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By Michael Moriarty
August 27, 2012

The Beginning: 9/11, 2001

My Memories of 9/11?

The phone call from my third wife in Halifax. Suzana rang me up in Vancouver with emotionally distraught cries of urgency!

“Is Anne alright?! Is Anne alright?!”

Anne is Anne Martin, my second wife who still lives in New York City.

Utterly bewildered, I replied, “I don’t understand.”

“Turn on the TV!! Turn it on!!!!”

I immediately flicked the TV on and there before me was the image of a second plane flying into New York City’s Twin Towers.

The Second Plane’s Arrival

In that moment, with the confirmation that this was a virtually Pearl Harbor assault upon America, World War III began!

No one wants to admit that.

They say, “It’s not World War III. It’s just the action of ‘Extremists’”.

It didn’t take long before both Communist China and neo-Soviet Russia under Vladimir Putin were, with the inevitability of all evil coalitions, siding with Islamic extremists in the United Nations.

It doesn’t take Charles Krauthammer to put this recipe together.

However, no one will take World War III seriously until the likes of Charles Krauthammer and George Will label the nightmare we are in now as the “Relatively Silent 11 Years of World War III.”

World War III’s 11 year version of World War II’s “Phony War.”

A Post Cold War run-up to a possibly atomic Armageddon.

That ultimate destination is, perhaps, what persuades the American journalists, Right and Left, to deny the existence of World War III.

They won’t even have the wisdom of President Eisenhower to recognize that the Cold War did not end with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

America’s Quiet Realist: President Eisenhower

Japanese Kamikaze planes at Pearl Harbor and Islamic suicidal terrorists flying into the Twin Towers?

Those two insane forces that dragged America into both World War II and now World War III, these two nightmares that allied themselves with an Axis that both in the past and present include a Soviet and now neo-Soviet Russia, they reconfirm the age-old and horrifying fact of life that “History repeats itself” in almost an exact replica of humanity’s earlier and most memorable of the Earth’s catastrophes, World War II.

Stalin had signed a Non-Aggression Pact with Hitler and, of course, Vladimir Putin of neo-Soviet Russia is defending Syria and countless other forms of homicidally anti-Semitic, Islamic extremists in the Middle East, not the least of which is Ahmadinejad’s Iran.

What is the difference between Pearl Harbor and 9/11?

Not even the rumors that both FDR and George Bush Jr. knew such nightmares as Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were on their way.

Yet what did George Bush Jr. do in the aftermath of 9/11?

Did he take the eight years of his Presidency to hunt down Osama bin Laden, the creator of the 9/11 plot?


Bin Laden wasn’t eliminated until ten years later. Summarily executed by Barack Hussein Obama. A wealth of information might have been gleaned from bin Laden had he been brought back alive. Perhaps both Bush and Obama didn’t want that information passed onto the American public.

“What’s goin’ on?”

The Progressively Marxist New World Order is what is going on!

It is the agreement between the Bush Family and the Soviets that have brought down the Berlin Wall but, at the same time, have instituted a New World Order that is monitored, not by a 50/50, Soviet-American Peace Council but by a Third Party known as The United Nations. An organization that has, since its creation, been unrelentingly controlled by the veto powers of both China and Soviet/neo-Soviet Russia.

In other words, the United Nations under the infinitely-voracious and carnivorous umbrella of the International Communist Party. A Communist empowerment that George Bush Sr. openly agreed to with his declaration of a New World Order that is controlled by the United Nations. The repetition of this link to George H. W. Bush’s New World Order speech is entirely intentional. One cannot overemphasize the catastrophic importance of this speech to America and the world.

Despite Mitt Romney’s apparently American business slant on both foreign and domestic policies, or perhaps because of it, this Presidential candidate makes no mention of the Progressive New World Order and the Bush Family concessions to this increasingly Marxist New World Order.

Remember how George Bush Jr. felt obliged to call Vladimir Putin, the increasingly powerful dictator of a neo-Soviet Russia, a “good man.”

Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has obviously been schooled about the silent and backroom agreements going on not only between the Free World and Communism but between the Republican and now, the very Marxist Democrat Party of the newly empowered Obama Nation.

We have been in the Progressively Marxist New World Order for at least the twenty-three years that have followed George Bush Sr.’s announcement. His declaration that there will be a “New World Order” that will be run out of the United Nations.

Principle figures in the book, Death of a Dissident

How did the sudden appearance of Vladimir Putin’s increasingly well-known friend, George Soros into American politics, his virtual purchase of the White House with both his money and the additional influence of Oprah Winfrey, how could they possibly put a relative stranger out of the ever-suspect city of Chicago into Presidential power?!

The Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama was an inevitable fruit upon this rotten tree of a New World Order agreement between not only America and the Communist World but between the Republican and Democrat Parties.

Little did the Republicans know that Hillary Clinton was considered by her own Democrat Party as Passé! Yesterday’s news.

It was time for a hard-line Marxist and Islamic sympathizer to take control of the United States of America!

Obama didn’t get there without both the Bush Family’s Republican Party and the entire Clinton Family’s corner of the Democrat Party having gone to sleep.

Useful idiots” is how the Soviet KGB and neo-Soviet KGB of both Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin call everyone in America. The Soros/Putin coalition knows that the most seminally important corner of the American “idiocy” are its political leaders, both Democrat and Republican.

We now ask ourselves, will Mitt Romney ultimately prove to be just another Republican operative for the United Nations’ increasingly Marxist concept of a New World Order?

That is what we are waiting to find out now.

First, however, is getting even a New World Order Republican elected.

After that, who will prove to be even wiser and stronger than Sir Winston Churchill?

That is a very tall order but necessary.

In the wake of World War II, Churchill handed Stalin half of Europe.

What will Putin demand of Romney to keep Israel safe from Putin’s “Dogs of War” in the Middle East?

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With that question hovering in the air above these first 11 years of World War III?

How did we, The Once Free World, in the wake of 9/11, walk, crawl, lie and deceive ourselves into the ungodly predicament we are now in under the arrogant and shamelessly un-Constitutional powers of a President Barack Hussein Obama?

To do that we must examine, to the furthest extent of information available, the bizarre and now disturbingly creepy friendship between George Bush Sr. and William Clinton.

The New World Order Volley Ball Game of Bush/Clinton/Bush.

“Progressive” Political Pals

To do that, we must first immerse ourselves in Bill Clinton’s college love affair with Edmund Wilson’s To The Finland Station.

That connection inspires the title of my next chapter: To The New World Order’s Finland Station. For part two click below.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,

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Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent movie and TV credits include, Pale Rider, Who'll Stop the Rain, The Glass Menagerie, Courage Under Fire, The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby, Deadly Skies and many more.











“Useful idiots” is how the Soviet KGB and neo-Soviet KGB of both Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin call everyone in America. The Soros/Putin coalition knows that the most seminally important corner of the American “idiocy” are its political leaders, both Democrat and Republican.