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By: Devvy
September 10, 2007

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The Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act has an impressive number of supporters in our worthless Congress - the same Congress which has allowed this to grow into a massive fraud game every election year. The same Congress Americans continue to "elect" over and over who never get the job done right, only more "fixes." H.R. 811, section 2(a)(1)(2)(A) calls for:

"The voting system shall require the use of or produce an individual voter-verified paper ballot of the voter's vote that shall be created by or made available for inspection and verification by the voter before the voter's vote is cast and counted. For purposes of this clause, examples of such a ballot include a paper ballot marked by the voter for the purpose of being counted by hand or read by an optical scanner or other similar device, a paper ballot prepared by the voter to be mailed to an election official (whether from a domestic or overseas location), a paper ballot created through the use of a ballot marking device or system, or a paper ballot produced by a touch screen or other electronic voting machine, so long as in each case the voter is permitted to verify the ballot in a paper form in accordance with this subparagraph."

NO, NO, NO. This is how we got in this mess - any machine can be compromised; you only need go to the index of vote fraud columns below to get the truth about these machines. Be sure to watch the short video below, Election Deception. The states of the Union do NOT have to use electronic machines and we the people MUST demand at our city council meetings (the Mayor attends these meetings) that all machines are forbidden. If machines are allowed to continue counting the votes with this smokescreen of a "paper trail," we won't fix the problem, the American people will simply be taken for a another ride in a different runaway vehicle. Absentee ballots are no guarantee your vote will count or even get counted.

Congress must get rid of the disaster they passed called The Motor Voter law of 1993; see here. Ever since this free pass to voter registration fraud passed and was signed into law by Marxist Bill Clinton, the voting rolls have become so tainted, we have no idea who is getting legally elected. My Blind Loyalty booklet on my CD is full of factual data on illegals voting; sample of the numbers here. Do Americans remember when Bob Dornan allegedly lost his election to Loretta Sanchez who I am convinced is an illegal alien? Even the weak attempt at an investigation into Dornan's race produced voting rolls with names like A. Martinez, B. Martinez, C. Martinez - all with non verifiable addresses.

Let me give you one prime example of tainted voting rolls:

"Stephen Weir, Contra Costa County Clerk and head of the Elections Department has just issued the results of the department's 2- year "voter roll correction" program. This program has resulted in an astounding 21.8% reduction in registered voters in the county.... The purge is even more dramatic when you consider that during the same period 139,340 new registrations were added!

"The elections department had come under intense criticism and scrutiny as a result of the very close Measure C school bond issue in November 1995 and the hotly contested State Senate race in November of 1996. Weir is hopeful that this major housecleaning of the voter rolls will instill more voter confidence and reduce the potential for voter fraud...."

"Radio talk show hosts and media pundits like to chant over and over and over that people aren't voting because they are "disenfranchised" from politics or their "party isn't getting the message out" and other such tripe. The truth is that millions and millions of people now know that the ballot box has been comprised and refuse to participate in the fake steering wheel exercise.


"The example above was particularly interesting to me because in early April, 1998, I spoke to a Republican women's organization at the country club in Danville, California and Stephen Weir was in the audience. I am hopeful, although I have no way of knowing, that my speech that day had some impact on Mr. Weir and this voter roll purge that apparently was in its infancy at that time. No one wins with vote fraud. Everything starts on election day. I will never run for public office again until the voter rolls in this state are purged, until people are forced to prove their legal residency in this country, until the machines are gone and paper hand marked ballots are counted in front of anyone who wants to watch. I'd rather wait a week to find out I lost fairly than be cheated again. I don't need fast food elections. The final question is this: How much longer can America survive with rigged elections? Remember Stalin's words: "Voters decide nothing; those who count the votes decide everything."

Kudos to Mr. Weir back then for taking decisive action. How many "elections" have we seen where the win-loss margin is 5-10%. How about 21.8% of the voting rolls in just one dirty county as was proven above? Can you imagine how many illegals are voting in havens like Los Angeles, NYC, Miami, Detriot, Denver, Houston, Phoenix, etc? The illegals are having a heyday at the ballot box. Every county election office in this country must begin a purge of their voting rolls NOW. Otherwise, we will never stand a chance at getting rid of all these traitors in office and corrupt public officials. Please don't serve up the excuse that there's no money. Every state in this Union has been raped and brought to their knees to the tune of tens to hundreds of billions of dollars coddling, educating, feeding, medicating and incarcerating nearly 20 million criminals (illegal aliens) because of decisions made by rotten judges and elected officials who got there by vote fraud. Too bad if there's not enough money for more welfare for illegal aliens or special interest groups and their endless demands. I don't care how loud anti-American Latino groups scream. I don't care how many demonstrations the militant, seditious LaRaza organization funds. I don't care how many fits the American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) has while they file more lawsuits. Our right to fair and impartial elections takes precedence over their screeching.

What I care about is we have NO idea who is getting elected and the same thing will happen in 2008. Wonderful, dedicated Americans can work their fingers to the bone trying to get candidates elected who deserve to be in office, but with the machines and tainted voting rolls controlling the vote, it's nothing more than an exercise in futility while the shadow government laughs at what they consider our puny efforts. Either we have paper ballots, hand marked and counted inside the precincts in front of the public before they're transported to the county clerk or we will change nothing. This is not a liberal or conservative issue. It's an American issue.

As I have said for the past 8 election cycles - this process must begin NOW, not two months from the November 2008 elections. If you are fed up with our elections being stolen from us, then get to your city council meetings with a good flyer and hand them out to everyone attending. Then ask for time to address the council and mayor. Pass your flyer out at work, at every town hall meeting, debate - anywhere legal. Call your state rep and state senator - even if your legislature is out of office - and tell them electronic voting machines and tainted voting rolls are stealing your right to fair and impartial elections. Demand legislation get passed outlawing machines - all machines in your state - and mandatory purging of voting rolls in every county in your state and get it done before the 2008 elections or they will again be 'pretend' elections. This is critical for the presidential election in '08 and electoral college votes.

I rest my case on this issue. I've done all I can, written all I can, given enough proof to choke an elephant. It's really up to we the people to get this job done with the help of honest public servants both at the county and state levels. Otherwise, we will see more court challenges, more red herring legislation from Congress, more time wasted and more hundreds of millions of dollars wasted to keep a system (machines) that will never work and voting rolls that are allowing non citizens to vote. Is this what we the people really want next November and in the months following? For part one click below.

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If Congress is so upset about this Mexican truck disaster in the making, why haven't they acted? Oh, there's a bill in Congress sponsored by Duncan Hunter addressing safety issues, but it's just another smokescreen that will allow this invasion to continue and increase in size!