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Erica Carle
March 4, 2006

The following is the fourth IMAGINARY interview with the person occupying the position which Auguste Comte designated, �High Priest of Humanity.� The position is filled by appointment, each High Priest being responsible for the selection of his successor. While these 1980 Paris interviews with the sixth High Priest of the Religion of Humanity are IMAGINARY, they are based on information from the writings of Auguste Comte (1798-1857) and other promoters of a world management system, such as positivists, Theosophists, and sociologists.


ERICA: One of the things we planned to discuss is education. I think of education as learning what you must know in order to find out what you need to know. Do you agree?

PRIEST: That depends.

ERICA: Depends on what?

PRIEST: On WHO DECIDES what you need to know and what you ought to know.

ERICA: I think a child ought to be taught so that his access to knowledge is unlimited.

PRIEST: I can see you do not understand education. It must be more precisely defined. Our first great high Priest of Humanity, Auguste Comte did that for us. He said: �Education is that which makes it possible for the priesthood of Humanity to systematize the action of Man with a view to its consecration to the service of the GREAT BEING�.

ERICA: And the GREAT BEING is Humanity? Humanity is your God?

PRIEST: Exactly! Positive education, which is the only true education, seeks the substitution of the permanent government of Humanity for the provisional government of God.

ERICA: It seems to me that you are describing indoctrination, not education.

PRIEST: No, it is freedom--freedom from God through service to Humanity.

ERICA: Who speaks for Humanity, and makes decisions for Humanity?

PRIEST: Once man understands that the only motive, whether scientific or practical, is the promotion of social feeling, there is no need for anyone to worry about spokesmen or leaders. The SYSTEM, itself, is so organized that consensus is not difficult to achieve.

ERICA: Can you explain that?

PRIEST: All questions are judged by the standard of social interest, and are therefore judged by a direct appeal to public opinion. Public opinion is naturally the judge of the good or bad effect of action upon the common welfare.

ERICA: What if it is the opinion of the majority of the public that your SYSTEM is not needed or wanted?

PRIEST: That would be IRRATIONAL. It would be a turning back to the theological or metaphysical systems of the past when the highest aims of life were purely personal. Naturally the SYSTEM cannot allow itself to be guided by IRRATIONAL thinking.

ERICA: In these days of mass communication much of the media is controlled by those in favor of the SYSTEM. What you call public opinion is, for a large part, the opinion the SYSTEM feeds to the public.

PRIEST: It really does not matter how the SYSTEM gains the sanction of the people. The important thing is that we do gain public sanction.

ERICA: Most people do not seem to know the difference between education and indoctrination.

PRIEST: Of course not. You could hardly expect us to announce that we are giving them only certain types of knowledge so that we can control, or at least predict, their emotions and actions.

ERICA: You say �WE� , who are �WE?�

PRIEST: �WE� are the speculative class. WE are philosophers, theorists, certain mathematicians and sociologists. WE set the goals for society.

ERICA: What about my goals?Don�t they count?

PRIEST: Only if they also serve the goals that have been chosen for SOCIETY by the speculative class.


ERICA: What about God?

PRIEST: God guides the speculative class.

ERICA: Really? How?

PRIEST: You see, God is all of us. God is Humanity and the Unity of Humanity. When the speculative class determines the goals for Humanity by studying the needs of Humanity, WE are, in fact, serving the Will of God. God is Humanity. Humanity is God. The Will of Humanity as determined by us IS actually the WILL OF GOD.

ERICA: What about Jesus Christ?

PRIEST: Yes, of course. That you should ask that question shows a disturbing tendency toward retrograde or backward thinking. However, those who wish to pay homage to Christ will not be prevented--so long as they think of Him as a superior representative of Humanity, and not as some supernatural Son of some mythical creator.

ERICA: Thanks for nothing! Why are you so afraid of Christianity?

PRIEST: Christianity served a necessary purpose in our social evolution, but now it is an obstruction to Unity and social progress.


PRIEST: Christians are too ego-centered.

ERICA: What do you mean by that?

PRIEST: They think too much about themselves. Responsibility, guilt, and salvation are personal and individual. Christians even think they have an individual soul, will, and have an individual value to God. This, of course, is nonsense. It impedes the New World Order which is social, a Unity. All things are social. Our first High Priest of Humanity said in his POSITIVE PHILOSOPHY: �We must discard altogether the distinction between public and private functions.�

ERICA: So you and your theorists have been working to destroy Christianity and eliminate or consolidate all private functions for 140 or more years?

PRIEST: That is true. And many who have not been aware of the real goal have helped us. That includes many businessmen.


ERICA: How do you get businessmen to work for you?

PRIEST: How does anybody get anybody to work for him?

ERICA: With money?

PRIEST: What else?

ERICA: Where do you get the money?

PRIEST: Some of it from taxes from people like you. Also, many of the superrich have helped to establish the SYSTEM and have also helped take over education for the SYSTEM.


PRIEST: Because Auguste Comte planned it that way. He knew how men are. They increase their wealth by working for the SYSTEM. They are allowed to make money if they cooperate.

ERICA: Give me an example.

PRIEST: Gladly. Housing! The poor are given subsidized housing. The rich get richer building it at no risk to themselves. They rent it with their income guaranteed by the government. Why do you think the Chamber of Commerce and other businesses and fraternal organizations support public housing? For the sake of the poor? No! For the sake of guaranteed wealth!

ERICA: What about health care? Is that the same?

PRIEST: Of course! When it is commercialized by the government, health care is a real money maker.

ERICA: For the doctors?

PRIEST: Well, yes, at least in the beginning, but also for others.


PRIEST: For one thing physicians don�t have to do any more work for charity. They are paid for everything. Hospitals are subsidized. Insurance companies have made huge profits on government contracts. Surely you don�t think they allowed Medicare to go through without being guaranteed their cut. The nice thing for them is that they don�t even have to pay individual agents for this type of business.

ERICA: There was an article in the business section of the MILWAUKEE SENTINEL the other day telling how highly rated the health care and drug stocks are at this time. Hospitals, community health care and outpatient psychiatric care facilities have become big business.

PRIEST: There are all sorts of chains and conglomerates in the health, psychiatric and child care fields. Fortunes are being made.

ERICA: Everybody gets a piece of the action, right?

PRIEST: If we want to insure that the necessary legislation will be forthcoming.


ERICA: What is the position of scientists in the SYSTEM?

PRIEST: The entire world is to be systematized on the basis of science, rather than that random series of actions and events which was sometimes called Divine Providence or Divine Guidance.

ERICA: Then the scientists would be the guides for all of us?

PRIEST: The highest science, of course, is social science or sociology. The social scientists choose the collective goals and work with people at all levels of the hierarchy to achieve the scientific objectives.

ERICA: That sounds as if you view the whole world as a laboratory.

PRIEST: It certainly is!

ERICA: Do the social scientists choose goals for all the other scientists?

PRIEST: They do.

ERICA: Why do the other scientists allow it?

PRIEST: Most of them don�t know they are being, or have been controlled.

ERICA: How do you accomplish that?

PRIEST: In a word,--Money! We have money for scholarships so the most brilliant students are directed to the universities selected for them and are sometimes directed into courses chosen for them. It is truly exciting to control a life when the person being controlled has no idea he is being controlled.

ERICA: If I were going to go back to school again I would never take all the psychological tests I so innocently took. It never occurred to me at the time that what went on in my mind was none of any one else�s business, I don�t appreciate being used as a subject for experimentation and research.

PRIEST: You would be the exception. People like to take psychological tests. The like to have the attention. They are also basically insecure. They like to have a psychologist or psychiatrist tell them they are normal or superior.


ERICA: Tell me about biology. It is important to the New World Order, is it not?

PRIEST: Very important! Do you realize we are close to reaching a goal that philosophers have dreamed of for more than 2500 years?

ERICA: What is that?

PRIEST: Conceiving and raising children who have no knowledge of their biological parents.

ERICA: What is so wonderful about that?

PRIEST: Don�t you see? They will be ours. We can raise them and make them whatever we wish to make them.

ERICA: As if they were animals to be experimented upon.

PRIEST: They can be taught that the goal of their lives is to serve Humanity.

ERICA: I noticed in recent newspapers that you already have some of the Nobel Prize winning scientists eager to populate the world with their biological progeny through the process of artificial insemination of frozen sperm.

PRIEST: Yes, and many women are anxious to participate.

ERICA: In those scientists we find examples of gigantic egos combined with an almost total lack of self respect.

PRIEST: What do you mean?

ERICA: Do you think a man who has no concern for the children who might be created through his anonymous participation could be said to have self respect? But EGO--that is another thing. It would require a monumental EGO to assume the world would be improved by being populated with scores of his bastard children, some of them born long after he is dead.

PRIEST: Don�t you know people are offended by the use of the word, �bastard?�

ERICA: Ordinarily, yes, but in such a case I think not.

PRIEST: We will soon be able to improve the human stock and have a more intelligent race.

ERICA: Judging by what I know of you so far, I think not. You won�t be looking for real thinkers, but types that can be regimented and made submissive to your priesthood. You who consider yourselves to be the elite would not want to jeopardize your positions by creating a race more intelligent then yourselves. You need specialized dummies, and that is what you will try to produce--human cattle with a few herdsmen to keep the SYSTEM functioning and profitable.

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PRIEST: Have you no interest in scientific progress?

ERICA: Not your type of progress which is largely dedicated to satisfying the ghoulish curiosity of spoiled-brat scientists who are either idiot-savants, moral imbeciles, or both.

PRIEST: What time did you say your plane left for the States? I think you had better make sure you don�t miss it.

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Sociology is Auguste Comte�s science which was meant to control people, priests, scientists, professors, business executives and governments according to the SYSTEM.