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S.A.R.S. Simply Another Ridiculous Scam






By Mary Starrett

April 16, 2003

Readers have asked why I haven't written anything on the war against Iraq. Suffice to say I've been too shocked and awed to even speak about it much.

I will venture this: Call me a "traitor" if it makes you feel more red, white and blue. I am one American who loves her country but finds this latest example of American imperialism, shocking, awful and downright unforgivable.

What's most shocking is how the masses have bought the "liberation" angle hook, line and sinker. They saw a statue being toppled in classic photo-op form and next day read "Saddam's Regime Ousted" and couldn't make the simple connection that knocking over a statue isn't the same as knocking over a dictator. Details, details�. Plus, we can always use the real, live , nowhere-to-be-found Saddam as an excuse to break stuff in another country�say Syria, for instance. Yeah, we could always charge that country with " harboring" the man and then go in and take over� uh, " liberate" the Syrians next. After all, it worked in Afghanistan, didn't it (and by the way, has anyone seen Osama lately?) We're already laying the base coat for our next incursion. The administration's using words like " Syria has to answer some questions". That's the way it started with Iraq, too. We wanted them to answer some "questions". We didn't like the answers and went in anyway. We still haven't found anything but a few drums of bug-killer, but that'll change, just you watch. Taking a page out of the L.A.P.D.'s book I wouldn't be surprised if the toys that go boom are planted there to help save face.

Another shocking aspect is the outright lying that's gone on from the top on down. Americans were lead into this war by juxtaposing pictures of Saddam and planes flying into the World Trade Center. But even White House press secretary Ari Fleischer admitted there was no proven link. "But, but, but"�Sadly most Americans don't care to acknowledge these points. They've simply stuck their fingers in their ears and are saying "I CAN'T HEAR YOU" whenever anyone approaches with facts that don't jibe with what CNN and the Pentagon (same/same) tell them is true.

Here's anther tidbit the pro-war crowd wants to ignore. Senator John D. (Jay) Rockefeller of West Virginia has asked the F.B.I. to investigate the "forged documents" that the Bush administration has used to make it's case for war. Documents showing Saddam has "weapons of mass destruction".

Washington Times columnist Craig Roberts says this revelation could spell impeachment for George W. Bush.

After having marched into Baghdad what will Johnny come marching home to? A regime that's very busy passing tyrannical legislation, rubbing muddy jack boots into the last remnants of the Constitution? "Patriot" acts and "Homeland Security" measures that sound the death knell for a once free people? Executive Orders that mandate locking up people with a cough and high temperature who might have a non-disease called S.A.R.S.?

But here's one loss of freedom the men and women risking their lives in that God-forsaken third world sand lot can experience while still in Iraq. As our troops sweat it out, destined to return sick like the last batch who went over to the gulf-they won't even be able to receive mail from the land of the free that contains Christian reading material. Who needs a tyrannical middle eastern despot to forbid them to read Bible verses when the United States Postal Service can do that. Ironically, the USPS's catchy new slogan "we can do that" is quite apropos here.

Seems Jack Moody of Lenoir, N.C. tried to mail a package to his son, National Guardsman Daniel Moody, stationed in the gulf as part of "Operation Iraqi Freedom" (more irony here). The package contained Bible study material including a book entitled "God's promises For Your Every Need". Moody's son wanted the materials because, well, you know, there are no atheists in foxholes and the kid needed the encouragement that only God's Word can give.

Imagine Mr. Moody's shock and awe when he was told that there are restrictions on mailing stuff containing " religious materials contrary to the Islamic faith".

Eyeball the March 25th press release from the USPS titled " Operation Iraqi Freedom Mailing Tips". If the sickening irony here doesn't get you to see what, among other things is wrong with this war and with the cowboys running it, nothing will.

� 2003 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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"Another shocking aspect is the outright lying that's gone on from the top on down."