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By Mary Starrett
7, 2004 repeating the same behavior and expecting different results. We must be certifiable because that's what we did in 2000 and it appears that's what we'll be doing again in 2004.

Republicans have controlled both the executive and legislative branches of government for most of Bush's last four years. That's the first time the Grand Old Party's been in charge to that degree for almost 50 years. You'd think that would be a slam-dunk for our side. No such luck. In the last four years we've watched as First Amendment, Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment guarantees have slowly been eroded.

We wanted to make sure the carnage of abortion stopped - so we voted for a Republican. The killing continues.

We longed for a president who'd stand up for our God-given Second Amendment rights. Instead we got a president who has systematically made keeping and bearing arms more difficult.

We voted for a Republican because we wanted a reigning-in of federal spending. We now have the most bloated federal budget in the history of the Republic. No longer the party of fiscal discipline, the R's have become de facto pig farmers with all the pork projects they've funded. That used to be something we pinned on the D's.

We voted for a Republican because we wanted better schools for our children. Instead we got the most intrusive federal program to date in a scheme called "No Child Left (Alone) Behind".

Yes, the GOP had a wonderful opportunity to get us back on track. They blew it.

President Bush's patently un-Constitutional Medicare prescription entitlement debacle is one program even the Democrats would have had a hard time getting away with. To make matters worse, YOU, my friend are paying, with your hard-earned tax dollars, over $12.5 million for 30 second TV commercials "explaining" the "benefit" to older Americans. This is nothing but a shameless election year ploy to get you to think the president, in all his altruism has you covered on the medicine front. By the by, just WHERE in the Constitution does it say the federal government has the authority to take your money and then redistribute it to pay for drugs that, more often than not, make people sicker than they were before they started taking them?

During the last administration when the government was divided we saw less damage done to the country in terms of liberties lost. Hard to believe we can say that of what went on during the Clinton administration.

Today on CNN president Bush spoke of "bringing democracy and freedom" to the people of Iraq. I found that odd. When Bush had the opportunity to promote "democracy and freedom" for the free-Chinese in Taiwan he sided with the brutal regime in Beijing and told the Taiwanese to stand down in their efforts at free elections. The regime he defended at the expense of the tiny island was the same one that threatened to lob missiles at Los Angeles a few years back and the same one that first held a US military jet hostage, then dismantled it looking for spy secrets.

Nice going, GW.

It may be stating the obvious, but we had more checks on this out of control animal our government has become when the R's were the opposition party. By the way, for those who think you have no choice come November, remember the definition of insanity once again. If you repeat the same behavior (voting for Bush) you'll continue to get what you've gotten: Government from the Gulag whereby Patriot Acts and Homeland Security agencies strip us of liberty in a most disquieting way.

A recent poll on asked readers if they'd vote for Judge Roy Moore should he run as a third party candidate against Bush. What is there to talk about? A man who would give up prominence and defy a federal court for Christian principle (which is what this Republic was founded on) would be a de-luxe president in my mind.

My guess is the judge won't run- not to send a message to Bush- or for any other reason. That's why I'm voting for the Constitution Party candidate instead of Bush.

The moral imperative says I can not cast a vote for a de facto pro-abortion, anti-gun globalist when a man of sound principle like Michael Peroutka is running.( I agree with him on every issue. I had a chance to interview Mr. Peroutka on a radio show I did yesterday and I was mightily encouraged. Not because I think he'll win. He won't. Not as long as Americans continue to believe they're " wasting" their votes by voting for someone who represents them.

You "wasted' your vote the last time, when you voted for Bush. Don't waste it again. Remember, if we continue to repeat the same behavior expecting different results, then we are truly insane.

And the lesser of two evils is still�evil.

� 2004 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was on television for 21 years as a news anchor, morning talk show host and medical reporter. For the last 5 years she hosted a radio program. Mary is a frequent guest on radio talk shows. E-Mail







"You "wasted' your vote the last time, when you voted for Bush. Don't waste it again. Remember, if we continue to repeat the same behavior expecting different results, then we are truly insane."