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By Michael Moriarty
March 11, 2013

For those readers of mine at who may not be aware of how powerfully important the writings of Mark Steyn are, I offer this tribute to him.

Here’s a classic Mark Steyn echo of Hieronymus Bosch and The American Inferno:

Vegas is no longer the world’s biggest gambling resort; America is. Barack Obama says we need to “win the future,” and one more roll of the dice should do it: a trillion dollars of chips on the stimulus came up empty but let’s pile another couple trillion on Obamacare, and “high-speed rail,” and “green jobs,” and “broadband access” . . . And all the while Wayne Newton is singing “Danke Schoen” in Chinese.

Christopher Isherwood and Broadway took over two hours to do much the same thing in a Cabaret corner of Berlin.

Both Isherwood and Steyn are two of England’s greatest, 20th Century “scribblers”, but, given the choice, I would much prefer to enter hell laughing with Steyn than cringing in dread with Isherwood.

A Pair of Quietly Intimidating Geniuses

I have, in my life, met both Christopher Isherwood and the great English dramatic poet, Christopher Fry. I found Fry’s refinement and Isherwood’s sophistication massively intimidating.

The North American Touchstone

Mark Steyn’s bold blend of Shakespeare’s Falstaff, Touchstone, Feste and The Fool in King Lear is ultimately more reassuring. It strengthens my prayer that the human race might, in fact, laugh its way through hell and out the other side.

A while ago, with his Tattered Liberty article, Mr. Steyn recalls, at least for me at any rate, the eloquence of the English-speaking people on the deck of the Titanic.

I’m not sure what indispensable good can be grasped by reading Tattered Liberty, except for the singular satisfaction one gets from sharing in the elegant courage of the string quartet in James Cameron’s Titanic.

They go down drowning in what they do best. As a suggestion, they might try playing this on the way down. An earnest tribute to the power of Christ’s resurrection.

In Steyn’s case, what he does best is recalling a few of the numerous declines and actual falls within Western Civilization, and, within his wittiest brevity, meaning this article’s fewer laughs but deeper smiles, Dr. Steyn, like Dr. Samuel Johnson, almost makes us welcome the prospect of becoming a distinctive version of, say, the post-war Austria.

Why or how Steyn seems to be transforming me into his Boswell, I have no idea, except for my American need, in the still foreign land of Canada, for an almost Shakespearian volubility erupting around the meaning of American individual freedom and its rapid decline. In Canada particularly.

As Sir Tyrone Guthrie has said, we of the English-speaking peoples share only a superficial similarity of language. The differences however, even in the once, accent-riddled United States, are part of our glory as a World Republic of Anglophiles.

For some reason, Steyn puts it all best: we’re going down … down, down, down … but with the records of history, we’re certainly not alone; so let’s enjoy the insanity of it all.

There are, of course, at least two possible responses to that “ride”: one, rejoicing at all the company we’ll be keeping or actually despairing over how commonplace the end of our civilization is.

If there is a dead center to what little sanity is left within the English-speaking world, it is Mr. Steyn. That, of course, would put him these days on another planet.

After enlightening us about the true condition of Western Civilization in his brief but explosively prophetic book, America Alone, this once British-Canadian exile to America has now to pen either the decline and fall of his favorite homeland … or, God willing, to keep our spirits up in an increasingly rickety rowboat as we cross the Delaware, with the specter of George Washington behind us, to face the forces of the dictatorial Obama Nation, that increasingly pathetic province within the George Soros World Empire.

There’s some comfort to recall that George Washington lost more battles than he won. Yet he won!

With that in mind and Mark Steyn’s articles on our computer screens, we shall indeed, in the grandest tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., overcome!!

Lest you think that Mark Steyn is merely a lovable clown, please read this J’accuse leaving our President the limp-willed, disgracefully appeasing poseur and seminal cause for not the “transformation” of the United States but America’s utter and complete destruction.

While awaiting the publication of an article I wrote for some publication or other, I realize how like an actor’s life the free lance columnist’s existence can be. Auditioning and waiting, auditioning and waiting.

While I wait, I read Mark Steyn.

So while you wait for whatever it is you hope for, read Mark Steyn. His offerings not only pass the time on the deck of the Titanic but fills it with smiles and belly laughs, while it satirizes the whole idea of waiting patiently on a sinking ship.

Indeed, we are all, to one extent or another, two-legged, sinking ships.

Waiting for Obama to “change”, however, is like holding your breath under the waters of Lake Michigan, while praying for that rather large pond to suddenly evaporate.

Thank God I chose the momentarily “dry” land of Canada to stand on long before the Obama Nation began to own Chicago while licking its chops over the prospect of a Presidency, the entire and complete ownership of America’s future.

Now that the Obama Nation has been steadily destroying all of the United States for over five years, I fly to a Mark Steyn article as desperately as John Boehner might long for another job.

Today’s offering recalls one of Steyn’s shorter masterpieces.

The target of the shorter broadside is actually the American Supreme Court and its lexicon, its heartless mastery of euphemism.

That the Supreme Court actually takes its own, highly personalized dictionary seriously is the closing evidence within my summation speech, my indictment of the incurable insanity within SCOTUS.

Why incurable?

Thomas Jefferson cited the Supreme Court as the most potentially dangerous corner of America’s Three-Cornered Hat. Out of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of American government, only the Judicial seems to have escaped the separation of powers.

They wrote their legalization of slavery with the Dredd Scott Decision.

It took a Civil War and 600,000 American lives to object to the Dredd Scott Decision.

Legalized infanticide is now only 40 years old, as compared to the 89 years of Confederate slavery.

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Roe v Wade, exactly like the Dredd Scott Decision, will prove to be the real dividing line within America’s inevitably Second Civil War.

While we wait for that nightmare, there is always, thank God, Mark Steyn to read.

Mark Steyn is still young enough to stay in the United States and carry on the good fight. The “hollow men” are now ballooning up and coalescing into the new Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Though a lot “stickier”, the situation still only requires the right Ghostbuster… and his unrelenting shots at a corrupted American leadership… to bring ‘em down.

God bless and good luck, Dr. Steyn!

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Why or how Steyn seems to be transforming me into his Boswell, I have no idea, except for my American need, in the still foreign land of Canada, for an almost Shakespearian volubility erupting around the meaning of American individual freedom and its rapid decline. In Canada particularly.