside the United States.

Two, he has a small bone to pick with Abraham Lincoln.


In Obama’s mind, Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring the freedom of all Southern slaves… Lincoln wrote that as more of a weapon of war! More of a weapon of war than any sincere commitment to the individual freedom of African Americans. After an introductory but cunningly crafted, serpentine tribute to Abraham Lincoln, we have this:

Still, as I look at his picture, it is the man and not the icon that speaks to me. I cannot swallow whole the view of Lincoln as the Great Emancipator. As a law professor and civil rights lawyer and as an African American, I am fully aware of his limited views on race. Anyone who actually reads the Emancipation Proclamation knows it was more a military document than a clarion call for justice. Scholars tell us too that Lincoln wasn't immune from political considerations and that his temperament could be indecisive and morose.


He then returns to his Love Song to Lincoln.

Some diabolical genius within Obama already knew he was destined to become President of the United States!

His certainty?

“If the likes of Bill Clinton
can become President,
my run for the White House
will prove to be
a walk-in-the-park
… or, yes, a slam-dunk!”

That’s not what Obama said. It is, however, what he thought and what he has proven to be true.

Why the Obama Confidence?

His certainty about the moral corruption within a majority of the American people!


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Indeed, the Americans have become exactly what the Soviet propagandists have thought they have been and always will be:

Useful idiots.”

Out of this attitude comes the bottomless Obama Confidence.

A Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order Confidence born not out of America’s “idiocy” but out of the general naivete of most human beings: humanity’s general belief that its political leaders can’t possibly be that cold and that ruthless. Can’t, in fact, be that Evil. Out of Mankind’s short memory and naivete has flowered the phenomenal success of the Obama Confidence Game.

Part Eleven of this series on World War III will be titled: Mankind’s Naivete and The Obama Confidence Game. And this message by Valerie Jarret, Senior Adviser to President Barack Hussein Obama, is what is hidden beneath Obama’s Confidence Game.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,

� 2013 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

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A Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order Confidence born not out of America’s “idiocy” but out of the general naivete of most human beings: