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By: Devvy
September 10, 2007

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Before I get into the stealing of our elections, I want to make a few comments here about the Mexican truck invasion, another slap in the face to Americans and American truck drivers. I've been recovering from emergency surgery on my spine August 30, 2007, and am a tad bit behind in columns. Only a party hack or visitor from outer space can deny at this point in time that Bush's agenda, just like his father before him, Bill Clinton and other past presidents, is the elimination of these united States of America and total integration with Mexico and Canada into one region of a world government. The North American Union (NAU) and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) is the final shot being fired; the process is well underway. The Mexican truck invasion is just another step in the destruction of more jobs and our sovereignty. [See Joan Veon's new DVD "Understanding the North American Union and Public/Private Partnerships"]

The Teamster's Union filed a lawsuit which was struck down by the Ninth Silly Circuit Court. Teamster chief boss, James P. Hoffa stated in a recent interview: "The Teamsters will do everything in our power to put a stake through the heart of this lawless program," Hoffa added. "We will pursue our lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, and we will demand that our politicians act to represent the people who elected them." Let us remember that former president Bill Clinton, who committed treason when he sold our most sensitive secrets to the communist Chinese, had a tawdry oral sex relationship with an intern in the White House and is accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick, is the one who signed the unconstitutional NAFTA into law. Clinton and his Marxist business partner wife, Hillary, claim to be for the working man. Nothing could be further from the truth (their net worth is now $50 MILLION) and his signature on the bottom line of the NAFTA treaty spelled the first giant step in reducing the middle class to poverty. On September 7, 2007, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (a.k.a. OOIDA) in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to stop this insanity. Does anyone have any doubt as to the outcome?

This past week, Dr. Jerome Corsi has revealed the issuance of the first driver's licenses from North Carolina bearing the NAU logo and Mexican trucks began rolling across our borders in the dead of night. Now, why do you suppose Bush and his minions at DOT used the cover of night to get this invasion underway? While useful fools like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and other very high paid mouthpieces poo poo the NAU and have kept their programs focused on bombing Iran into oblivion and more salacious photos and stories of pop tarts and their slutty lifestyles, some members of Congress are upset over Bush allowing this insane Mexican truck experiment to proceed: "It was done in the dark of the night with very little notice," said Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., who sponsored legislation for the pilot program under certain safety criteria." DeFazio isn't the lone voice, but what are they going to do about it besides the usual whining?

The Teamster's were slapped down by the most incompetent court in this country - the Ninth Circuit. This is the most over turned court, which translated means these judges consistently don't do their job - they fail at it over and over and over. How many times have we heard members of Congress from both parties complain about this court? What has the counterfeit U.S. Senate done about it? NOTHING. If you were an employer, would you keep an employee whose job performance was 10% accurate? So, why then won't these gas bags and grandstanders in the Senate take control of the situation and impeach these judges destroying our country and way of life? Because they're prissy, sissy cowards one and all and this is why I continue to stress that we must get the Seventeenth Amendment fraud exposed and corrected. In the meantime, we the people pay the salary of judges who should have been removed from the bench years ago. When is enough going to be enough?

If Congress is so upset about this Mexican truck disaster in the making, why haven't they acted? Oh, there's a bill in Congress sponsored by Duncan Hunter addressing safety issues, but it's just another smokescreen that will allow this invasion to continue and increase in size! The real issue here is we the people do NOT want these trucks coming across our borders. Not only will this kill off jobs for American truckers, it is a serious security risk, it WILL put we the people and our families at risk with no justice once the accidents start piling up, it will enable drug cartels to do more business and let's not forget the smuggling of illegals aliens. If Congress really wanted to stop this they can do it two ways in a heart beat: (1) Congress has complete oversight over the Federal Department of Transportation. They make the laws and these agencies are supposed to follow them. The House could immediately draft a piece of legislation to stop this program and get it passed. The Senate could pass the same bill and then send it to Bush who would veto it. If there are enough members of Congress who feel the heat, they can over ride the veto. The Minnesota bridge tragedy occurred on August 1, 2007. Within 48 hours, Congress voted to write another hot check in the amount of $250 million phantom dollars to rebuild the bridge. These poltroons can act quick as a fox when they want. To allow Bush to continue down this path is to allow him to continue as a dictator with no checks and balances.

If this trucking nightmare is indeed a provision of NAFTA, that can be cured in a NY second by the counterfeit senate controlled by the Democrats. Open Socialist Bernard Sanders and useful idiot, Joseph Libermann are independents in name only; they always vote with their communist colleagues so you can say the counterfeit senate is Democrat controlled. Now, those who are Democrat shouldn't get in a snit. Remember the Communist Party USA endorsed John Kerry when he ran and their current goal is to "..end Republican control of the White House and increase the margin in Congress for Democrats." Why? Because the agenda of the Democratic Party most closely aligns with the communist manifesto; the Republicans are catching up at hyper speed. As for those who call themselves "progressives" who get upset with me when I tell them they have swallowed the communitarian doctrine (communism), here's what the Reds have to say on that: "In the Democratic presidential field are history making candidates. Their politics range from centrist to left, but as a whole, the field is more progressive than what has come before. It includes a woman, African American, Mexican American, son of a mill worker, and foremost peace leader." Notice, there's nothing about adhering to the U.S. Constitution. It's all about a person's skin color or gender. One of the poster boys for "progressive politics" is another useful idiot who knows nothing about the U.S. Constitution, Barack Obama.

The Democrat controlled counterfeit U.S. Senate can draft legislation tomorrow to get the U.S. out of NAFTA immediately and that would shut down the truckers invasion. To say this can't be done is to lay down and let your enemy steam roll right over you. Either we have real men in the U.S. Congress who have the guts and resolve to get the job done or we have nothing but more wimps. Again, this is why I continue to hammer on the Seventeenth Amendment issue. Had this fraud been exposed and corrected years ago, we would NOT be in this mess, on the cliff of annihilation, today. Please call your counterfeit U.S. Senator today and demand they get legislation drafted immediately to get America out of NAFTA and stop this truck invasion. They have allowed the human invasion to reach critical mass where illegals are killing dozens of Americans each day, stealing our jobs and leaving our borders wide open for terrorists and drug cartels to cross. This truck "experiment" must be stopped, period. We the people defeated the heinous amnesty bill a few months ago and we can do the same here if hundreds of thousands of people flood the counterfeit senate this week with phone calls, faxes or personal visits if possible.


Once again: The NAU is about trade and $$$$. Big $$$$. In my last column I urged Americans to make the commitment to stop buying foreign products and services. Today. Stop. Buy Made in the USA. It's not that difficult. If you can't find what you want in the Made in America section, use a search engine. Real American companies want your business. Our survival is on the line and that's no hyperbole. Either you support American workers or we will continue to see our standard of living drop to poverty level and no one's job sector will be secure. Those Mexican trucks are full of junk from our enemies like Communist China. Let them deliver their clothes made by slave labor, defective toys, pesticide ridden fruits and vegetables and leave them to rot on the store shelves.

Vote fraud: the tool of tyrants

For fourteen long years I have been on the vote fraud issue. In the index below is the link to my columns. Only someone in willful denial or whose personal agenda is best served by this fraud can say we have fair and impartial elections. It is a lie. Electronic ballot machines have been stealing our elections since the late 1960s and that is a fact. As I wrote in a recent column, these incompetent idiots in Congress allocated more than a BILLION DOLLARS on easily rigged voting machines for the states. Of course, there's no money is the treasury, so this represents more hot checks, but these crooks, cowards and criminals don't care. They only care about genuflecting to which ever special interest group puts the most heat on them. We will pay on the interest and pass the compounding interest on to our children, grand children and their children, but the crash will come before those generations. And for what? Tens of millions of dollars in legal challenges and candidates who didn't legally win an election. The machines have served the shadow government well.

Do not be fooled by H.R. 811 the so-called Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act. This will NOT restore fair and impartial elections. For part two click below.

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If Congress is so upset about this Mexican truck disaster in the making, why haven't they acted? Oh, there's a bill in Congress sponsored by Duncan Hunter addressing safety issues, but it's just another smokescreen that will allow this invasion to continue and increase in size!