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By: Devvy
January 7, 2008

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According to the counters, Ron Paul came in fifth in Iowa with an alleged 10% of the GOP vote. Many believe had Dr. Paul not been the target of a deliberate media smear (i.e.,'s news item January 5, 2008 with the caption 'GOP gadfly' in describing Ron Paul), he would have been in the high teens, possibly 20%.

Allegedly, the numbers came out: Brother Huckabee 34%, Flip Romney 25%, Fred Thompson 13%, McCain 13%, Ron Paul 10%, Rudy Julie Annie 4% and Duncan Hunter 1%. In several counties in Iowa, Dr. Paul pulled in 35%, 14%, 15%, 21% and several with 12% of the vote. That didn't make the news. According to the pollsters, 47% of the GOP voters who turned out in Iowa are Evangelical Christians. What message did these Christian voters in Iowa send? Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, McCain and Hunter are all pro-war mongers who are firm in their commitment to this unconstitutional, immoral invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. They voted for more of this:


They support candidates (Brother Huck and McCain) who support illegal aliens and the lawlessness of this invasion. Those who voted for Ron Paul understand the agenda of the global monsters in their quest for world domination through endless wars and want no more of it. Those who voted for Ron Paul support his pledge to get rid of the domestic terrorist operation called the IRS, the thieves called the central bank (privately owned "FED"), stopping the illegals invasion and smaller government.

Breakdown. Registered voters as of 1 Nov '07: Democrats statewide 600,572; Republicans statewide 574,571. Iowa allows people to register on voting day so there is no way to know if they're in this country legally. Even legal status doesn't mean citizenship has been obtained with the right to vote. FAIR estimates the illegal alien population in 2007 at 55,000. Illegals vote Democrat because they support socialism and are here to steal from Americans whether its identity theft, jobs, education or health care.

But, are the numbers for real or what the machines were programmed to spit out? The media has reported a heavy turn out of 237,000 voters. Officials in Iowa said they expected 120,000-150,000 Democrats to turn out; 80,000- 90,000 Republicans. The polls pretty much conformed to the final count by the machines - with the exception of Ron Paul. Iowa uses a combination of fraud technology to "count" the votes.

If you add up the votes from ABC with 100% of the precincts reporting, you get 118,691 votes cast by Republicans.

According to the vote tallies by the Des Moines Register, these are the numbers from the 99 counties:

Huckabee 39,640; Romney 29,316; McCain 15,184; Thompson 15,639; Ron Paul 11,569; Julie Annie 4,016; Hunter 495

Total: 115,859 - difference from the alleged ABC numbers is 2,832 votes. Where are they? The Des Moines Register's numbers show a couple of counties that had precincts not "reported," but they are the very small ones, so there's maybe a couple hundred votes. I can't check the precincts because the Secretary of State's web site for Iowa doesn't have them posted yet.

How about problems with the vote count? According to Bev Harris at in her post on January 4, 2008, there was a ten hour lag with the Republican count. "As many of us know, vote totals that go DOWN during the middle of the count can be an error, but also can signal an election theft tactic whereby votes from a candidate finishing very low in the pack are skimmed off and given to a favored candidate higher in the pack. If corroborated, the vote total shift will be another red flag." Could be what happened to Kucinich, Biden and Dodd: votes moved to the slick Barack Obama, who is pathetically ignorant about constitutional government?

As for the McCain vote in Iowa, I don't know how any veteran or active duty military could vote for that man. Besides the fact that he fought hard to give amnesty to 15+ MILLION ILLEGALS here stealing our jobs, killing America's husbands, fathers, sons, daughters, wives, mothers and fathers in crimes ranging from robbery to rape to the highways, education and driving our health care system into bankruptcy in many major cities, how about McCain's so-called efforts to bring home our POW/MIAs? Yes, he was a POW and suffered beyond what we can imagine, but you might consider this before you vote for him:

Where are the soldiers? The issue the press never asks McCain about

"There is one part of his record, however, that the press almost never asks him about. They never ask why this decorated navy pilot and Vietnam P.O.W. has spent so much of his time and energy as a senator pushing through legislation to block the release of information about American P.O.W.'s and M.I.A.'s who are still not accounted for.

"Working hand in hand with the Pentagon and the intelligence community, McCain has kept hidden critical documents about a body of prisoners who were alive but secretly held back by Hanoi when the war ended as bargaining fuel for war reparations. They were never returned. They are now merely listed as either dead or missing in action. Seven successive presidents, starting with Richard Nixon, have privately endorsed this cover-up and blackout on P.O.W. documents-while claiming to have directed the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies to declassify everything possible. Sure. And all your toys are made by Santa's elves.

"The reality is that while this shell game was going on, literally thousands of P.O.W. documents that could have been declassified long ago and provided to the families of the missing and the public have been legislated into secrecy. John McCain was a major player in this lock down."

Wife of POW Navy Pilot: McCain no friend to POW families

"Diane Van Renselaar says she still hasn't gotten the truth about her husband from the military and lawmakers, including Sen. John McCain who she claims is 'no friend' of POW families and has back stabbed them every step of the way toward getting at the truth. Larry was shot down on September 30, 1968. They closed his case in 1978. In fact, John McCain, who is a very dangerous and violent man, was the driving force behind closing all the POW files, classifying records in order to keep the truth from the families and the American people," said Van Rensaleer this week from her home in Corte Madera, California."


As I told my friends and family in an email the day after the Iowa Caucus: Only two candidates who've won that state have gone on to become president, Jimmy Carter and George Bush, jr. As for New Hampshire, these are the numbers: 1996 Bill Clinton and Pat Buchanan; 2000 Al Gore and John McCain. New Hampshire has approved new fraud machines: "The state Ballot Law Commission has approved new software for the state's voting machines. The Commission made its decision despite concern from some that the changes threaten secure and accurate elections....Sylvester's company LHS Associates has been supplying New Hampshire with voting machines since the mid-80's. He told the Commissioners the Diebold 194W program called firmware is proven."

Diebold software proven?

Tumbling Down: Diebold Stock Price Falls in Sell-Off as Still More Company Fraud Comes to Light. "After the voting machine company's spectacular failure over the weekend at the GOP Straw Poll in Iowa - where anywhere from 10.5% to 32% of the ballots had to be counted by hand after Diebold's machines failed - it's little surprise that things are coming apart for the company again." [You need to see this excellent HBO DVD on vote fraud "Hacking Democracy"]

Back-door flaws found in Diebold e-voting machines by Robert McMillan. "The flaws could be used to change election results on the systems. May 15, 2006 (IDG News Service) -- Diebold Election Systems Inc. plans to make changes to its electronic voting machines, following the disclosure of a number of serious security flaws in the systems. The voting watchdog organization Black Box Voting last week published a report (download PDF) detailing how Diebold's TS6 and TSx touch-pad voting machines could be compromised by taking advantage of back-door features designed to allow new software to be installed on the systems. Finnish security researcher Harri Hursti discovered back doors in the systems boot loader software, in the operating system and in the Ballot Station software that it runs to tabulate votes. The flaws could be used to change election results on the systems."

"Hackable Diebold Machines Covertly Re-Certified in California by SOS!" "State Senator Outraged, Says Machines, Certification Violates State, Federal Standards and Law...Secretary of State McPherson seems to have a thing for making major announcements late on Fridays just before holidays. Following in what seems to be a pattern of his, he announced late this afternoon that he was certifying Diebold Optical Scan and AccuVote TSx (touch-screens) for use in elections in the state.

"The re-certification (they had been originally decertified in California in 2004 when it was revealed Diebold had installed illegal software updates on the machines) is conditional on some items but not on the one thing point he had announced last December when he sent the system back to federal authorities for further testing. At that time he said he was sending the machine's memory cards to the federal Independent Testing Authority (ITA) Lab for reinspection in light of the news out of Leon County, Florida that the cards used "interpreted code" which is specifically banned by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). A "hack test" in that county revealed that an entirely election could have its results flipped by a hacker exploiting that "interpreted code" -- without a trace being left behind.


"McPherson made his announcement today without waiting to hear back from the ITA lab. Last summer, after a massive mock election test with Diebold touch-screen machines revealed that 10% of them failed entirely with screens freezing and printers jamming -- later reports would reveal that as many as 30% of the machines actually failed! -- McPherson said, "We certainly can't take any kind of risk like that with this kind of device on California voters." Apparently the Secretary of State of America's largest "voting market," as Diebold refers to it, was just kidding about that."

"MD House Committee Votes 20-3 to Scrap Diebold Touch-Screens in State!" Signs are good in Maryland -- Diebold's original "showcase state" -- that the legislature there is finally wising up to the democracy undermining problem that is Diebold. According to AP -- yes, again AP -- the Democratic chaired House Ways and Means Committee "voted 20-3 on Friday to scrap the Diebold touch screen machines for at least this year and use paper ballots with an optical-scan system for the primary and general elections." The measure still has to move through the Senate, though the Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich has previously called for something very similar. So if the Senate moves, chances are the Guv will sign on."

Malfunctioning Diebold Voting Machines Run By Romney Team Member At Iowa Poll: "Ron Paul supporters were angered at this weekend's straw poll in Iowa by the fact that Diebold voting machines once again malfunctioned and caused significant delays in the count, coupled with the fact that a Mitt Romney team member was placed in charge of overseeing the voting procedure."

Those examples above are just a short list. You can type my name in a search engine + vote fraud and fifty columns will appear. There is no way of knowing what the real numbers turn out to be unless you spot check and hand count a dozen precincts in the state picked randomly in the biggest precincts. This should be a major issue, not just for Ron Paul supporters, but for all Americans. Our right to fair and impartial elections is sacred and they are being stolen from we the people to elect or reelect the lackeys who will carry out the agenda of the global masters.

But, electronic voting/counting machines are so convenient and fast!! You might not feel that way if you are the candidate. How about these numbers when I ran for Congress (primary, March 1996): 52 U.S. House seats. At one minute after the polls closed in California, the media announced the election returns which remained the same the next morning. Check these winners and losers percentages: 85-15, 81-18, 85-15, 81-18, 85-15, 85-15, 86-14 (my race), 87-13, 81-18 and 86-14. Not real creative. All incumbents who "won" voted for NAFTA. All the challengers were dead set against that destructive treaty. Are we getting the picture here? The bigger the state, the easier to cheat we the people.

Let me tell you one more thing about my race against Herger. We polled three weeks before the primary. The Second Congressional District has two huge counties, Butte and Shasta. After the polling in which there was only one question: If the election were held today, who would you vote for? Devvy Kidd or Congressman Herger. I was behind Herger by 7% points in Butte County. However, on "election" night, within minutes, Herger was declared the winner district wide with 86-14 percent of the vote with 1% of the precincts "reporting." The vote numbers remained the same at the end (4:12 am). From only a 7% deficit to getting crushed on vote night with no ripples in the campaign. I have not run again because of the machines. Too many good, decent people spent a lot of money and time on my campaign, not to mention having their hopes smashed via high technology theft.

What is the cost of a hand recount? I don't know about New Hampshire, but I can tell you about California. If there is a problem not caused by the candidate, the county would absorb the cost. If the candidate wants a hand recount - meaning no machines, each ballot hand counted in front of county employees, the candidate and/or representatives out in the open with someone filming the event. What the candidate pays for is the facility and the hourly wage or whatever compensation is determined for a county employee (some could be on a monthly pay scale vs hourly). In other words, let's say you have 12,000 ballots and you're only counting president. X number of county employees could count them in a day or two. You're not talking about much money here. But, we are talking about stealing votes.

I have said in previous columns that Ron Paul must audit some of those precincts; medium to large at random in New Hampshire. This is the only way we're going to know the true count BEFORE Super Tuesday, February 5, 2008 (up to 22 states) because I can tell you that's going to be a disaster, again. While Congressman Paul may not outright win the state, we must know the true numbers and what is handed out tomorrow night to the media isn't going to be factual, I promise you. I sincerely hope you will continue to call Ron Paul's New Hampshire Campaign HQ and let them know you are onto the machines and want a random hand recount.

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They support candidates (Brother Huck and McCain) who support illegal aliens and the lawlessness of this invasion. Those who voted for Ron Paul understand the agenda of the global monsters in their quest for world domination through endless wars and want no more of it.