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By Lorraine Walter
July 15, 2001

JOSEPHINE COUNTY, OR. --Our Founding Fathers, along with so many other patriots, fought and died valiantly, winning liberty and freedom from an abusive and unjust tyrant, Britain's King George. Leaving behind a God- ordained government, written down for futurity. Many sacrificed their lives, honor and their fortunes. Can we do less to preserve our inheritance?

A dark and sinister blight now covers this once proud nation. Today, many unlawful abuses within the legal system need to be brought to the attention of every American. Not one innocent person is safe or immune from prosecution as long as these illegal abuses are allowed to continue. There are far too many similar horror stories from residents in Josephine County Oregon, as well as other counties across this nation. We can no longer afford to stick our heads in the sand, ignoring them, hoping they'll go away. 

Yes, there are people who abuse children and true child abusers deserve to be dealt with harshly. But overwhelming evidence proves that many innocent people are being railroaded through an abusive 'legal' system who use allegations to bring the frightened in to a plea bargain. If you refuse due to innocence they trump up charges to assure convictions. The accused are not permitted to present evidence and/or witnesses to prove their innocence in the current courts of law. This is not justice nor a system that upholds every Sovereign citizen's God-given RIGHTS documented and clarified in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. One of the founders warned that "Tyrants will rule when good people do nothing".

A special report, aired by 20/20,  revealed massive abuses by child services. It was reported that two-thirds of the children they 'kidnap' are returned to parents who can afford to fight the legal system. Parents reported being drained of their entire finances, and in many cases, lost their homes. (Taking a person's private property - their child - without due process - a court indictment -  violates Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

In Josephine County, Oregon, where I reside, an integral part of the county's juvenile justice system includes a group calling themselves Family Friends. To uncover the lies and deceit, I will be using information Family Friends provided in their January 2001 Newsletter.

In 1984 a group calling themselves Parents and Children Together was founded in Josephine County, Oregon. In 1986 the name was changed to Family Friends, a private organization funded mostly by  grants and donations. In 1990 they established treatment(?) for preschoolers; and in 1993 enlarged their services to include school-aged children. By 1995 they branched out into Oregon's Illinois Valley and have been growing by leaps and bounds ever since.

How does Family Friends get their victims? I'll start out with a true story of what happened to an unsuspecting family I know personally.  Early one morning a city police officer (Grants Pass Public Safety) appeared at their door wearing a gun. He requested to privately question their 5 year old daughter regarding a complaint made by a neighboring 5 year old. The officer refused to tell the parents what the complaint was, so the family refused.  The officer then made an appointment for them, including their 5 year old daughter, with Family Friends. The officer neglected to inform them that their visit was voluntary, making them believe it was mandatory. My friends kept the appointment and showed up with a witness, minus their little daughter. To clear up what they felt was a gross misunderstanding. That angered the police officer. They were NOT told that they had the right to remain silent, have their attorney present and that anything they or their child said (had they brought her), could and would be used against them in a court of law.  This was a violation of their 5th Amendment RIGHT.

As I read through Family Friends' January, 2001 newsletter, it revealed how easy  it is for them to railroad adults and children through the legal system in Josephine County, Oregon. Their newsletter states when -  "A child tells her teacher about being touched. Yes, in the bathing suit area. Such a disclosure opens the gate for a complex process to begin."  So, by simply bathing children, or changing their diapers, anyone could easily be accused of sexual child abuse. 

It continues with "The Disclosure Interview" includes separating the parent(s) and child, then taking the child to a room where "a video camera is nestled among stuffed animals" as the interviewer gets on tape, the answers he/she wants from you and your child. This video is used as evidence to get an indictment. Again, no mention is made of your and you're child's RIGHT to remain silent or have an attorney present.

Any agency that uses hidden cameras nestled among stuffed animals, then manipulates the grand jury to get more indictments cannot honestly help anyone. How can you trust any organization that has ulterior motives? 

Continuing - "The Grand Jury members receive training by Family Friends prior to case presentation... An educated jury will better serve the children and courts."  Several local defense attorneys have pointed out that this is 'grand jury tampering'.

Family Friends further state - "The Multi Disciplinary Team is an integral element of the Children's Advocacy and Treatment Center (CATC), chaired by the Assistant District Attorney who prosecutes childhood abuse cases. Law enforcement and multiple social service agencies, including Family Friends, meet weekly to collaborate on cases and make decisions regarding legal proceedings."  Let's not forget it's the Assistant District Attorney who prosecutes 'alleged' child abusers -- through manipulated and tainted grand juries.

Then their "The Forensic Medical Examination completes the vision of the CATC. The emotional impact of the childsized examining table with stirrups, and the high tech colposcope is somewhat softened by the imaginative decor, with a tree painted up the wall and across the ceiling and many furry and friendly animals peeking out from the branches." 

Picture this scenario and tell me what terrified little girl is looking at the decor, painted tree or fuzzy animals on the wall as complete strangers strip her clothing off, strap her down to an exam table with stirrups, and painfully insert a colposcope into her tiny vagina, as she screams hysterically for her parents?  Just imagine the terror, pain and life-long trauma the little girl is forced to endure as she is sexually violated -- all in the name of "protecting the child". For those of you who have never had a vaginal or pap smear may not know how painful this procedure is.

Then Family Friends has the gall to offer individual, group and family therapy through their "Therapy Treatment" program once the families are sufficiently traumatized, betrayed, threatened and humiliated.

Family Friends procedures are unconstitutional, therefore, they are clearly breaking the law by violating  our Rights as stated in the United States Constitution - the Law of the land. They are in collusion with city and county police, multiple state social service agencies (including mental health), the district attorney's office, the judges,  etc., gathering what they call 'evidence' to run you through their meat grinder. This is not only unlawful, but clearly a conflict of interest.

As a result of the Family Friends' January 2001 Newsletter, a suit was filed in the Josephine County court recently by several Grants Pass, Oregon defense attorneys, including attorney Claudia Brown and Holly Preslar.  The suit asked that 300, possibly tainted, felony cases be dismissed, claiming that Family Friends was manipulating Grand Juries prior to case presentation.

Is this how the D.A.'s office is able to sustain a 98.2% conviction rate in Josephine County, Oregon? More indictments mean more child confiscating. Child stealing and destroying families all in the name of  undefined 'abuse' is a multi-million dollar business for profit across America. 

What we need are lawful, honorable, and helpful agencies to deal with family problems and abuse. Can therapists that have problems in their own life help you with yours? Shouldn't they remove the plank out of their own eyes first? There is no such thing as the 'perfect parents'. 

The undermining of Parental authority and  unconstitutional abuses must stop now.

Family Friends
322 N.W. "F" St.
Grants Pass, OR. 97526
541-476-4248 - Voice
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Lorraine Walter is retired and married to Paul Walter editor of NewsWithViews.










"Yes, there are people who abuse children and true child abusers deserve to be dealt with harshly. But overwhelming evidence proves that many innocent people are being railroaded through an abusive 'legal' system who use allegations to bring the frightened in to a plea bargain."