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By Mary Starrett

May 6, 2003

"I'm so confused"�

In the movie "Moonstruck," the old, Italian grandfather buried his head in his hands and sobbed "I'm so confused". It was in response to his daughter's complicated love life. I think that old man's words sum up what many thinking people feel about SARS.

First it's a virus, no wait it's from contaminated sewage, no, it's neither, it's both, it's... AUGHH!

I'd like to make this simple, but it's becoming increasing difficult. No wonder we're "confused".

If you're relying on mainstream media for your information about this non-disease you've been manipulated into thinking this is a pandemic. One which can only be fixed by government control and some 11th hour vaccine development by the multinational pharmaceutical cartel. In either case you're wrong.

The New York Times is now admitting that "former SARS patients" actually had "other medical problems". A few of us tried to tell you that all along.

W.H.O. lab chief Dr. Frank Plummer recently told a Health Canada SARS summit in Toronto that his lab has just found NO coronavirus in samples tested from alleged SARS patients.(Coronavirus was the underpinning of this whole fiasco.)

SARS is even referred to in a recent Bush Administration Executive Order: "Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome�a disease associated with fever�and symptoms of pneumonia� is transmitted� by the aerosolized or droplet route�and would have severe public consequences". Hence with E.O. #13295 the federal government now has broad, sweeping powers for "apprehension, detention and conditional release" of Americans based on a disease which does not exist.

Sadly, Americans not only aren't concerned about this Orwellian mandate from the White House, but they're hap-hap-happy to comply!

A Harvard School of Public Health survey found that eighty-three percent of Americans said quarantines are justified to keep SARS from spreading.

Ninety-four percent said they would agree to be quarantined in a health facility for three weeks. Only 13 percent said President Bush's decision to add SARS to the list of diseases for which people can be quarantined was a threat to their personal freedom. Take a bunch of unrelated symptoms, put a new label on them call it a disease and viola! You can lock people up against their will.


To be sure, people are dying and have died from pneumonia AND from disease spread through contaminated feces. That does not mean it's SARS or whatever they choose to call it this week.

To top it off� federal officials have just announced the largest national terror drill in U.S. history. TOPOFF 2 is scheduled for the week of May 11th. This homeland security exercise will cost $16 million and involve more than 100 federal, state and local agencies. Designed to "test the nation's response" to terrorist attacks, cities from Seattle to Chicago will simulate SARS-like outbreaks and then rely on the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention for their marching orders. Great. The agency that manufactures lies as a regular course of action will now be asked to "confirm" whether a disease is a disease -and then backed up by the brand- new executive order will have us all playing quarantine for grins.

But wait�there's more!

I'm fond of saying "follow the money" (whether it involves a war, say, in Iraq or any other government/corporate endeavor). This is no different. While global pharmaceutical companies trip all over themselves to develop the ever-popular "solution" for all our health ills- the vaccine- you can hear KACHING every time a new "disease" comes into the spotlight.

Drug-maker AVI- BioPharma's stock dropped last week after reports it was coming close to a "treatment" for SARS were found to be false. The stock had risen after the London- Times reported that the first drug to treat SARS would be available in months. During that time AVI BioPharma's shares rose from $1.91 to $7.05. Buy low, sell high.

Scientists at the Oregon Health & Science University have joined the global race for a vaccine to treat SARS. Too bad the folks at OHSU are barking up the wrong tree. Scientists there are awaiting samples of the coronavirus (which was said, early-on to cause SARS) so they can begin work on a miraculous new vaccine. I'm wondering what they're thinking now that their colleague at WHO has found no coronavirus AT ALL in the latest tested samples.

Ho Hum.

It never ceases to amaze me how right-thinking people who are wont to question the government and the media on such issues as gun-control and government education can swallow this health-hoax without questioning it at all. To think some of the more obvious considerations aren't even being factored-in here is most confusing.

Meanwhile, nutritional supplement manufacturers are being warned not to tout the usefulness of their products as treatments or prevention against SARS. No, why build up your immune system naturally to ward off disease when you can get sick and then run to fill a Rx for a drug that may make you even sicker. My suggestion is you take all you hear about SARS with a half pound of salt and instead check out the work of independent journalists who aren't beholden to some pharma- giant or a mega media network. Guys like Fintan Dunne ( and Jon Rappoport(

And meditate on Ben Franklin's words while you're at it: "Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither".

� 2003 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was on television for 21 years as a news anchor, morning talk show host and medical reporter. For the last 5 years she hosted a radio program. Mary is a frequent guest on radio talk shows. E-Mail







"If you're relying on mainstream media for your information about this non-disease you've been manipulated into thinking this is a pandemic. One which can only be fixed by government control and some 11th hour vaccine development by the multinational pharmaceutical cartel. In either case you're wrong."