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Erica Carle
November 7, 2009

Use the Drug Problem for Community Organizing

FROM: "Truth In Education" January 30, 1975

The drug problem in Wauwatosa consists mostly in marijuana smoking. However, the kids tell me that about forty to sixty percent of them smoke. The main reason for pot smoking is because it is there. Family trouble and personal problems may be the excuse, but not the reason. There is no reason. They just do it. It is no more complicated than that. Pot is easily available—so why not? The kids have been told, and are convinced, there is no real danger.

Mayor Francis Kuckuck's Committee on Drug Abuse has just submitted a report. After a year of meetings, discussions, and investigation they have come up with the 'solution.' Appoint another committee! This time make it permanent. Hire more workers—a social worker, a psychologist, a secretary. Set up an information and counseling center. BRILLIANT! What a coincidence! The same solution seems to have been arrived at by communities all over the country. Another startling 'coincidence.' Federal funding just happens to be available for such programs. No evidence is given that such a program has ever solved the problem, but we can get the money so let's do it.

No one on the committee suggests, or even dares listen to suggestions that the fault might perhaps lie with the schools, with the instruction, and with the weak and destructive moral training the children are given in the schools. The committee was set up to receive federal funds and to organize people; and by Francis, that is exactly what they are going to do! Hang the kids and the problem. We're taking the money!

Instead of going into the schools, checking instruction, checking books, talking to teachers and seeing if any of them smoke pot, take drugs themselves, and teach that marijuana is harmless; instead of learning which teachers are using sensitivity training to weaken the moral convictions and independence of youngsters; instead of removing destructive READ and SCHOLASTIC magazines and others of their type from the classrooms and libraries; instead of finding out who brings pot into the schools and whether any teachers might be involved; instead of finding out which teachers are using the destructive Humanist values clarification techniques; instead of telling the Department of Public Instruction and their corrupting training programs for teachers to go fly a kite; instead of telling the DPI that values clarification techniques they suggest will not be used, the committee actually encourages their use as a 'solution.' Then they have the nerve to put the burden of drugs on the kids and on their parents. This, despite the fact very few children dare smoke pot at home, while the school johns are blue with smoke.

Instead of removing the massive quantities of cheap sex and drug-oriented novels and short stories; instead of checking the visual aids which are used in the schools; instead of making it clear to teachers just what will and will not be tolerated in the way of instruction, and that teachers are expected to stay within the limits of The Constitution of the State of Wisconsin and of the United States Constitution; the committee and the school officials go to work on the kids. They spy on them, suspend them; make a big show of being firm. They hire counselors, have meetings, get their names in the paper, congratulate each other publicly even when the committees come up with canned solutions. But don't for heaven's sake dig in and clean up! Don't rock the boat, especially if the teachers, administrators, or school board might be offended, or if there is any chance at all that we might lose our aids.

Well kids, that's it! I give it to you straight. You are being used. There is a conscious national effort to turn your generation into the most submissive, easily led, most corrupt generation in our country's history. Those behind this effort know exactly what they are doing. When you smoke pot or take drugs or get drunk you are, like an obedient little slave, just following their directions.

Millions of weak and shallow people of my generation are unwittingly (some consciously) helping the power hungry ones carry out the plan. Getting kids on drugs and weakening their characters is a way to cut down on future resistance. Keep the young thinking about themselves, their 'feelings,' their 'rights' instead of helping them grow strong and learn. Then they will ignore their responsibilities and accept the corruption that surrounds them.

You may think Marijuana does not hurt you—that because you still get good grades your mind has not been damaged. That may be true, at least for the present. However, the damage of marijuana is not necessarily to the intellect, but to the will, the judgment, and to your individuality.

That is bad enough, but now the most popular 'solution' to the marijuana and drug problems is one that may be worse than the problem. Transcendental Meditation is being promoted as a cure.
If the millions of young people who smoke pot and take drugs were to turn to Transcendental Meditation, thinking it is a cure or substitute for drug abuse, it would not be many years before we, in our country, would be on a level of human freedom and independence equal to that of the masses of India. TM is the same kind of religious contemplation that has been used for thousands of years to keep the unfortunate multitudes suppressed.

TM is everywhere and it is tax supported. The solution now becomes worse than the problem. For this reason you have to realize that you are on your own. No way is any one who wants to give up drugs going to get any real understanding or help from the community or from community mental health programs.

The time is right now for you to cut out drugs, marijuana, and alcohol on your own. If you don't you risk having your 'problem' used as an excuse to take over your life. Never, ever has any nation's top levels of government and education been so weighted down by liars and hypocrites, plotters and schemers, prima donnas, nincompoops, and money grabbers. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but that's the way it is, and we had better face facts.


Don't waste your valuable time and life in anger and condemnation. Start learning and thinking and growing. We need your strength, character, honesty, courage, and your healthy mind. When you really begin to learn the Truth and seek the Truth, you will also begin to recognize those who speak the Truth. You will be able to separate them from the self-seeking hypocrites, the money grabbing opportunists, and the various power-lusting controllers. You have, like Hansel and Gretel, been taken into the dark forest and abandoned. Some of us are trying to put up signs, shout warnings, cut paths, but in the final analysis you are going to have to gather the knowledge, strength, and courage to find your own way out.

"God never intended that strong, independent beings should be reared by clinging to others, like the ivy to the oak, for support. The difficulties, hardships, and trials of life—the obstacles one encounters on the road to fortune—are positive blessings." –Matthews

FROM: "Truth In Education" -- July 31, 1975

Kuckuck's* Community Quacks

NOTE: Francis D. Kuckuck was Mayor of Wauwatosa.

"They are in law what quacks are in medicine—exciting the malady for the purpose of profiting by the cure, and retarding the cure for the purpose of augmenting the fee." —Washington Irving

Movies are bad these days, and television is seldom better. Those in search of entertainment are frequently frustrated and disappointed. One show on television, however, suggests what might become a popular new entertainment. If you have ever watched and enjoyed the casual appearing, but crafty little detective Columbo, you might find this new game fun. As you recall, the interesting thing about Columbo stories is not 'Who done it?' or "How will it end?" Those questions are answered already. Generally you know within the first few minutes who the guilty party is. You also know that some way or another Columbo will get to the solution. The interest is in watching Columbo arrive at the knowledge of 'who done it,' and then psyche the guilty ones into revealing themselves.

The new game I'm suggesting is similar. Anyone who is at all wide awake today knows the sociologists, futurists, politicians, and community Humanitarians, if they have their way, will lead us toward relinquishing control over our property, our lives, our children, and our very thoughts and actions. Watching how they operate in local communities has its ghoulish fascination and can provide useful insights. For example, on February 7, 1974 we printed the following in "Truth In Education":

Even if the Wauwatosa committee to study teen-age drug use were to interview the entire population of Wauwatosa, it is doubtful there would be any real effort to discover why young people want the drugs, and how their education is related. It is unlikely the committee will make public the anti-parental, anti-Constitutional, anti-morality, anti-individual, -anti-Christian, over-burdening, privacy-invading instruction many children are exposed to in their schools.

The conclusion of the drug hearings will probably be that local authorities cannot handle the problem, and that the children need more drug education—that they don't know enough about the various drugs, how they are used, how to get hold of them, what their effects are, and why the addict himself is not to blame for his problem. It will also be suggested that the problem must be attacked on a regional basis under the federal government with federal government financing. It will be pointed out that local police need more federal direction.

The result will be more jobs and money for the sociologists, Humanist psychologists, and behavioral scientists whose over-abundant manufacture has been so generously financed by your tax dollars. The already over-burdened children will end up with more and greater problems.

Then on February 21, 1974 we compared the drug committee to a home talent show that was professionally produced and directed by out-of-towners. It was predicted that the drug committee would be used to bring in more federal funding, to apply pressure for the regionalizing of police, to help in the push toward legalizing marijuana, to organize local businessmen into community action, to get more sociological interference in the parent-child relationship, to establish centers for counseling, and to get federal funds for adult education.

Last week, quite by chance, I dropped in on a meeting of the Wauwatosa Drug Committee. They are fulfilling all the early predictions and more! If you can laugh while you are crying, it is entertaining to watch such committees pretend to be original. It is funny to watch the verbal contortions the committee members go through trying to make themselves look important and trying to act as if they were thinking, instead of quacking a pre-written script.

Actually I am proud of most of Wauwatosa's citizens. So far they have responded to the efforts of Kuckuck's Community Quacks with admirable apathy—so much apathy, in fact, that one of the first suggestions the drug committee hopes to implement is to hire a community organizer who knows how to write press releases and gain favorable publicity—but then the plan is to hire a social worker and a secretary. Following this hiring process there will be a community survey on attitudes (survey already prepared by the University, of course). Then there will be justification for attitude changing funds. The quack quack committee will hire help for hot lines, community centers, counseling centers, social workers, psychologists, etc., etc., etc.

While I am proud of Wauwatosans for their apathy toward this one of Kuckuck's quack quack committees, we are reaching a point where apathy, however admirable, is not enough. Apathy will be taken by the various quacks for consent. Then if funding is accepted from Mother Duck Lucey in Madison and all of the Super Quack bureaus in Washington, our troubles will really begin. The funds will pay for more busybodies to interfere with our private lives and property. As soon as enough staff is available, the Super Quacks, Mother Duck, and all the little community quacks will claim ownership over our property, our children, and ourselves. The prospect is almost too sickening to contemplate. We need many good quick-witted feather pluckers in communities all over our land because, quoting Washington Irving again:

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Erica Carle is an independent researcher and writer. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin. She has been involved in radio and television writing and production, and has also taught math and composition at the private school her children attended in Brookfield, Wisconsin. For ten years she wrote a weekly column, "Truth In Education" for WISCONSIN REPORT, and served as Education Editor for that publication.












The new game I'm suggesting is similar. Anyone who is at all wide awake today knows the sociologists, futurists, politicians, and community Humanitarians, if they have their way, will lead us toward relinquishing control over our property, our lives, our children, and our very thoughts and actions.