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By Michael Moriarty
February 26, 2013

The final denouement of the great American, cinematic masterpiece, On The Waterfront, is most possibly naïve and wishful thinking. One man overcomes the corruption of a waterfront local union of 2,000 workers.

Of course, the lead-up to Terry Malloy’s triumph contains the brutal murders of three men, the last of which is Terry’s brother, Charley “The Gent” Malloy.

The Price of Corruption


Civil War.

Brother against brother.

With the deadly price of an Obama Nation in The White House?

The final cost will be World War III.


If Barack Obama leaves the Presidency in the disgrace he so richly deserves, the entire history of Communism, from the French Revolution to the Soviet penetration of the American government, all the way to the White House?

Communism’s ascent?!

The American Communist plot to destroy the United States will have ended.

It would be all downhill for Marx and Lenin from there, including the eventual end of Communism’s hold over the Chinese mainland.

What are the odds of that happening?

About the same chances Terry Malloy had to overthrow the bosses of a corrupted and murderous, waterfront union.

The mysterious man at the top, the one who only appears at the end of On The Waterfront to call Terry Malloy and the waterfront laborers back to work?

Even he is only a link in the mysterious chain that rises and further rises into a mysteriously bizarre fraternity at the top.

On The Waterfront, in my opinion, was Elia Kazan’s most personal statement. He had, in a very real sense, become a Terry Malloy himself. He had, as Terry Malloy appeared as a witness for the prosecution of labor union corruption and violence, testified against the American Communist Party.

The Real Terry Malloy

From Wikipedia’s entries regarding On The Waterfront:

The film is widely considered to be Kazan's answer to those who criticized him for identifying eight (former) Communists in the film industry before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) in 1952. Kazan's critics included his friend and collaborator, the noted playwright Arthur Miller, who had written the original screenplay – titled The Hook – for the film that would become On the Waterfront. Miller was replaced by Budd Schulberg, also a witness before HUAC.

No film is more important to America, particularly at this present time, than On The Waterfront.


It is the most tangible core of the American people’s present nightmare. Their massive vulnerability under the “enlightened despots” that originally arose out of the French Revolution.

These seemingly benign dictators are akin to the mostly invisible power elite that sits above the thuggish souls of labor unions and political parties. They fire the likes of Johnny Friendly and his similarly corrupt, Union Mafia, the ones seen possessively hanging around President Barack Obama and his White House.

On The Waterfront also mirrors the Progressive New World Order’s most sacred rule: “Anyone is expendable, no matter how high-up!”

That is why the New World Order’s ownership of the American Presidency has been “locked” since the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

How did the seeming American patriot, Ronald Reagan slip by?

President Reagan and his wife Nancy never – and I mean never – confronted the American Supreme Court over its Roe v Wade Decision!

Actually the Reagan/Gorbachev Agreements were the first real glimpse into the Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order. All that was left after that was the Nixon/Kissinger foray to Red China and working out an “Agreement” with Mao Zedong.

The Progressively Marxist/Leninist Big Boys and their New World Order Two-Step

If those Presidents didn’t do the Foreign and Domestic, Marxist/Leninist Two-Step, they’d be as dead as J.F.K.!

Here’s Reagan’s former Vice-President dancing The Dance!

Look where America is today with Barack Hussein Obama!

It all began fifty years ago with the theory that a single bullet first pierced JFK and then Governor Connolly.

The Single Bullet Theory” is supported by this frame by frame analysis.

However, The Theory of a Single Assassin?!

Utterly preposterous!!

This 9 part analysis shoots more holes in the Lone Gunman Theory than Kennedy might have received from a machine gun on the Grassy Knoll.

Here, I believe, is the most accurately objective study on the controversial difference between the Warren Commission Report and the later investigation done in 1976 by the House of Representatives and its Committee On Assassinations. It leaves the conspiracy theory even more valid. Why? Time and its further investigations of the Kennedy Assassination are favoring The Conspiracy.

In On The Waterfront there are two, increasingly suspicious deaths committed before Terry Malloy testifies before an investigating committee.

We the audience, of course, know who called for the murders: Johnny Friendly.

But, of course, there were higher-ups in charge of the smaller villains like Johnny Friendly.

Stumbling Toward The Higher-Ups

We still must beg from The Fat Cats.

The Sorosian New World Order On The Waterfront

Here is one profile of a “Fat Cat.

We still don’t know for certain which of America’s Fat Cats called for the murder of JFK and we might possibly never know.

Growing evidence that Harvey Oswald was actually working for the CIA, a theory utterly testified to by not only this corner of the preceding investigative series but also, at great length, here in the episode entitled, The Love Affair.

Oswald’s possible mistress, Judyth Vary Baker, unveils such a highly detailed subplot surrounding both herself and Oswald that I’m utterly convinced of this affair’s reality but also of Lee Harvey’s involvement with the CIA as a spy.

Oswald’s life as a counterfeit Communist.

The later testimony about Oswald’s life by his wife, Marina Oswald, does not conflict with that of Oswald’s mistress.

Since motive for the Kennedy assassination seems our only possible line of further investigation, a whole raft of Washington “Insiders” as “suspects” comes to mind, not the least of which is former and politically carnivorous, Vice-President, Lyndon B. Johnson and his rapaciously ambitious followers.


Will we ever know what really happened?

Is there a “Terry Malloy” still living who can tell the truth about the Kennedy assassination to all of us in a way that we can believe and History can be certain of?

I doubt it.

That is exactly how The New World Order would like it.


John F. Kennedy was a Catholic!

If anything threatened The New World Order it would have been a Catholic President of the United States.

Much more of a threat than the God-fearing but very Protestant image of President Ronald Reagan.

This Part 8 of The Men Who Killed Kennedy is filled with “Dr. Strangelove’s”, all profoundly dedicated to Science and the Scientist’s belief that only Science can save the world.

Catholicism is hardly a corner of such a particularly secular faith in

Were the ostensible plots to kill Castro actually a conspiracy to do away with Kennedy?

How can we know for sure?

Everything in the unraveling of this nightmare becomes increasingly what it is not.

Only the occasional article and POV such as this seems to clear the intentionally muddied waters.

The author, Michael Obemdorf, clarifies what should be obvious to all by now, Obama’s true intentions:

In the days since the November elections, the pace of Obama’s destruction of America has increased significantly. Now that the Marxists have secured the executive branch for another four years – thanks to massive voter fraud, a cowardly Republican Party, and a couple of million self-righteous fools who refused to vote, apparently preferring a Muslim Marxist over a moderately conservative Mormon – Obama and his lawless unindicted co-conspirators have thrown caution to the wind.

“Lawless co-conspirators” threads throughout my entire article and the common thread running throughout On The Waterfront, the Kennedy Assassination and the, by-now, Legendary Obama Nation.

Can one man such as Barack Obama assassinate an entire nation?

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If he’s had 60 years of co-conspirators working at the top of the American pecking order, he certainly can.

It is almost a slam-dunk!

With that assurance in mind, our basketball-playing President ran for office.

It is not entirely his fault that he was elected.

Therein lies the greatest of American tragedies.

My former homeland’s suicide.

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© 2013 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

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Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent movie and TV credits include, Pale Rider, Who'll Stop the Rain, The Glass Menagerie, Courage Under Fire, The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby, Deadly Skies and many more.











If Barack Obama leaves the Presidency in the disgrace he so richly deserves, the entire history of Communism, from the French Revolution to the Soviet penetration of the American government, all the way to the White House?