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By: Devvy
January 10, 2008

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While the political pundits chatter on about the shocking "upset" in the New Hampshire primary between Marxist Hillary Clinton and 'No Change' Barack Obama, there is a storm brewing regarding the vote count for Congressman Ron Paul.

Regular readers of my column know I have been on the vote fraud issue since 1993. It is real and has dominated our elections since the late '60s. While the corporate media flunkies have been diligent in their efforts to marginalize and crush Dr. Paul's run for the White House the past several months, his support has swelled and along with it, the necessary cash to run a viable campaign. [See this excellent DVD on vote fraud "Hacking Democracy"]

Those of us who have followed the events taking place in this country the past couple of decades are fully cognizant of how the shadow government operates behind the curtain and feeds the peasants (you and me) what they want the people to know and make sure via technology, that enough of their kind are "elected" to higher offices and stay in office. Over the past eight years, I have watched the anger and activism over vote fraud continue to grow as more and more Americans have finally come to the realization that the ballot box no longer belongs to we the people.

This presidential election, and I say this after being in the trenches full time for 18 long years, this is our last hope of putting a true man of the U.S. Constitution and freedom in the White House. These primaries are critical because the delegates to the Republican National Convention this summer which will pick the GOP candidate are being pledged during this process. That's why every single vote counts and it's our right to have every vote counted.

Iowa was a dismal affair with Dr. Paul allegedly coming in fifth place with 10%. As I wrote in my last column, in several counties in Iowa, Dr. Paul pulled in 35%, 14%, 15%, 21% and several with 12% of the vote. Of course, that didn't make the "news" on any cable or "mainstream" network. I didn't believe the final count because I know better. The machines are in control and the powerful elites who rule our lives intend to install their new puppet in the White House regardless of what we the people want.

While I don't follow vote fraud activist, Jim Condit, a friend sent me a link to a piece written by Condit regarding the efforts in Iowa to get an open vote, how they were kicked in the teeth by the GOP heavies and the problems they encountered. What he describes is what I encountered in 1996 when I ran (GOP) for Congress: the local and state machine cared nothing for the truth, only how many backsides they could kiss in their quest to climb the political ladder to power. Believe me, I experienced and watched it first hand. After that primary I walked from the GOP because I could no longer support a party that cared nothing for this country or the truth, only whose boots they could spit and shine making them feel important in their magniloquent little worlds.

I found these comments particularly disturbing in Condit's recounting of events: "3. Right after the hour radio show, -- so many irate Iowans called the Iowa GOP headquarters demanding to know why they were using the discredited Diebold machines, that the Iowa GOP made an appeal to the Ron Paul paid staff in Iowa to send out an email asking Ron Paul supporters to quit calling GOP headquarters! The email, sent out by RP paid staff member, Jeff Frazee, to Ron Paul supporters was nasty; it told them to "Stop it", regarding any more calls to the political thugs at Iowa GOP Headquarters. He also said that the RP paid staff was doing everything they could to insure a fair count, which was a blatant falsehood, as they did nothing but support the Iowa GOP in their unconscionable, secret count of the votes (behind police guard)." (Regarding the Diebold Machines, please see my last column because it contains links to many items on the corrupt Diebold machines.)

Next we have the fiasco two days ago in New Hampshire. The first incident was a report that two family members had voted in Sutton, New Hampshire, but the returns showed 0 votes cast for Dr. Paul. This 0 vote count was displayed on prominent sites like On January 9, 2008, the day following the farce out in New Hampshire, Bev Harris, of, called the county clerk's office in Sutton and, oops, the vote count for Ron Paul was 31:

Update January 9 am PST: Town of Sutton Confirms Ron Paul Totals were 31, not zero. "I just got off the phone with Jennifer Call, Town Clerk for Sutton. She confirmed that the Ron Paul totals in Sutton were actually 31, and said that they were "left off the tally sheet" and it was human error. This is not an acceptable answer, especially because one of the most common forms of fraud in a hand count system is to alter or omit results on the reporting sheet. Hand count is lovely, transparent. They then fill out another reconciliation sheet, often in front of witnesses, and it looks fine. Then they provide a summary or media sheet with the incorrect results."

Bev Harris is amazing and the input below from her is just the beginning of unraveling the fraud in New Hampshire: "One noticeable thing on the 59 screen shots I grabbed between 10:45 pm NH time and midnight NH time, is that the ones that had late results (not submitted as of 4 hours after poll closing) -- well, you'd expect them to be hand count locations, right? Nope. Mostly Diebold locations. That's a major red flag to me. How the heck can you not push "print" for four hours??? It normally takes only 30 minutes to wrap things up and print the poll tape when the polls close.

"My method was grabbing the municipalities left to right, right to left, starting at the south end of the state and working up. I only got about three rows up. Anyone who has additional time slice information documenting late reporters I'd like to see it. Late reporters from the first 59 locations I grabbed":

Brentwood - Diebold location - had the Dem results, but no Republican results as of 11:53 pm (polls closed at 7)
Chesterfield - Hand count location - no results as of 11:00 pm
Derry - Diebold location - no results in as of 11:42 pm
Fremont - Diebold location - no results in as of 11:48 pm
Greenfield - Hand count location - no results in as of 11:52 pm
Hampton - Diebold location - results in on time, but I flagged this because every Dem candidate had a result divisible by 5 and for Republicans, Huckabee 217, McCain 1217, Romney 1217, it just looked weird. So much for my statistical capabilities.
Hollis - Diebold location - results not in as of 11:54 pm
New Ipswich - Diebold location - results not in as of 10:52 pm
Newton - Diebold location - results not in as of 10:58 pm
Pelham - Diebold location - results not in as of 10:56 pm
Temple - Hand count location - results not in as of 11:26 pm
Winchester - Diebold location - results not in as of 10:46 pm

McCain was declared the winner by several networks 17 MINUTES after the polls closed. Same thing I wrote about in my last column. With a few precincts "reporting" or "projected," it's all over - even before the bulk of ballots are "counted" by the machines. What a farce.

If you will go to this link on and scroll down a ways, you'll see a chart comparing Towns with Paper Ballots and Towns with Diebold Machines. The results are stunning for the Clinton/Obama race. I also recommend you book mark and read over the weekend: '99 Ways to Steal Elections: The Story of John Fund and Ron Paul' by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, where she writes:

"The book, "Stealing Elections," was written as cover for plans already in motion. When did those Diebold Machines have their software installed? Who wrote it? We really need a time line here. When his book hit the market John was disappointed that it did not get more of the same kind of treatment that routinely is accorded to Ann Coulter's vitriolic offerings. But he was supposed to have finished it several years before, so what could he expect? Disinformation tools have deadlines.


"Diebold Machines, purged lists, a book that positions election fraud as committed primarily by Democrats; When you put the means for stealing in place in advance it is no accident. This corporate strategy, intended to cement the control of their markets so that America becomes one big company town, is theft on a scale that boggles the mind. The means for stealing elections have multiplied over the years. No new technology is left unplumbed for its possibilities for ensuring the corporations their continued stream of income. John and his cadre of pundits and media personalities, for instance Sean Hannity, simulate popular opinion. Their think tanks, like Cato, are to persuade us to accept their ideas. They are paid a lot, so they must know, right?"

Here's the bottom line for me. There is no question in my mind and heart that Congressman Ron Paul is the only true statesman in Washington, D.C., in my lifetime and the only man who can take on what will be happening by the end of this year on the economy, endless wars and other issues. Last week I read the most superb, concise explanation on Ron Paul and his candidacy. Thomas J. DiLorenzo's words rang with such sweet truth, I read it twice: The Jefferson of Our Times. This isn't just another ho-hum, rah-rah election and we cannot treat it as such.

The question is this: Had these voters not stepped forward and put their complaint on a Ron Paul blog site, would the county clerk have corrected the "error" and Dr. Paul's real vote numbers entered as official results? Does her excuse ring true? Not to those of us who have been into the vote fraud issue for so long. How many more missing votes are there for Ron Paul?

This whole process is a travesty. Ron Paul is moving on to the next primaries, but what about the mess left behind? He simply can't afford not to get those delegate votes. One thing people aren't paying enough attention to is that each of these primary "events" gets the candidate convention delegates. Go to this news item which gives the delegate count. Ron Paul has zero. If he doesn't start racking up those convention delegates, forget the White House. He can't do that if the vote is being stolen because those delegates hinge on the vote. Rasmussen had Dr. Paul at 14% for New Hampshire. FAUX had him at 8% all day and the machines made sure it stayed that way to the final "count." The chatter all over electronic and print media the day following the primary: all these polling orgs have egg on their faces! It's called eating their own when it's expedient - place the blame away from the true culprit. The bull, the cape and the matador.

I don't know who is advising Dr. Paul or if he's even being told what's going on. There is no shame in a candidate paying for a hand recount. The shame is doing nothing about it and moving on as if everything is okay. It's not. Look at all these dedicated Americans fighting for every vote for Ron Paul. Is his campaign simply going to blow off this fight for his votes? In four days it's Michigan, the same thing happens and his campaign just says, oh well, off to the next state?

Right now the polls are showing Congressman Paul at a pathetic 4% for South Carolina. That state is considered a crucial one, yet South Carolina is going to use voting machines banned in other states! (see here) There will be NO delegates for Dr. Paul if this happens because the machines will keep the vote count below 10%. Take ten minutes to watch this test of a vote counting machine where 6 no votes and 2 yes votes are fed into it. The demonstrator confidently hits the button to get the vote tally. The results: 7 yes and 1 no. The demonstrator is shocked. Not me. This is what's happening to our elections and Ron Paul is the number one target in the presidential race on the GOP side.

If this continues into "Super Tuesday," Feb. 5th, it will be all over for Ron Paul. If there isn't some accountability at this stage, we're going to see more of the same. Same old game I've watched for 14 long years when I became aware of fraud fraud. As hard as this quiet, decent and honorable man has worked during his candidacy and for all the dedicated supporters of his, how can you simply over look what's going on and not challenge it? What message does that send to supporters? How can a candidate expect his ground troops to get out there and fight for every vote for him, if the candidate won't even make the effort to verify every vote has been counted fairly when there is evidence of vote tampering? It's not money for a hand recount because we have opened our wallets big time. There are things that simply must take priority.

I've encouraged Ron Paul supporters to continue contacting his NH Campaign HQ and ask them if there is going to be any audit of a dozen or so precincts. So far, several have gotten no where with claims by the staff that they don't know anything about what's going on with the vote count! This bothers me to no end. There has to be a fight for honest votes by the candidate, otherwise hope dwindles and so will the cash. So will the hope. Nobody had any wild and unrealistic expectations Dr. Paul would win New Hampshire, but his massive number of wins in straw polls simply doesn't jive with the alleged vote Tuesday night.

Will Ron Paul authorize an audit of a cross section of precincts or let this fraud stand?

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Regular readers of my column know I have been on the vote fraud issue since 1993. It is real and has dominated our elections since the late '60s. While the corporate media flunkies have been diligent in their efforts to marginalize and crush Dr. Paul's run...