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By: Devvy
August 6, 2007

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"From Dan Rather's five-minute 1988 televised report on computerized vote fraud. Mr. Rather asked computer expert Howard J. Strauss of Princeton University: "Realistically, could the fix be put on in a national election?" Mr. Strauss responded, "Get me a job with the company that writes the software for this program. I'd have access to one third of the votes. Is that enough to fix a general election?" Strauss also said, "When it comes to computerized elections, there are no safeguards. It's not a door without locks, it's a house without doors."

Frustration in this country is growing faster than the latest bumper crop of poppy seeds in Afghanistan. The whole litany of abuses against we the people are presented and dissected every day in this country by articulate, informed, highly intelligent writers from all walks of life, many with impressive academic credentials, many from hard working Americans who have done their research and are very afraid of what's just over the horizon. Dr. Steven Yates' recent column is a fine example. Citizen activism is at an all time fever pitch and the federal machine, like a cornered rabid dog, is watching and waiting for the right moment to strike. It's not an option for the global elitists who run this country via control of the 50 state governors, Congress and White House, to allow we the people to not only expose their evil agenda, but to actually stand up and fight.

And, fight we must, but we need to expend our time and energies into efforts that will bring results. I've received several emails from individuals who are actively trying to gear up recall efforts against Marxist Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress. From their lips to God's ears, except the U.S. Constitution does not allow recall of Congress; the Founding Fathers felt the ballot box would oust any sewage that needed dumping. Little could they imagine how electronic voting machines would end up stealing our elections since the 1960s. Many will recall the fierce battle over states passing term limits back in the 1990s. Recall the "Republican Revolution" back in 1994 and the "Contract with America" sold by serial adulterer and liar, Newt Gingrich, who was caught on tape exposing how he fooled desperate Americans fed up with a Democrat majority in control of Congress for 40 years:

"House Speaker New Gingrich has admitted that a hidden motive behind his 'Contract With America' two years ago was to control the large and stridently conservative freshman class that was expected to come into the house with the 1994 mid-term elections. 'Nobody fully understand this,' Gingrich explained in confidential tapes obtained by Roll Call, 'but if you think of the Contract with America, it was, in fact, a training implementation document masquerading as a public relations device...It was designed as a training implementation document for the freshmen when they arrived...It was guaranteed that from election day through April, early April, that the House Republican Party would have to behave in a deviant manner from what it would morally be expected to do."

Newt Gingrich is a slick, deceitful political animal. The so-called Contract with America was a lie, a farce. Do folks remember that a corner stone of the Contract With America was term limits? It was a lie, a gimmick. A scant few months into their new power high, the Republican controlled House defeated four different versions of a required constitutional amendment to change the U.S. Constitution. Corrupt veteran Republicans joined hands with the Democrats to make sure it went down in flames. The 'Contract with America' was nothing more than a slick piece of butcher paper that ended up meaning nothing. The Republicans outspent the Democrats in their 12 years of "power" against we the people.

The Democrats have simply picked up where the "conservative" Republicans left off courtesy of the last pretend election, which in reality, gave us back the same Congress. With the exception of 26 House seats and a few in the counterfeit Senate, the same Republicans who didn't get the job done for the past 12 years and have destroyed the Bill of Rights, are still in Congress this term (2007/2008) right along with career Democrat parasites: Pelosi, Rangel, Waxman, Harman, Abercrombie, Conyers, Biden, Kennedy, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Rockefeller, Levin and Sarbanes. Allegedly, the American people rehired the same crooks they supposedly took power away from in 1994!

The American people were desperate to stop the destruction of the Democrats while they controlled Congress back in 1994. They went for a promise of term limits. They went to the polls in numbers to get "conservative" Republicans elected to take back power, stop the destruction of this republic and get term limits into the Constitution. What did we the people get? Massive spending and since 911, a Republican controlled Congress that all but nullified the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution like a hungry paper shredder. Don't expect the Democrats to get rid of all these unconstitutional laws put on the books since 911.

In May, 1995, as most of us predicted, the U.S. Supreme Court shot down wishful thinking by ruling states cannot set term limits for members of Congress. While I am 100% for states rights, always have been, a constitutional amendment is required to effect this change in the U.S. Constitution. I highly recommend you read these two items regarding term limits:

U. S. TERM LIMITS, INC., et al. v. THORNTON et al. Report for Congress - Recall of Congress

If you know of any groups or organizations out there who are undertaking recall efforts to boot these crooks and thieves out of Congress, please let them know that while we wish we could, it is simply time and resources wasted.

Speaking of Congress, how typical of these show boaters to jump on a tragedy and pass legislation literally within hours to "fix it." Congress hasn't found time in 94 years to introduce legislation to abolish the privately owned Federal Reserve, but look what they did within 48 hours for future votes:

Congress OKs Bridge Money August 3, 2007/Associated Press
"WASHINGTON - The House and Senate voted Friday to direct $250 million to rebuild the Minnesota bridge that was destroyed in this week's deadly collapse. But another vote in the House is needed Saturday after the Senate amended the measure to switch the source for some of the money. Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., said the "technical amendment" could end up adding another $5 million to the package.

"All of us are struck, deeply within our souls" by the collapse, said Rep. Jim Oberstar, a Minnesota Democrat who chairs the House Transportation Committee, before the House unanimously passed the legislation. The committee's former chairman, Alaska Republican Don Young, noted that he had sought $375 billion in the last six-year transportation bill, but Congress had to settle for about $90 billion because of opposition from the Bush administration." Other lawmakers also called for more funding for transportation. The local congressman, Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison, praised the bipartisan response, saying, "Even though we have strong differences of opinion, when tragedy strikes America, we have no Democrats, we have no Republicans."

And: "President Bush planned to visit the bridge site on Saturday, and the White House released a text of his weekly radio address in which he offers Minnesotans encouragement as well as federal money......." The legislation would waive the $100 million federal limit per state for emergency relief funds, authorizing $250 million for rebuilding the bridge. The money itself still needs to be appropriated by Congress in future legislation. Oberstar pushed the bill through his committee on Thursday. The state's other seven members all signed on as co-sponsors, and its two senators, Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Amy Klobuchar, introduced companion legislation."

Opposition from Bush? Say it isn't so! In August, 2005, I wrote this column about the transportation bill just passed by Congress and signed into law by Bush:

"On Aug. 10, 2005, at a well-crafted photo op, Bush signed the $286.5 billion transportation bill at a Caterpillar facility in Montgomery, Ill., promising jobs - the big carrot. During the 2004 pretend election cycle coverage on the tube, a middle-aged man up in Ohio yelled into the microphone of a reporter, "This election isn't about Vietnam, it's about jobs." There are two problems here, though: (1) There is no money to pay for this $286.5 billion appropriation and (2) the federal government is not supposed to create jobs - except under a communist system."

Less than two years ago, Congress voted to write another $286.5 BILLION dollars in hot checks to create jobs in the transportation sector; Bush signed it. Now that the Democrats are in "power," Bush has opposed such spending? No, he hasn't; the bottom line is they're all liars writing hot checks for future votes. The day that bill was signed into law by Bush, the people's treasury - overdrawn by Congress writing hot checks - was $7,883,572,311,422.86. That's just under $8 TRILLION dollars - all of it borrowed with the interest slapped on the backs of us, our children and grand children. On July 30, 2007, Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, asked Congress to raise the debt ceiling limit, again, so Congress can continue writing hot checks - $12 BILLION BORROWED dollars this month will go to this unconstitutional, failed nation building in Iraq.

Please note above the statement: "The money itself still needs to be appropriated by Congress in future legislation." You see? A tragedy happens, politicians come out of the woodwork for their photo ops, hurriedly let it be known to voters how they feel their pain, promise money to fix the problem so they'll be seen as the good guys, but the promised money doesn't exist because it would be done in future legislation and it will have to be borrowed! What a way to run a country. Not everyone is falling for this BS. Terri Hall, Founder/Director of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF) had this to say in a press release, August 3, 2007, while the gab fest was going on in DC:

Minnesota bridge tragedy causes citizens to cry foul Collapse due to frivolous earmarks, starving the gas tax & diverting funds AWAY from roads/bridges

"San Antonio, TX. August 3, 2007 - Citizens against the push for privatizing & tolling our highways in order to address our Nation's aging infrastructure see the Minnesota bridge tragedy as a transportation wake-up call. "It's criminal that our politicians passed a highway bill in 2005 that funded a $223 million bridge to nowhere in Alaska instead of retrofitting this heavily traveled bridge on one of America's most heavily traveled inter states," fumes an incensed Terri Hall, Founder/Director of Texans United for Reform and Freedom (TURF). "We have serious misplaced priorities in this country and politicians who are derelict in their duties."

"The 2005 federal highway bill (SAFET-LU) had 6,000 earmarks for frivolous Congressional pet projects taken from our gas taxes at a time when the Bush Administration was pushing the privatization & tolling of our highways saying new taxes were necessary to address congestion and aging infrastructure. By design, they want to DOUBLE TAX toll the traveling public to plug their own leaky boat. "What we have are politicians who are now blaming the taxpayers for NOT giving them enough of our money to pay for infrastructure when, in fact, it is they who have habitually pilfered and diverted billions from both federal and state gas tax funds which has caused our infrastructure to fall into disrepair. Now they are guilty of needless loss of life. Truly blood is on their hands," reflects Hall.

"In Texas, twenty-five percent of fuel taxes are diverted to public schools and another 5% to things that don't relate to highways. The Texas Legislature has diverted $10 billion from the state highway fund in the last 20 years alone while also defrauding taxpayers into thinking the only way out of our infrastructure woes is to now toll us for what our taxes have already built and paid for and to sell our highway system to the highest bidder while STILL failing to keep our bridges and highways safe. "Let the revolution begin! The public WILL rise-up to boot these politicians out of office if indictments don't do it first. Heads need to roll rather than to come after us for tolls," remarks Hall."

Be sure to read the links in Terri's press release above. They are an eye opener. Texas has real warriors spearheading organizations that are getting things done and I hope you'll become part of them if you live in our great State. Freedom is not a spectator sport. However, Terri's dream of booting out these corrupt politicians can only come true if there are no electronic ballot machines used in the 50 states of the Union. There are a lot of good people out there working to see they're junked:

"Paper ballots for California! Secretary of State announces de-certification/re-certification plans for e-voting systems. Debra Bowen Announces DRE (Touch-Screen) Machines to be Used

"In a dramatic late-night press conference, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen decertified, and then recertified with conditions, all but one voting system used in the state. Her decisions, following her unprecedented, independent "Top-to-Bottom Review" of all certified electronic voting systems, came just under the wire to meet state requirements for changes in voting system certification. Bowen announced that she will be disallowing the use of Direct Recording Electronic (DRE, usually touch-screen) voting systems made by the Diebold and Sequoia companies on Election Day, but for one DRE machine per polling place which may be used for disabled voters. The paper trails from votes cast on DREs manufactured by those two companies must be 100% manually counted after Election Day. DREs made by Hart-Intercivic are used in only one California county and will be allowed for use pending security upgrades." Full article here.

I shipped by request 700,000 copies of my Blind Loyalty booklet on vote fraud from 1998 to mid-2004 when I retired it; I profited not one penny. I like to think my Blind Loyalty booklet has helped efforts to stop the stealing of our elections. Congress has allocated more than a BILLION DOLLARS on these voting machines for the states; see link below. Every penny borrowed from the central bank (FED). We will pay on the interest and pass the compounding interest on to our children, grand children and their children, but the crash will come before those generations. And for what? Tens of millions of dollars in legal challenges and candidates who didn't legally win an election, but the machines have served the shadow government well. The only way to ensure your agenda (world government) is advanced, is to make sure the 50 state governors, Congress and the White House will do your bidding by getting elected and reelected. There are a few exceptions in Congress, but if you fully comprehend the big picture, you know what I'm saying is true.

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Be sure to read the links in Terri's press release above. They are an eye opener. Texas has real warriors spearheading organizations that are getting things done and I hope you'll become part of them if you live in our great State.