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By Mary Starrett

August 22, 2003

That's what's printed on the front of the tee shirt. On the back it simply says: "Vaccination: Don't be A Victim". The shirts have been sold to raise money and awareness about a case that's unfortunately not the only one of its' kind.

In February, 1999, 29 year old Orlando, Florida resident Alan Yurko was sentenced to life plus ten years for child abuse and aggravated murder in the death of his 10 week old son Alan. There would be no chance for parole. The medical diagnosis was Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). Slam dunk�the jurors decided his guilt in fewer than four hours.

An autopsy showed the baby, also named Alan, had blood in his retina and swelling in the brain. The prosecution said this was proof the baby was shaken to death. But baby Alan died from something else- a toxic cocktail of numerous vaccinations routinely given to babies his age, despite the fact that the baby was born prematurely, after a difficult pregnancy, and even though he suffered from pneumonia, respiratory distress and a host of other life-threatening conditions. (These are all contraindications to vaccinating a child at ANY age, much less one who was only eight weeks old.) The day after his vaccinations, baby Alan became sick. Doctors told the Yurkos to expect this and not to be concerned. A couple of days later the baby stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital where he died.

Since the baby's father could not explain his child's "injuries" and since he was the last one alone with him he was charged with murder. Public defenders took over since the Yurkos couldn't afford a lawyer. Next, the couple's four year old daughter was removed from the home for her "protection" and placed in the state's care during which time she was sexually molested. Yurko's wife Francine was told she'd never see her daughter again unless she turned state's witness on her husband. Francine steadfastly refused. She knew then as she does now that Alan would never have hurt their son. "If I thought for a second that man could have done something to my child, he would have been lucky for the police to get to him before me" she said.

Because of Francine's continued belief in her husband, she was at one point charged as an accessory to murder. After a long and expensive struggle those charges were dropped. But Alan remains in prison fighting to clear his name, regain his freedom and rejoin his family. Alan has put his time behind bars to good use. In the course of researching what caused his son's death, he discovered that one of the vaccines given to his child was from a batch of vaccines that ranks first in vaccine deaths.* Fatal batches like this are referred to as "hot lots". Baby Alan's tiny arm was the entry point for a toxic mixture that ultimately killed him, sent his father to prison, left his sister traumatized and his mother with a dead baby, a sexually-abused daughter and a husband in prison for life, struggling to keep it all together.

Alan Yurko is not alone is his battle. Hundreds, if not thousands of parents and caregivers have been incarcerated because of mistaken SBS diagnoses. These diagnoses are covering up the damage done by vaccines that can mimic what happens when a child is violently battered. Many professionals are now realizing those judgements were flawed and superficial. But that doesn't make it any easier for Alan Yurko and others like him who didn't kill their children but have been blamed for doing so.

To add insult to injury, Alan discovered the medical examiner who autopsied his baby had been practicing without the proper credentials, had been defrauding the county and had even lied about the autopsy report itself. Orange-Osceola's chief M.E., Dr. Shashi Gore said he examined organs that didn't exist. See, Mrs. Yurko had donated baby Alan's organs, yet Dr. Gore wrote up in his final autopsy that he had EXAMINED a heart, lungs and other organs. When later questioned about it he simply called it a "discrepancy". Dr. Gore's discrepancies didn't end there. He'd also been mistaken about the race and age of the dead baby he supposedly had examined, listing the child as a black male two months old when in fact baby Alan was white and 10 weeks old.


This chief medical examiner, according to the Orlando Sentinel worked- without proper credentials- in an office that routinely lost bullets, blood, hair and tissue samples while leaving boxes and bags of body parts unsealed and unlabeled. And still, Alan Yurko was convicted and fights for a chance to clear his name and get back home to what's left of his family.

I could fill pages with details of this case which include the medical-legal review which would make you really angry. I'll leave out the parts that tell of how the baby was mis-treated in the hospital, how the doctors at one point gave him NINE times the correct dosage of a certain medication to treat this supposed "shaken baby syndrome". No one's tried the docs who worked on this kid. But Alan Yurko sits in prison.

If you're scared this could happen to you, if you think it's already happened to someone you know, or if you're just angry about this abomination of U.S. "justice", now's your chance to do something. In a few days Alan's case will get another look-see.

He needs prayer, support and money. Send your emails to:
Charles Crist, Office of Attorney General:
Reference case # CR98-1730.
Lawson Lamar, office of State Attorney

Say you're behind Alan Yurko and will be awaiting his timely vindication.

Try and be nice. I know, it won't be easy. In the meantime, think long and hard about the shot in the dark you're encouraged to give your child. There's no proof, anywhere that vaccines protect from disease�More on that next time.

Send Alan a note of encouragement.

He can be reached at:
or by writing to:
Alan Yurko # 13917 Century Correctional Institute 400- Tedder Road Century, Florida, 32535 Send money to: Mrs. Francine Yurko PO Box 585965 Orlando, Florida, 32858

Find out more at:


According to Alana Yurko, the vaccine his son received was Connaught Labs DTaP # 7H81507.

� 2003 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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"In February, 1999, 29 year old Orlando, Florida resident Alan Yurko was sentenced to life plus ten years for child abuse and aggravated murder in the death of his 10 week old son Alan.

Alan Yurko is not alone is his battle. Hundreds, if not thousands of parents and caregivers have been incarcerated because of mistaken SBS diagnoses."