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By Bill Champion
November 5, 2006

Activity-Oriented Judges Are Corrupting This Nation

The Separation of Church and State Doctrine is an insidious lie

I say bluntly that the separation of church and state doctrine is one of the most invidious doctrines ever perpetuated on a society by a supposedly erudite and intelligent group of black-robed men. And it is a classic example of an activity-oriented attack against the moral structure of society. And I believe it is a premeditated corruption of the plain text of The Constitution. I say premeditated because the language of the First Amendment is very clear: �Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...� The Court has completely ignored the obvious, that the government can�t establish any religious denomination and enforce it on the nation. And only Congress has the power to make laws, not the judiciary, and the Congress has made no such law. Also neither the Congress nor the Judiciary can make law that prohibits the �free exercise of religion�.

The incident that gave rise to the heinous doctrine was that the head of a public school, not financed by the Federal government, suggested a voluntary prayer wording for the schools. The Court said this was a violation of the �establishment clause.� Thus the Court effectively said that the public school official had the same functional authority to make law as congress and was similarly prohibited from exercising that function, �respecting an establishment of religion,� the same as Congress. What utter nonsense!!!! The Constitution is very clear in Article I, Section 1: All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States,.....� Only Congress had the power to make law. The school district�s suggested voluntary prayer thus had no force of law under the Constitution; and, therefore, couldn�t possibly be in violation of the First Amendment. The fact that the school official had supervisory authority over the schools is irrelevant. The operation of public schools in the several states was never, as guaranteed by the Ninth and Tenth Amendments under the purview of the Federal Government. The only area that gives such authority over school operations to the Federal Government by the Constitution is the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. And the precedent even there is against the Court�s decision, because Jefferson as President ordered that those schools would include the study of the Bible and Watt�s Hymnal in their curriculums.

The Court also went against a great preponderance of evidence of the intent of the authors of the Constitution and its First Amendment. And it went against its own precedents�the �Holy Grail� of law. Further I believe it had a conspiratorial agenda based on the communist and humanism objective of making God irrelevant in this nation and making man supreme. But what is so blatant is that the obvious is being ignored by society. The Court is violating its own doctrine of separation of church and state in that it has effectively set itself up as the government regulatory agency that decides where, when, if, or how the �free exercise of religion� takes place in the public venues of this nation. The Supreme Court is the third department of the state!! Thus, the doctrine of separation of church and state is a lie, and, therefore, in violation of the �free exercise� clause.

This spurious doctrine is typical of Activity-oriented choices. It is obviously an attitude- or feelings-based decision to dispense with the concept that all beneficial law comes from God. Thus the effect is to make perfidious man the supreme law giver. And this position goes completely against the Founding Fathers� concept of �Separation of Powers� designed to contain the proclivities of man to lust for power over other men. This doctrine puts the �Fox directly in the chicken house!� And, typically, it completely ignores and marginalizes the consequences. I have already enumerated above the consequences directly attributable to the removing of prayer from public schools. For a complete explanation and documentation of our Founding Fathers intent on this subject I heartedly recommend: �Original Intent The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion� by David Barton.

As I�ve said, the court has gone against its own principles of operation as clearly defined in its decision, Demis v. United States, 341 U. S. 494, 525 (1951): �Courts are not representative bodies. They are not designed to be a good reflex of a demographic society. Their judgment is best informed and therefore more dependable within narrow limits. Their essential quality is detachment, founded on independence. History teaches that the independence of the judiciary is jeopardized when courts become embroiled in the passions of the day and assume primary responsibility in choosing between competing political, economic and social pressures.�

By becoming embroiled in the political and social pressures of religion, abortion, etc. the court has lost its moorings of �detached independence� and has become primarily activity-oriented and disdainful of the consequences of its decisions on society. This is evidenced by a cascade of activity-oriented decisions after Everson. Most of these decisions were obviously efforts to rationalize the first blunder. For example, In Stone v. Graham the court ordered the removal of the Ten Commandments from the walls within Kentucky schools. The rationale: If children were allowed to see them they would come to �revere and obey them.� What could be wrong with children obeying the Ten Commandments??? Is it wrong for children to learn not to steal? Not to murder (as in Columbine). Not to worship idols such as, sex and drugs. The answer is so obvious that one can only conclude that there is an anti-Christ or two presiding in the court or a majority of the court has lost moral direction in determining right from wrong and has succumbed completely to the proclivities I�ve listed.

Casey v. Planned Parenthood and Lawrence v. Texas decisions give credence to that conclusion. In Casey the court said that man can determined for himself what paths to take in life�with no reference to any standard of behavior. And in Lawrence it said that moral beliefs are not a sufficient basis for law. Incredible!! All law is based on moral beliefs of what�s right and what�s wrong for society.

Further if any judicial body to be effective for society it must be result-oriented. It must foresee the impact of its decisions on its neighbors and make certain that they are protected from destructive behavior. But the court has been a dismal failure in that responsibility. For example, the Roe v. Wade decision came down at the time when the nation was awash in sexual promiscuity, sexual �freedom�. Guess what produces unwanted pregnancies�sexual promiscuity, of course. And so the obvious resulted: Genocide and murder. AIDS was pandemic when Lawrence v. Texas was decided which approved homosexual behavior. And so the only justice who foresaw the obvious consequence, pressure for same sex marriage and increased opportunity for AIDS transmission, was Justice Scalia�one of nine!!!!! If this doesn�t make a prima facie case for the above defined human proclivities even among the most erudite, nothing can.


A classic example of devotion to activity rather than results

If there is anyone who thinks our public education system is anything more than mediocre, he or she has to be a product of the system, a parent who needs free child care, an employee, or an activist member of the National Education Association. The truth is that it is a national disgrace. It has improved very little since the publication of �A Nation at Risk� in 1983, which stated (Paraphrased) that if another country had done to our public education system what we have done we would have considered it an act of war!

So much has been published about public education�s serious failures that one has to ask, �Why the hell isn�t something being done to correct it??!! But despite all the bad publicity and factual reports of mediocrity, poor performance persists. Why? The answer is another example of the propensity of the activity oriented to ignore the obvious: Those in control of public education are profiting from its present conditions. Most of the efforts for improvement actually are reinforcing mediocrity. The incentives to maintain the status quo are stronger than those to improve. The public focus is on changing activities rather than results. The bases for these startling conclusions are:

First, more money has consistently been given to public schools without absolute insistence on improved performance. Thus the system has been effectively rewarded for mediocrity. Why should the system improve if its present level of performance is consistently rewarded? The obvious is that more money hasn�t resulted in better performance. The obvious solution is to employ the opposite approach. Unsatisfactory performance should not be funded. And those schools that do perform should be rewarded with a group bonus in addition to competitive salaries.

Second, the organization that has the greatest political influence over performance has the least incentive to improve it. The National Education Association�s motivation is increasing security and salaries for its members, not raising standards of performance that would put teacher�s job security at risk for failure to perform. And the Association�s political campaign funding goes to politicians that will vote for more money without demanding higher standards. Thus, those in control of education funding, the politicians and the teacher�s union, are more interested in job security and money than in giving our children�this nation�s future�a proper education.

Third, and most important, the courts through the heinous separation of church and state doctrine, have removed moral accountability from the public education system. Thus energy that should be directed towards achieving the best for themselves and their neighbors is devoted to reinforcing destructive ideology and behavior. I�ve already recommended David Barton�s book, �America to Pray or Not to Pray�, which shows the moral breakdown in our schools and its consequences.

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The teaching of children should be respected and rewarded and not thwarted by idolatry. There are many excellent individual teachers in the public school system; but they have become captives of its destructive policies and motives. The Ten Commandments can no longer be taught as a standard of behavior. But, the religion of evolution and perverted sex is permissible, and the destructive consequences on society are ignored. For part five click below.

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So much has been published about public education�s serious failures that one has to ask, �Why the hell isn�t something being done to correct it??!! But despite all the bad publicity and factual reports of mediocrity, poor performance persists. Why?