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By: Devvy
March 1, 2010
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Vote fraud. I have been writing about it since 1993. The Republican and Democratic parties are well greased, well run corrupt enterprises who did nothing to stop the fraud and in fact, opened the door for more: National Voter Registration Act of 1993 aka Motor Voter Law, which opened the flood gates for fraud. While this was 2001, it's only gotten worse:

"A recent study in Georgia found more than 15,000 dead people on active voting rolls statewide. Alaska, according to Federal Election Commission, had 502,968 names on its voter rolls in 1998. The census estimates only 437,000 people of voting age were living in the state that year...

"A cursory check of the registration cards turned up questionable names. Shortly thereafter, election board workers spent an entire day calling the names listed on the cards and found that nearly all of them were fraudulent. Many of them sought to register prominent people, dead or alive - as well as at least three deceased aldermen and a dog. The media have reported that close examinations have turned up cards that attempted to register prominent businessmen using their childhood addresses, a former deputy mayor using an old address for an alderman, and a former alderman who has been dead for years.

"They also found cards for convicted felons and for residents who did not seek to register themselves in the primary. The woman at the center of this vote fraud investigation "doesn't deny" that some of her canvassers may have turned in bogus voter registration cards. A grand jury convened by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce has begun interviewing witnesses regarding the 3,800 bogus registration cards. St. Louis police have obtained a warrant and searched the house of the Operation Big Vote director for evidence.

"Not surprisingly, many St. Louis residents are angry that someone had registered them and knew information such as their Social Security numbers. Some of the people registered by the bogus cards told Election Board workers that someone calling himself "Big Mike" came to their homes and said he was with the Election Board and wanted to register them.....

"The clogged rolls have cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in cleanup costs and additional election expenses. For example, the Indiana Election Division has conducted its statewide duplicate program four times at a total cost of about $900,000. Moreover, several county officials in Indiana have increased the number of voting sites unnecessarily because the lists are so inaccurate.

"The county that includes the transient student population of Indiana University at Bloomington has added about a half dozen precincts since "Motor Voter" became law. Each new precinct costs county taxpayers $10,000 for two voting machines and about $500 per election for additional poll workers and supplies. Statewide in Indiana, more than 200 precincts have been added since the law went into effect, according to state election officials. Such costs are not trivial, especially since the state gets nothing in return for such spending. Such costs for the nation as a whole must be large.

"We have also learned about the threat of vote fraud posed by such wildly inaccurate voting rolls. Susan Morandi, Nevada's deputy secretary of state for elections, noted that the Motor Voter Act made registration easier but also made the process "much more open to voter fraud." Experts like Deborah Phillips of the Voter Integrity Project add that the trend toward mail-in and absentee voting exacerbates this problem, since those seeking to manipulate the system can pretend to be a dead person or someone who has moved, and then cast a ballot.....

"Mr. Chairman, judged by its purposes, the National Voter Registration Act should be judged a failure. The Act has brought about a substantial increase in the number of registered voters. However, that increase has been bought at a high price. Specifically, the Act has made it difficult if not impossible to maintain clean registration rolls, a major purpose of the law. Moreover, the inaccuracy in the rolls caused by the Act has thrown into doubt the integrity of our electoral system."

Our elections have been stolen from us for decades. I know because I ran for Congress. I know what it's like to be cheated. Thousands were screaming about it election after election, but it wasn't until the 2000 pretend presidential election that the Democrats catapulted the issue into America's living rooms. Of course, the derelict "mainstream" media made sure it got lots of exposure because their choice of destruction was Comrade Al Gore, endorsed by the Communist Party USA as was fellow Marxist, Obama.

Great progress has been made in getting rid of electronic ballot machines, but they will be used in dozens of states in the upcoming primaries and elections. Some states have gone to just optical scanners, which have already been proven to be easily rigged. Remember this: He who counts the votes, controls the elections.

I can tell you that any candidate running on a constitutional ticket will be crushed by vote fraud. Our primary here in Texas is tomorrow. Debra Medina is a constitutional candidate running against Kay 'Bail Outs' Hutchinson and our corrupt governor, Rick Perry. Medina wasn't given a snow ball's change in Hades of beating either one, but according to polls, she is about 4% points behind the despicable Hutchinson who sold out this country a long time ago. All around the state you see signs which read: Farmers trust Kay! Why would they? She voted for NAFTA, GATT and CAFTA -- the very treaties that have killed our ranchers and farmers.

This anti-American female voted for a National ID. She has NEVER introduced legislation to give parity for our farmers and ranchers. Kay Bailey Hutchinson is a parasite who should have been booted out of public office a long time ago. It is beyond reason why any farmer or rancher would vote for her.

Rick Perry is as corrupt as they come. He is running for a third term ONLY to be a front runner in the 2012 elections. A sitting governor has a much better chance with the mindless who punch holes in a voting card than a has been politician. Perry signed an Executive Order to force the deadly HPV vaccine into all girls in this state. Our legislature stepped in and stopped it. Rick Perry openly supports giving ILLEGAL aliens breaks on college tuition. Illegals who are not entitled to attend any school at any level in this country because they are here illegally.

I just love the argument of the propaganda meisters who say, oh, we must educate illegals in our schools so they have a better chance at good jobs! Hello? Illegal aliens have NO right to any employment in this country because they are here illegally. Such insanity is a cancer in this country.

Perry has been the muscle behind trying to get the TTC (Texas Trans Corridor) a done deal. Globalist Perry has also pushed hard for the NAFTA Super Highway. Perry is a professional politician who supports a one world government through his own actions. Congressman Ron Paul believes, as thousands of us do, that Perry should have been be investigated for violation of the Logan Act. Of course, it was never pursued because Perry is a player and protected for his treachery.

Then, we have another strange thing happen. Out of the blue, Glenn Beck, deliberately blind sided Texas Gubernatorial candidate, Debra Medina. One has to wonder why Beck set up the only honest candidate who does understand the issues and isn't owned by globalists? I'm voting for Debra Medina. She is very close to overtaking Hutchinson. Perry is the front runner in our primary tomorrow. Debra has to force a run off so every vote will count...or will it? If she doesn't get the numbers, I strongly advise her to immediately run an audit on a half dozen precincts before the vote is certified. Catch them in the fraud right away or it's all over.


The same goes for another outstanding candidate, John Dennis, who is running against one of the most anti-Constitution professional whores to ever serve in Congress: Nancy Pelosi. If I were in John's district, I would be out knocking on every door passing out his literature. If you live in California's 8th District and want to see Pelosi shoved out the door, I hope you will contact John's campaign office and work to help get him elected. California's primary is in June, so you have time to help him get elected.

While Jane Harman (D-CA) should go live in Commie China where she belongs, her Republican opponent would not get my vote: Mattie Fein. She claims to support the U.S. Constitution, but is in favor of committing our military to Iranian dissidents. If you are in that district, I hope you will look behind the curtain:

Institute for Persian Studies

"Meet Mahtaub 'Mattie' Hojjati," Spencer Ackerman wrote July 6, 2007, for TPMmuckraker.[2] "A well-connected government and business consultant Hojjati is about to embark on a new career: revolutionary provocateur. She has two missions: to hasten the overthrow of the Iranian regime, and to convince the American public to support her.

"Under the byline of Mattie Fein -- her husband is Bruce Fein, the prominent Reagan-era Justice Department lawyer last seen calling for the impeachment of Dick Cheney -- Hojjati penned an op-ed[3] in the Washington Times last week heralding the creation of a new think tank, known as the the Institute for Persian Studies, devoted to pushing the regime over the abyss. From her perspective, the nearly 30-year old Iranian Revolution is in a terminal phase. 'The cue that most of the population is looking for is international support,' she tells TPMmuckraker, 'but right now, they're getting mixed signals.'"

"Hojjati is going to scale back her consulting work at the Lichfield Group, a boutique image-management firm that boasts of 'high level connections with the Department of Justice, the Department of State, and the Central Intelligence Agency' and the media," Ackerman wrote." (Emphasis mine)

Fein: "As a Vice President of The Lichfield Group, Ms. Fein has advised companies...." You can read an interview here that begins with: "She is a Republican Jewish brunette, and perhaps the hottest woman in politics." Well, there's a qualifier for you: a hot babe. While she doesn't come out and say it, I strongly believe Fein is a Zionist and for that alone, I would not vote for her; I would vote for an independent if one is on the ballot. Otherwise, I would not vote for that seat. If you would like to learn more about Zionism (which has zip to do with being of the Jewish faith), I recommend this web site which has taught me so much: True Torah Jews Against Zionism.

Ms. Fein also says this: "None should be handicapped or excluded from a “fair chance” to succeed based upon the content of their character and their devotion to the work ethic." People should not be concerned about the content of someone's character? Well, Ms. Fein, I disagree because character does count. Just look at the character of Marxist Barack Hussein Obama or Arlen Specter.

In any event, go ahead, hold your nose and vote. Some of the voters in Massachusetts did because it was either 1980's nudie model, Scott Brown or Martha Coakley. Brown is nothing more than a Democrat passing himself off as a Republican. Brown never met a big budget he didn't vote for; his record was out there for the voters to see. Now, he has shown his true colors by voting for the unconstitutional "jobs bill" and has justified it with the polished excuse crooks in Congress always use: "This Senate jobs bill is not perfect. I wish the tax cuts were deeper and broader, but I am voting for it because it contains measures that will help put people back to work." A crock of bull; see Congress Refuses to Bring Home Millions of Jobs.

Prior to his election win, Brown voted to support the first ever regional greenhouse gas emissions trading plan. Wait! Now he's not sure "climate change" is a problem. Flip flop. Just like Mitt Romney. Like Saint Sarah Palin, Brown is also endorsing the despicable Juan McCain who wants to reward illegal aliens with amnesty --- for votes. Scott Brown voted for Mitt Romney's destructive mandatory health care insurance law. He offered up the usual lame excuses. Scott Brown voted for a grotesque piece of legislation that has hurt the people of Massachusetts. Now he's in Congress voting for bills that affect me, even though I don't live in Massachusetts and THAT is why I continue to harp on the fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment.

Uh, oh, wait a minute. Bev Harris, a truly dedicated and honest American fighting vote fraud regardless of party, says the win may not pass the hand count done:

"According to preliminary media results by municipality, Democrat Martha Coakley won Massachusetts overall in its hand counted locations,* with 51.12% of the vote (32,247 hand counted votes) to Brown's 30,136, which garnered him 47.77% of hand counted votes. Margin: 3.35% lead for Coakley.

"Massachusetts has 71 hand count locations, 91 ES&S locations, and 187 Diebold locations, with two I call the mystery municipalities (Northbridge and Milton) apparently using optical scanners, not sure what kind....

"Twenty-four of Diebold's 187 locations wandered in late, smoking cigarettes and wearing a bathrobe. That's 12.83% of all its locations. Apparently it was faster to hand count 8,497 ballots, as they did promptly in Newburyport, or 7,339 ballots, as they hand counted in public for all to see in Milton, than to push a button and wait five minutes for the machine to spit out a Diebold results report in Pelham where they had 725 votes. East Brookfield's 899 Diebold votes must have run out of gas somewhere; they weren't reported for hours.

"All in all, a total of 170,594 Diebold votes took a long time to stumble in the door, These votes -- surprise! -- favored Coakley. She got 86,214 of them, for 50.54%, and Brown got 82,911 tardy Diebold votes, for 48.60%, putting Coakley on the plus side of the late arrivers by a 1.94% margin, for a net gain of 3,303 slow-moving votes.

"They'd called the election by the time the 170,594 tardy Diebold votes showed up. Coakley had conceded."

There are too many really fine constitutional candidates running in the upcoming primaries to list them all here. However, at the risk of sounding like a broken record because candidates have ignored my advice for more than a decade: If you allegedly lose and don't audit the vote, you will never know if you were cheated because of vote fraud. This means setting aside some money and get a hand count in selected precincts (don't let anyone know which ones until after the election).

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Fair and impartial elections for all is the American way. Without hand counting of the ballots in front of the candidates and general public, we have no idea who is getting elected and this has been going on for decades. Below is a fraction of documented vote fraud and it WILL happen again during the upcoming primaries and November election if the people of this country don't demand paper ballots that are hand counted openly, not behind closed doors, and NO electronic machines or optical scanners of any flavor.

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In any event, go ahead, hold your nose and vote. Some of the voters in Massachusetts did because it was either 1980's nudie model, Scott Brown or Martha Coakley. Brown is nothing more than a Democrat passing himself off as a Republican.