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Erica Carle
February 7, 2010

Incredible Discovery - Everything Was Really Scripted

FROM: Why Things Are The Way They Are – P. 119

Shortly after the drug committee meeting my mail brought an early Christmas present—three large boxes of paper bound books from the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Rockville, Maryland. I had expected to receive single copies of the books I had ordered. Instead there were twelve copies of each. But the most astonishing, incredible discovery in the shipment was a set of scripts, role cards, and a prepared players' guide for a social seminar called, "Community at the Crossroads." The goal of the social seminar was to set up a community drug center.

I was astonished. Everything that happened in Wauwatosa in relation to drugs was scripted. When I say everything, I really mean EVERYTHING—including the death of a student. The roles in the script's Blue Ribbon Committee included a minister, a housewife, a school principal, a businessman, a mother whose son had been expelled from high school, etc. The roles in Wauwatosa were as scripted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

In early January 1976 I testified at a Wauwatosa City Council meeting about my experiences involving the Drug Counseling Center. After thanking the Council members for their attention and explaining some of my experiences I told the Council members how uninterested Drug Committee members had been in my reports. I said:

FROM: "Truth In Education" – January 15, 1976

It may puzzle you that the Drug Commission would be so uninterested in the proceedings, but there is an explanation. I had that explanation figured out as early as February 21, 1974 when I wrote a column on the recently appointed drug committee. I likened the whole affair to a home talent show in which the members of the committee were merely playing roles. I stated at that time that the committee members were little more than actors playing their parts according to a professionally written script. At that time I was just putting two and two together. Tonight I have the scripts for the entire drama. The title of the production is, "A Community At The Crossroads."

The kit that came with the scripts for this 'social seminar' contained cards describing 32 types of people who might be involved in the drama to set up a community drug center. You can see from this material and from the Player's Guide why my observations on the drug education seminar were not wanted. The simple fact, now obvious, is that I WAS IGNORED BECAUSE I WAS NOT IN THE SCRIPT. There had been no part written for me. To the participants it was as if they were on stage. I, a member of the audience, had run up on the stage and tried to talk to the players while the drama was in progress. There were no instructions in the scenario telling the participants how to react to what I was saying. They had to ignore me.

In addition to the Player's Guide for the Social Seminar I have included in your materials the Resource Book For Drug Abuse Education, which is put out by the National Clearinghouse for Mental Health under the Department of Health Education and Welfare.

I have on display some instructions from the Player's Guide. I have lined those instructions up against corresponding incidents in Wauwatosa from the newspaper. You will notice both 'scripts' have a death. In the fictional town a young girl under the influence of drugs falls out of a window. In the real life Wauwatosa account a young boy died of an overdose, and the community was aroused.

Next in the script is a series of drug raids with children from prominent families being busted. In Wauwatosa seven junior and senior high school students were expelled for drug use. You can follow events all down the line.

Note the interesting similarity of words. The script calls for a school committeewoman to say, "YOU DO NOT WANT THIS SICKNESS TO INFECT CUMMINGTON." In Wauwatosa, an unidentified woman, whose son was said to have been expelled from school for drug use, was quoted as saying, "One member of the school board referred to her son as 'diseased,' and said he should not be left in school in order TO 'INFECT' THE REST OF THE STUDENTS."

Why do those who want a drug-counseling center have to be so devious? Why do they have to use people in such a cruel way? The reason is that sociology and psychology are so morally and intellectually bankrupt that no honest city council would force them on residents unless they were tricked into doing so.

First you must know that these psychologists do not regard mental health as being an ordinary functioning human being who is able to take care of himself and who does no intentional harm to others. The new idea of mental health promoted by the bureaucratic psychiatrists and psychologists, who think being scientific means to control what you study, is that one must completely abandon his own identity to merge with all of nature and all of humanity. It is the promoters of this weird and primitive idea who now want to sit in judgment on the mental health of our children and possibly drive confused drug users even farther from reality.


These robotized psychiatrists and psychologists regard the feeling one gets from taking drugs as a necessary thing. When they say they are looking for alternatives to drug abuse they mean they are looking for other ways to get the same 'high.' They use Maslow's term 'peak experience' in the same sense. The psychologists are attempting to substitute artificial highs for the feeling of elation at accomplishment, the feeling of joy and closeness of a loving family, the feeling of achievement after a victory. They are attempting to give their 'patients' the emotional jolt without the actual experience, to make them feel like they had won the Super Bowl without even putting on a uniform or playing in the game.

On page 2 of the duplicated material you will find a quote by Dr. Sidney Cohen. He says, "Everything that can be obtained with drugs can be accomplished without them. It means work, development, growth. The rewards are infinitely greater because you will have done it yourself."

How does one get the 'high' himself? On page 4 you find part of the answer, "The areas which can be offered as alternatives to drug abuse include personal awareness; interpersonal relationships; self-reliance development; vocational skills; creative and aesthetic experiences; philosophical existential explorations; social and political involvement; religious experiences; sexuality; and mind-trips.

On pages 40 through 43 is a long list of other alternatives including yoga, sensory awareness training, massage, sexuality, group psychotherapy, affective education, psychodrama, sensory deprivation, biofeedback, meditation, skydiving and about 100 others. What we have hers is the relating all of life to drugs. If you can't get the 'high' normally, you contrive to get it artificially.

You don't take a walk for pleasure. You take a walk as an alternative to drug abuse. You don't achieve because it is your nature to want to do well. You achieve as an alternative to drug abuse. You don't make love because you love. You make love as an alternative high. You don't use your mind to think. You block out thought so you can 'trip.'

If we allow the federal regional government to get these corrupt ideas on mental health into our community on the pretense that they are intended to help us solve our drug abuse problems we may be contracting for the mental and moral destruction of our own children and the children of all our friends and neighbors.

On pages 109 and 110 of the Resource Book is information of the behavior control network that is being implemented using the pretense that it is being set up to combat drug abuse. If the communities accept the program an attempt will be made to turn more children into little computer-ordered zombies with push-button emotions and minds entirely submissive to the intellectual degenerates of the National Institute of Mental Health.

NOTE: During the above presentation Alderman Dunn interrupted and asked for a point of order on the grounds that the information being presented was not relevant to the issue (Did he mean not in the script?). On that night the Council voted to postpone further action until the issue could be given further study. I expected that after a few weeks, or months, the center would be approved. However, the July 1 WAUWATOSA NEWS TIMES carried the following story:

Panel Reverses Stand;
Drops City Drug Center

In a surprise reversal of opinion the Budget and Finance Committee last Thursday night recommended dropping completely the City's proposed drug education program from the 1977 budget.

Two weeks ago, committee members had recommended on a shaky 3-2 vote, slicing the program's funding down to $16,000 from its original $28,000. The $28,000 figure was the result of a Common Council decision made when the program was presented early this year . . .

Thursday's decision came from the committee's continued hearings on an anticipated budget deficit of $385,000 next year.

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If the council ratifies cutting the drug program it is expected that the $28,000 will be saved and a Health Department request for $10,000 for office space for the program will be withdrawn.

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Erica Carle is an independent researcher and writer. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin. She has been involved in radio and television writing and production, and has also taught math and composition at the private school her children attended in Brookfield, Wisconsin. For ten years she wrote a weekly column, "Truth In Education" for WISCONSIN REPORT, and served as Education Editor for that publication.












If we allow the federal regional government to get these corrupt ideas on mental health into our community on the pretense that they are intended to help us solve...