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Erica Carle
March 4, 2006


Positive Progress

The following is the third IMAGINARY interview with the person occupying the position which Auguste Comte designated, �High Priest of Humanity.� The position is filled by appointment, each High Priest being responsible for the selection of his successor.

Comte designated Paris, France as the headquarters of the High Priest. He was to be assisted by seven national superiors. The number of superiors, Comte said, �will naturally be increased in proportion as the Positive Religion advances towards its normal state of universality. This eminent branch of the priesthood will, then, furnish forty-nine members when mankind is completely regenerated.�

While these 1980 Paris interviews with the High Priest are IMAGINARY, they are based on information from the writings of Auguste Comte (1798-1857) and other promoters of Positivism, Theosophy, the Religion of Humanity, and the sociological direction of human society.


ERICA; Things appear to be going pretty much your way at the present time. It even looks as if you might have the war you need in the Middle East.

PRIEST: War does accomplish some very important objectives.

ERICA: What do you consider to be the most important objective of the present unrest?

PRIEST: Integration.

ERICA: Integration?

PRIEST: Many of the populations of the Middle East are what might be called, �conservative.� They worship and think and live today in a manner that has changed very little in five hundred to one thousand years. Under ordinary circumstances they might choose to remain relatively unchanged for who knows how many hundreds of years.

ERICA: Isn�t that their prerogative? Must they be forced to change?

PRIEST: We have to bring them into the Twentieth Century.


PRIEST: If the world is to have one religion, one government, and one free market economic system, these countries have to be brought up to date in all areas. There is no method known to man and to the science of sociology which does more than war to promote the integration of populations.

ERICA: You would actually try to cause and promote wars to accomplish the integration you desire?

PRIEST: Don�t look so shocked. What better way is there to force changes of the magnitude required other than war? It is not as if it hasn�t happened many times in the past 100 years. War is simply a way of speeding up the process of evolution and integration.

ERICA: If millions of people are slaughtered you treat the matter as �simply a way of speeding up the process of evolution?�

PRIEST: There are rules connected with the process of evolution and one of them is as was stated by Theodore Roosevelt�s friend and advisor, Brooks Adams, in his book, THE NEW EMPIRE: �With conservative populations slaughter is nature�s remedy.� We merely accept the necessities of nature. If war is necessary to promote the Positive goals of love, order and progress--the total integration of society--we have only to make sure the desired results are obtained. The wars themselves are inevitable.

ERICA: By �integration� you mean bringing all parts together under one �head.�

PRIEST: Of course. Another word for this type of unity is, �love.�

ERICA: Your definition of �love� is not exactly what most people mean when they use the word.

PRIEST: So much the better. That way we have people working for our goals even if they do not really understand what those goals are. People like the word, �love.� That is why we use it. It gives people a nice feeling.


ERICA: You really know how to work on people�s feelings, don�t you?

PRIEST: We had better know. Our whole system is based on our ability to manage people by managing their feelings and emotions. It is the entire systematization of human life based on emotion rather than on reason.

ERICA: Because of Positivism the study and practice of psychology changed, didn�t it?

PRIEST: It was necessary. The 19th Century study of the mind was based too much on the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system. It was too scientific and objective. What we needed was a subjective psychology based on feelings and the activity resulting from feelings. We needed a psychology that would help us control activities through knowledge of feelings.

ERICA: So instead of a healthy independent mind, what you sought was a mind that could be directed and programmed.

PRIEST: We do not consider an independent mind to be healthy. We are aiming for consolidation in all things.

ERICA: Then all of your so-called sciences and all of your direction of political, economic, educational, and social activities is directed toward consolidation of the entire human race?

PRIEST: Yes. It is directed toward universal love.

ERICA: No matter how many people have to be killed or minds and lives destroyed to bring about this state of universal �love?�

PRIEST: Whatever sacrifices are necessary will be as nothing compared to the universal joy which will prevail when the final state of society is reached.


ERICA: You talked about the consolidation of capital, does this mean that over the years you have promoted policies that would build large fortunes at the expense of the independent businesses and professions?

PRIEST: Of course. We need a patriciate or elite class of wealthy individuals who are willing to accept the discipline of what we call the �sociocratic order.�

ERICA: How do you get them to submit to the discipline?

PRIEST: That is easy. Our first High Priest instructed us in that 150 years ago. He advised that the wealthy be encouraged to increase their wealth and also that they be given gifts, both from the state and from individuals to encourage the consolidation.

ERICA: And because they are getting special consideration they ought to be willing to submit to the discipline of the sociocratic order?

PRIEST: Of course. But you don�t have to talk about it as if it were something in the future. It has been working that way for more than 100 years in your country as well as in many others.

ERICA: Give me some examples.

PRIEST: There are so many I hardly know where to start. There were the land grants for land grant colleges. Many great fortunes were built through speculation and manipulation at that time.

ERICA: But with the issuance of large amounts of land scrip the state revenue from the sale of public lands was jeopardized. The land grant states were allowed to sell the land for whatever price they could get. There was so much land on the market at once that prices went down. Old soldiers who had land warrants which they had not parted with lost much of the value of their holdings. If they couldn�t afford to hold their warrants they had to sell at lower prices.

PRIEST: Correct--and the speculators bought them to sell later at much higher prices. It was a good way to help build large fortunes. Then there were the grants for the building of the railroads. Many great fortunes resulted from the speculation and industrial expansion which was required to build the railroads.

ERICA: I have read that many people who invested in railroads lost money because there was not enough business to justify all the expense. The railroads were there, but the commerce was not. A gradual development would have been much more healthy economically. After the first frenzy of building the bottom dropped out, so to speak, and there was a very destructive depression.

PRIEST: Destructive for some--profitable for others. The Positive SYSTEM could not lose. If the investors were successful large fortunes were built up for which their possessors were grateful. If the investments soured the banks, etc. could foreclose. The power of cooperating banks and financiers could be increased. Some clever men who had the right contacts were involved in many phases of the railroad boom. When they became wealthy their fortunes could be used in many ways that helped to develop the sociologically-controlled SYSTEM.

ERICA: Yes, Andrew Carnegie is a prime example of one who made his fortune and then used it to promote the Positive SYSTEM.

PRIEST: We are still reaping the benefits of his fortune. The consolidation of capital, or material consolidation, helps to bring about the substitution of social for personal character in our entire existence.

ERICA: You mean that with all the talk about fighting monopoly and supporting small businesses, the SYSTEM has actually been trying to destroy smaller businesses and professions, forcing them to give up or merge with larger businesses?

PRIEST: We need unity in all things. What is more important then control of business and finance. How can business and finance be under Positive control unless they are gradually maneuvered into either merging or giving up entirely?

ERICA: It goes in a regular circle, doesn�t it? (1) Positivists in government legislate privileges. (2) Fortunes are made. (3) The wealthy are obligated and grateful. (4) They give gifts to Positive institutions and universities, such as Harvard. (5) The institutions teach in such a way as to gain loyalty to the SYSTEM or to suggest techniques of organized dissent which play into the hands of the sociological, political, and economic managers of the SYSTEM. (7) Those so taught move into positions of power within the SYSTEM. (8) More privileges are granted and dissentions created which increase the power of the SYSTEM over individuals.

PRIEST: You make it sound a great deal easier than it is. It takes a lot of planning, teaching, and maneuvering to get the universal cooperation we need. The hardest part is to gain the cooperation of people while keeping from them the fact that they are helping us to subdue them.


ERICA: That is where psychology comes in, doesn�t it?

PRIEST: Yes. The Positive attitude toward psychology is that it is the science aimed toward the understanding, prediction, and control of mental and behavioral phenomena.

ERICA: It no longer has much to do with promoting good health and good mental functioning for the sake of the individual himself?

PRIEST: Not really. Psychology from the Positivist, sociological point of view is using the external world or the environment to control the behavior if individuals so they can live in and support the SYSTEM.

ERICA: You need a good many psychologists trained in subjective psychology.

PRIEST: Yes, but not quite so many as you may think.

ERICA: No? Why?

PRIEST: Because we have found ways to get others to do our work without even being aware of it.

ERICA: How do you manage that?

PRIEST: We are giving psychology away. George A. Miller of Rockefeller University, who was President of the American Psychological Association explained this in his presidential address in September, 1969. It was printed in AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST in December, 1969. He said:

�There simply are not enough psychologists, even including nonprofessionals, to meet every need for psychological services. The people at large will have to be their own psychologists, and make their own applications of the principles that we establish. . . The practice of valid psychology by non psychologists will inevitably change people�s conception of themselves and what they can do. When we have accomplished that, we will really have caused a psychological revolution.�

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ERICA: I�ve seen it already. Those taught to use psychology on others are changed themselves. Contrived group problem solving and group decision making rob one of independent thought.

PRIEST: It is beautiful to observe how effectively our methods work in a skillfully facilitated environment.

ERICA: I have seen it, but I think I would call it remarkable rather than beautiful. For part 4 click below.

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Sociology is Auguste Comte�s science which was meant to control people, priests, scientists, professors, business executives and governments according to the SYSTEM.