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By Bill Champion
November 5, 2006

How proclivity to rationalize deceives and corrupts society

Abortion corrupts the Constitution

The legalization of abortion by the Supreme Court has very serious consequences with respect to the integrity of the Constitution and the stability of our republic itself. The activity-oriented liberals advocate the principle that The Constitution is a �living document�. And thus, in violation of Article V, can be �interpreted� (read amended) by the Supreme Court to accommodate contemporary problems.

This is a unilateral, self-serving revision of the document not ratified by the states. The Founders and signers intended this republic and its laws be based on �The law of nature and of nature�s God,� and on �principles that do not change.� It was designed, by the creation of three departments, the Judiciary, the legislative, and the Executive, with an enumeration of discrete powers in each to contain vagaries of perfidious man who would be inclined to make choices based on ever-changing feelings and greed for power.

The legalization of abortion was based on a non-constitutional �right of privacy�. This �right� was justified by the court�s interpretation based on the �emanation of the penumbra from the Fourth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments.� Penumbra is defined by Webster as �the partial shadow surrounding a complete shadow (as an eclipse).

Abortion cannot be considered any activity other than murder. The fetus is not an unnatural body �invading� a woman�s body that should be removed to return to a �stable or natural� condition. Pregnancy and birth is a natural function of the female body, and not normally an undesirable or health threatening condition; and it is absolutely essential to the perpetuation of society itself! Pregnancy is the first phase in the life of an individual person.

Abortion actually executes that individual early in his or her lifetime, and without any due process of law as actually provided in the Fifth Amendment: �......nor shall any deprived of LIFE, liberty, or property without due process of law.� And the Supreme Court has no power to make law to the contrary! The essence of Chief Justice Marshall�s opinion in Marbury v. Madison is that the Supreme Court�s major function is to make sure that laws passed by Congress are Constitutional and that the Court itself is also bound by the Constitution. So where does �emanation from a penumbra� appear in the text of the Constitution??? Nowhere, is the answer!

The astounding consequences of Roe v. Wade is not only to corrupt our �supreme law� document; but, incredibly it effectively says that the Constitution authorizes murder. The legitimizing of an interpretation of the Constitution based on �partial shadows� effectively deconstructs the separation of powers and puts far greater power than actually enumerated or intended by the Founding Fathers in the hands of a few black robed perfidious men�the very opposite of the basis for our republic. God help us!

I must mention another egregious example of the activity-oriented proclivities of the Supreme Court justices. In the court�s Greg v. Georgia decision involving the death penalty and the application of the �cruel and unusual punishment� section of the Eighth Amendment, several stringent and involved tests were listed. These tests were for juries to use in properly deciding on whether or not committing a convicted murderer to death would be constitutional. But the same court later decided that sticking scissors in the skull of an innocent, partially birthed infant and sucking its brains out is not cruel and unusual punishment and, therefore constitutional. Where were the �Greg� tests then!!! Should convicted murderers receive greater consideration as to whether or not they should live than innocent babies??? Incredibly a majority in the Supreme Court seems to believe they should!!!

And where is Congress on this subject??!! Congress has a constitutional responsibility for providing a check and balance on the Supreme Court. It has the power to impeach justices who act unconstitutionally. If there was ever a prima facie case of justices so acting it is Roe v. Wade. Congress is actually allowing the court to perpetuate murder and violate Art. V of the document itself. Also, congress has the constitutional authority in Art. III, sec. 2 to regulate the court�s jurisdiction.

So why hasn�t Congress reigned in activist judges when the evidence is so clear that it should? The Declaration of Independence, the second document of our �organic law� says that we have been endowed by �our Creator� with certain unalienable rights, among which is LIFE. Therefore, Congress has condoned the court�s denying an innocent child�s God-given right. The answer, of course, is that there are too many activity-oriented lawyers in both locations. And, rather than act in the best interests of their neighbors and our republic, they make choices and decisions based on political pressures, and in violation of their oaths to protect and support The Constitution.�

In summary, abortion is violative of almost every phrase in the above result accountability statement on which the future viability of society and our republic depends. It would seem only equitable that those who abort the lives of society�s citizens should be made liable for the economic cost in civil court.

Consensual Sex

How to Take Pleasure in Corrupting Society

The family unit is the most important ingredient in maintaining and propagating a stable and viable society. And a strong case can be made that promiscuous sex is an activity that is most destructive of the family, and, consequently, of society. It feeds abortion; promotes pornography; causes divorces; discourages marriage; encourages cohabitation; causes infertility and genocide; leads to drug addiction and bondage; spreads diseases and death throughout society; promotes single parent poverty; corrupts the morals of neighbors; and, it depletes the energy required to maintain a viable economically prosperous nation. The works of J. D. Unvin, a British anthropologist, included the study of the births and deaths of some eighty civilizations. His conclusion was that sexual promiscuity dissipates the energy and motivation needed to build and protect the fortunes of the family unit. He stated that �Any human society is free to display great energy or to enjoy sexual freedom; the evidence is that they can�t do both for more than one generation.�

It is truly paradoxical. Society�s continued existence depends upon sex between male and female. Life is relatively short; and for society to continue those who pass on must be replaced. But, promiscuous, illicit, perverse and unnatural sex will always destroy and diminish society.

The Consequences:

One of the most dire consequences is that consensual sex results in bigotry toward religion�Christianity in particular. Consensual sex almost always results in progressive addiction resulting in bondage. And consensual sex is violative of God�s Commandments. As St. Paul said, �Flee fornication.� And a person in bondage to sex will attack any source of condemnation and guilt concerning his dilemma. The irony is that when he attacks and rejects God�s Commandants he cuts himself off from the most effective solution to that dilemma.

Promiscuous sex is the culprit behind most of the ills of society. I say that without equivocation. It is the principle causative factor in the destruction of the lives of activity-oriented people and their neighbors. They �don�t have a clue� as to how destructive the preoccupation with, the addiction to, and the depth of corruption of obligations to society the �right� to consensual sex has been. The most glaring and traumatic example of this is the failure of the Senate to convict President Clinton after his impeachment by the House. The obvious was ignored.

Clinton violated his oath of office; lied to the American People; committed perjury by lying under oath to a grand jury and to a properly constituted tribunal. The chief law enforcement officer of this nation was a liar and perjurer. But, the activity-oriented rationalized this result and excused his egregious behavior by saying �It�s only about sex!� The obvious that was ignored was that by failing to convict Clinton the Senate elevated adulterous and tawdry sex above this nation�s rule of law and its presidential oath of office. Incredibly, polls at the time disclosed that over sixty percent of the population agreed with this result!! They implicitly gave illicit sex a higher standing in the rule of Constitutional law than the enforcement of �high crimes and misdemeanors� involving this nation�s highest executive office.

I don�t believe for a moment that any activity oriented person who supported Clinton in this situation intentionally sought or promoted this actual consequence. But, it is a classic example of how blind and unthinking activity oriented people can be to inevitable and destructive consequences of their actions and their attitude-based opinions.

I recently explained this obvious consequence to a young person. His first reaction was to vehemently state that other �presidents had done the same thing and they weren�t impeached!� I patiently explained to him that what he just said was that, 1) If everybody does it it�s okay�no matter the consequences; and, 2) One egregious act can be justified by comparing it with another similar act. He looked stunned for moment, and admitted he had �never thought about it that way�. Typical!! Like so many he just felt instead of thought.

As I�ve said above, the propensity to ignore or marginalize destructive consequences can have awesome impacts on society. In this case the moral integrity of this nation was severely compromised. The highest law enforcement official in the nation was excused from lying, perjury, and violating his oath of office, and allowed to remain in office!! And in so doing the Senators who voted to excuse him violated their oath of office to uphold the Constitution. Thus consensual, adulterous, and tawdry sex shook the very foundations of our nation.

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Where God is made absent so is integrity; and, corruption and mistrust abound. If God�s Commandments against adultery, lying, and idolatry had been observed and obeyed, all of the above consequences would not have occurred! For part three click below.

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Bill Champion is a semi-retired management consultant who has been active in several fields: Developing managers from �caretakers� to motivated, result-oriented achievers; Management team development; Developing and writing management training manuals; Arbitrator; Negotiator collective bargaining agreements;

Active in state political arena; Contract lobbyist at Nevada State Legislature for Gaming Industry and private businesses; University Instructor in Labor relations. A graduate of Case-Western Univ. Vice president of Human Resources at original MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas.











Clinton violated his oath of office; lied to the American People; committed perjury by lying under oath to a grand jury and to a properly constituted tribunal. The chief law enforcement officer of this nation was a liar and perjurer.