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Erica Carle
July 19, 2005

The following IMAGINARY INTERVIEW with the Positivist High Priest of Humanity is based on the writings of Auguste Comte (1798-1857), the self-appointed First High Priest of Humanity. Comte decreed that each High Priest must appoint his own successor. Before Comte died he appointed his follower and French countryman, Pierre Laffitte to be the Second High Priest of Humanity.

Comte also decreed that the High Priest reside in Paris, and rule as head of the hierarchy of the world from that city.

This interview took place in Paris in 1980 with the one I assumed to be the Sixth High Priest of Humanity.


ERICA: Your title indicates that you have a very important position in the world.

PRIEST: I am head of the spiritual hierarchy of the world. I have absolute power over any of its members. I name, transfer, suspend, and even discard any of its members on my sole responsibility.

ERICA: How can you have any power or influence? Hardly anyone I know has ever heard of you.

PRIEST: How could I have such power and influence if my name were commonly known?

ERICA: What do you mean?

PRIEST: I work through my immediate subordinates who are the national superiors of the Positive Religion in their countries. If my name were generally known, many people would try to contact and influence me directly. The SYSTEM would not work if this were the case. Each must work through his own superior if he wishes to serve the SYSTEM.

ERICA: How many national superiors are there?

PRIEST: No comment.

ERICA: Is it less than 100?

PRIEST: Possibly.

ERICA: How can less than 100 people hope to gain spiritual control over the whole world?

PRIEST: Please remember that each of the national superiors has many subordinates of his own who have subordinates of their own, and so on. The national superiors have a great influence in their own countries.

ERICA: What kind of influence?

PRIEST: They have what could be called a spiritual influence.

ERICA: What do you mean by spiritual influence?

PRIEST: They influence public opinion.

ERICA: Public opinion is important to you?

PRIEST: Public opinion is EVERYTHING. We are constantly testing public opinion and responding to public opinion. We are the directors of public opinion. We direct the attention of the public to this problem or that problem as it seems necessary in order to achieve our objective.

ERICA: What objective?

PRIEST: The objective of total UNITY.

ERICA: What do you mean by unity? Spiritual or religious unity?

PRIEST: That comes first, but from this spiritual unity come economic, political, social, scientific, and family unity. Unity means that every person on earth will have a place in one or more of the various hierarchies. All will be units in the great body of Humanity.

ERICA: Independent units?

PRIEST: You haven�t been listening. I have been telling you that Humanity is ONE BODY! All parts of a single body are dependent on all other parts. Our First High Priest used the term, �INTERDEPENDENT� to express this concept.

ERICA: Don�t subordinates ever disagree with their superiors?

PRIEST: If they disagreed could they continue to be subordinates? They must do as they are told or the SYSTEM would disintegrate. Remember, I can dispose of anyone who does not fit into the SYSTEM.

ERICA: What do you mean by dispose?

PRIEST: I can have done with them as I see fit.

ERICA: Does this apply to countries as well as individuals?

PRIEST: Insofar as it is within our ability to carry out the actions which are needed to reach our objective, yes, we sometimes have to find ways to dispose of countries or bring about changes in their power structure.


ERICA: What is the present situation in the United States? Are you attempting to bring about changes in the power structure?

PRIEST: We have been working for more than 150 years to save America from its state of anarchy.

ERICA: What do you mean by anarchy? We have a Constitution and a government. We have states which have governments, and counties, towns, and cities. Where is the anarchy.

PRIEST: That IS the anarchy. This separation of powers prevents the Great Being, Humanity, from fulfilling her destiny. This anarchistic separation of powers must be changed.

ERICA: How do you propose to do this?

PRIEST: That IS a foolish question. When you get home look around you. It has very nearly been done, but the process has been so gradual that few people are aware of what has been happening.

ERICA: You mean you have weakened our Constitution and our state and local governments? People won�t believe it. They still vote for their president, congress, senators, governors, etc.

PRIEST: Merely a formality.

ERICA: A formality? How can you say that? Our state legislature passes the laws for the state. Even federal legislation is not valid until the state passes enabling legislation.

PRIEST: If you will look a bit more closely you will discover that the legislators write very few of the bills they pass. They merely introduce them. The bills are written elsewhere.

ERICA: Where?

PRIEST: In the universities and think tanks for the most part. A very large percentage of the bills which are passed in all states come from universities, like Harvard. Harvard has been very helpful to our world SYSTEM.

ERICA: But legislators would not have to pay attention to bills that are not written in the legislature.

PRIEST: No, but they do.


PRIEST: Many reasons, actually, One of the reasons is because they have been trained in the universities to follow Harvard-type management. And they don�t want to be left out or alone. They want to feel important. They like to see their names on bills which greatly affect people's lives. You might call it ego.

ERICA: I thought you did not approve of ego.

PRIEST That does not mean we are not prepared to use it when it helps us reach our objective.

ERICA: I would think that if there were one small thing wrong with a bill or if it were not according to the Constitution that a legislator would vote it down.

PRIEST: Fortunately they do just the opposite.

ERICA: What do you mean?

PRIEST: We have found that if we can convince them that there is one small thing right with a bill--no matter how much they dislike other parts--they will vote it in.

ERICA: Is that why laws are so long? The Marital Property Bill in Wisconsin, for example, is 79 pages.

PRIEST: Right. Every legislator can find one or two items that he likes in a bill that long. The longer a bill is, the better chance it has of being passed. If the changes were presented as separate items most of them would be voted down because then the legislators would understand them.

ERICA: If our legislators do not think about the total bill and its effect, then laws certainly are not made in the legislature.

PRIEST: Of course not. In 1906 our brother, sociologist Lester Ward said:

�It must not be supposed that. . . legislation can be conducted to any considerable extent in the open sessions of legislative bodies. These will doubtless need to be maintained, and every new law should be finally adopted by a vote of such bodies, but more and more this will become merely a formal way of putting the final sanction of society on decisions worked out in what may be called the sociological laboratory.�

ERICA: And the sociologists work to support the system?

PRIEST: Of course. Sociology is Auguste Comte�s science which was meant to control people, priests, scientists, professors, business executives and governments according to the SYSTEM.


ERICA: What about women? How do they fit in.

PRIEST: Ah, women! Our plan could never have had the success it has had thus far without the cooperation of women. Our Father was gifted with a great deal of foresight when he gave women such an important part in the work to institute the world�s FINAL SYSTEM.

ERICA: What part have women played?

PRIEST: Women are the natural representatives of the heart. They are the symbols and embodiment of the principle of the domination of the feelings over action and intellect.

ERICA: Is that your roundabout way of telling me you think women are not as smart as men?

PRIEST: What they lack in intellect they more than make up for in feeling. All classes must be brought under women�s influence because all need to be reminded of the great truth that Reason and Activity are subordinate to Feeling. Whenever either the philosopher or the people deviate from duty, it will be the part of women to remonstrate with them and recall them to true social principles.

ERICA: Do you have many women working with you to increase the power and control of the SYSTEM?

PRIEST: A great many. They are relatively easy to recruit. They are always anxious to dedicate themselves to a cause, and they are so grateful and willing when they are given a bit of attention. Unless they are professional social workers we seldom have to pay them for their services.

ERICA: Do they get the whole picture?

PRIEST: Not really, but it is better that way. Women are quite easy to manage, but most of their cooperation is on an emotional rather than an intellectual level. They love to mingle in groups. They study and learn materials that are supplied by us, they are great at organizing, and they follow directions willingly. Most of them feel well paid if we give them smiles, a few words of appreciation, and occasionally the opportunity to meet prominent people.


ERICA: What about marriage and children?

PRIEST: Those two ideas do not have to go together, you know. A woman can have children without being married.

ERICA: Of course, It happens every day--more frequently since sociologists have told children that �society� now accepts the idea that a woman does not have to be married to have children. You not only approve of this, you encourage it, don�t you.

PRIEST: Yes, of course. It is much easier to bring such babies into the SYSTEM. A mother alone is much more likely to accept the help of a social counselor.

ERICA: What about babies born through laboratory methods?

PRIEST: Those in our scientific and economic hierarchies are very excited about this. It may soon be possible to put all human reproduction on a commercial basis.

ERICA: Is that one reason why the marital property bill, AB1090 & SB474, says on P25: Common Law Right of Husband Abolished?

PRIEST: A great deal has been invested in genetic and reproductive research. Would you want all this to go to waste? Shouldn�t the scientific efforts be rewarded?

ERICA: Rewarded is hardly the word I would use. Laboratory breeding could take all children away from the protection of their parents.

PRIEST: Children should be raised by Humanity. That is what we mean by family unity. All Humanity is part of one family.

ERICA: There is not much need for marriage under those conditions.

PRIEST: Auguste Comte, Our First High Priest envisioned an entirely different type of marriage which he called �chaste marriage.�

ERICA: I have read that Comte loved a woman named Clotilde de Vaux who allowed him to be her friend, but not husband or lover. Did he want to punish the world for his own disappointment?

PRIEST: I think it is time to conclude this interview.

ERICA: I have quite a few more questions.

PRIEST: Some other time.

ERICA: Is that a promise?

PRIEST: I have many things to attend to. Good bye. For part 2 click below.

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Sociology is Auguste Comte�s science which was meant to control people, priests, scientists, professors, business executives and governments according to the SYSTEM.