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Erica Carle
February 26, 2003

For more than a century and a quarter members of a group called the Theosophical Society have been propagandizing and working for a world religion and world government. Their efforts have had more effect on our lives and thinking than most people realize. The Theosophists were clever. Rather than drawing attention to the society itself, they promoted a doctrine of universal brotherhood.

They made no effort to change anyone's religious affiliation. What they did was throw a blanket over all religions, all races, both sexes, all ages, all countries--all people everywhere. There is only one doctrine one must believe, or claim to believe, to serve the purpose of Theosophy--the doctrine of universal brotherhood.

No personal or religious belief whatsoever lessens one's value to the brotherhood. If one does not deny the universal "one," he may go by the name Buddhist, Hindu, Mohammedan, Jew, Zoroastrian, Humanist, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Unitarian, Spiritualist, Witch, Atheist, Agnostic,--whatever. One may be guided by science or ruled by emotions. He may claim belief in God, violently deny His existence, or worship the devil himself. It matters not. There is but one thought and one goal--world unity. No personal or religious belief whatsoever, no matter how vile or degrading, lessens one's value to the brotherhood if one does not deny the universal "one."

The Theosophical cry is for total unity--unity of thought, unity of action, unity of political systems, unity in charitable endeavor, unity of ownership. You are part of the universal "one." You must share your country, your land, your resources, your possessions, your thoughts, your achievements, even your loves with the brothers.

Theosophy is a religion to blanket all religions. It is a demanding, crushing elephant of a religion. Disguised as learning it is taught in tax-supported schools. Camouflaged as justice it is enforced in courts of law. Elevated to superiority over intelligence, experience, historical record, and revelation it has even become the subject of worship and hymns in churches.

There is but one type of person who is unacceptable and must be corrected, adjusted, socialized, humanized, or eliminated. That is the type person who claims a self, a soul, a separate personal value apart from the brotherhood. A person who does not conform to the visions and goals of the "elder brethren" can be kind, brave, intelligent, moral, charitable, loyal, honest, unselfish and loving--yet he is an enemy of the brotherhood. It is the "one" or the "many." It cannot be both. If the universal "one" is to reign the "many" must join or cease to be.

In September 1932 Theosophical Society leader, Annie Besant, wrote in WORLD THEOSOPHY:

To feel ourselves different from others is the "Great Heresy," for separateness, when the whole is evolving towards unity, is opposition to the Law. The feeling of separateness is definitely wrong, whether it leads to one's thinking oneself more righteous or more sinful. The perfect saint identifies himself with the criminal as much as with another saint. For the criminal and the saint are alike divine, although in different stages of evolution. When a man can feel thus, he touches the life of the God within himself. He does not think of himself as separate, but as one with all. To him his own holiness is the holiness of humanity, and the sin of any is his sin. He builds no barrier between himself and the sinner, but pulls down any barrier made by the sinner, and shares the sinner's evil while sharing with him his good.

In the November 1945 issue of THE THEOSOPHIST it was stated this way: A penal code among us would be the denial of Brotherhood, the affirmation of the "heresy of separateness," the separateness we are banded together to destroy. Spirituality knows no separateness; it proclaims the unity of all. Just in proportion as we are spiritual, shall we feel our unity with saint and sinner alike. We are all eager to feel our unity with the Gods, with the Christ, with the Saints, but no such lopsided unity is possible. Only those can be one with the highest who are also one with the lowest; by the one Spirit that dwells in us all, our brother's sins are our sins, our brother's shame is our shame.

In the June 1945 THEOSOPHIST "A Declaration of Human Interdependence" by Louis Berman, chairman of the All Nations Committee for World Unity stated the following:

A restoration of the sense of world-wide human blood kinship must precede the revival of the emotion of human solidarity and the immortal idea of human brotherhood. By the spread of the emotion and idea of human interdependence the morbid divisions of nationalistic segregations and racial schisms will be eliminated from the collective human system. A world organization, based upon an acceptance of universal human unity will then become workable through a world-wide federation of all peoples and states. Such a federation must inevitably be endowed with a supranational sovereignty and enforced by a pooled community of the power of states and groups.


In April 1946 THE THEOSOPHIST claimed much of the credit for the establishment of the United Nations:

For seventy years we have filled the world's mind, through our Theosophical propaganda in some 56 countries of the world where our Lodges have been working, with the precisely formulated thought in our First Object: "without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or colour."... At least it can be said of us that we were pioneers and we did "blaze the trail" which the U.N.O. has followed.

And lately, in his State of the Union address on January 27, 1998, President William Jefferson Clinton asserted:

"We are many. We must be one."

Who are you? Do you have an identity, or will you be content to live "without distinction" as a minute particle of the universal "one?"

2003 Erica Carle - All Rights Reserved

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