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By Betty Freauf

July 14, 2004

I saw a bumper sticker recently that said: "Inch by inch anything is a cinch" and I thought about the United Nations Regional government and how it has been implemented inch by inch and how it has destroyed our Republic and with that inspiration from the bumper sticker I decided to try to address Regional government in an inch by inch manner that may help people to understand more easily. I DO NOT pretend to be an authority so please, dear readers knowledgeable on this subject, allow me a little leeway if I get some point wrong.

This is an extremely difficult subject to write about because U.N. Regional government as we know it today came about when a plague of young lawyers settled on Washington in the early 1930s. It has flown under the radar and been sold under the guise of civic improvement and implemented piecemeal for many decades. The covert machinery building, consolidation of forces and indoctrination have been continuous to this day so it's like trying to eat an elephant a bite at a time. With the help of a document written in 1969 by a dear old saint, Maureen Heaton, now deceased, and information I've accumulated from other sources, I'll endeavor to tie it all into current issues in a manner that it is hopefully understandable.

First and foremost you must understand everything is interconnected from economics, the banking industry, the environment, education, religion, to moral and social issues even including child care and everything in between and the mainline media are accomplices.

During the 1960s, the slogan used to justify helping Communism was "bridge building" - an overall plan to compromise U.S. sovereignty in favor of world government. Today the slogan is "Think Globally, Act Locally." From its early days, as the global mouthpiece, the United Nations, a Communist front and formerly the League of Nations, has created a massive network of interconnecting organizations which cover all areas of our lives. The stupid concessions made by various administrations of the U.S. fill Charlotte Iserbyt's book, THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA. [Order Book]

As only a few other examples, the Clean Air Act and its accompanying regulations have crushed our economy forcing industries to move away from the U.S. Christian colleges gave up their religious identification in order to comply with foundation requirements to receive grants, an early move by the one-worlders to eliminate God from America and the churches were muzzled when they accepted the I.R.S. 501(c)3 tax exemption.

There are many separate groups all acting individually yet in concert to achieve agreed goals of a one world religious system (and it won't be Christianity) and a one world government which includes a one world banking system, a one world judicial system and a one world military.

They work through unions, tax-exempt foundations, NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) as well as the National Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, civic organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. Please note, however, most members at the bottom do not recognize they are pawns on a chess board. They are simply well intentioned do-gooders believing they can make the world a better place if they participate and "volunteerism" looks good on a job application and becoming a requirement for a high school diploma. Behind the Bush administration's "compassionate conservatism" and revolutionary foreign policy is a dangerous collectivist ideology called "communitarianism" aka communism according to Webster.

Everything is accomplished at the top. And if you dig a little deeper in the well, you'll find an interlocking directorate between members of one board of directors with other boards. This was theoretically outlawed by Section 8 of the Clayton Act which says that no person shall be a director at one time in any two or more competing companies. Of course, how often is it strictly enforced begs the question? And if some get caught, the punishment amounts to nothing more than a slap on the wrist by some judge who is a member of the same secret society as the defendant who has taken an oath to watch out for the "brothers"

Task force committees are ALWAYS carefully stacked with appointed people with vested interests, with perhaps the exception of a couple business people to add credibility and so the group cannot be accused of open bias. The busy business people feel a civic obligation to serve although they do not have the foggiest idea why they were chosen. The Task Force facilitators know what type of conclusion they are to reach before the first meeting and they are trained to achieve that goal.

This type of control is not something new and it happens worldwide. For instance, the London Tavistock Institute of Human Relations has its kinfolk in the U.S. such as the Stanford Research Institute, the Rand Corporation, the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, et al. Tavistock researchs into how people will react, individually and collectively, to certain events i.e. 9/11. Tavistock's pioneer work was in behavioral science along Freudian lines of "controlling" humans.

A 1990 FLORIDA FORUM newsletter said the Tavistock Institute, its money and its advanced mind control machinery were heavily influencing the conservative movement in the U.S. largely through Paul Weyerich, founder of the Heritage Foundation. Heritage has a big conference in Washington, D.C. after every election to welcome the new crop of congressmen and women where the brainwashing begins. Rush Limbaugh has been an invited speaker and the crowd figuratively speaking bows down to him as he enters the auditorium because he claims he's on a mission for God. [When Will the Walls Come Tumbling Down]

So while the conservatives at the local level are doing their share of infighting and jockeying for "top dog" positions and leader of the band, the real action is going on behind the scenes.

In 2 Kings 17, Israel represented the backslidden, sin-saturated harlot church of today. It was full of compromise, lust, adultery, homosexuality -- sheer pleasure madness and just as it is today in America, the Israelites possessed a form of godliness without power. And the King of Assyria brought men from Babylon (Iraq today) to conquer them.

In addition to having to endure nearly four more months of presidential campaign ads and T.V. coverage of the candidates as they visit in a variety of cities, we'll have to watch the absolute absurdity of the Democrat and Republican conventions this summer. The only thing these conventions accomplish is a great boost to the economy of the town in which they happen to be held. It's a foregone conclusion before they get there who will be the chosen candidates but this type of occultic atmosphere prevalent at these events, like rock festivals, is exhilarating to the "chosen" few who put on their campaign hats, hold their signs and hope the T.V. cameras will zero in on them for the people back home to see.

They'll have platform meetings. The Democrats are usually in agreement over their issues much more than the GOP delegates from the respective states chosen by their peers at a local level who will again argue over the abortion and homosexual issues, gun rights, land use issues, etc. and then like many white wedding dresses which are only worn once and often fly under false colors, the platform will be ignored.

Please remember, I'm writing this from a Republican perspective because I was once very much a part of this addiction but while the political parties are chopping away at each other with meat cleavers, members of the Green Party, another communist front, are methodically getting people elected at the local level where damaging public policy can be easily set and ridiculous unconstitutional administrative rules implemented and eventually some of these folks will gain more name recognition and they'll advance to bigger and better jobs. Some may end up in Washington, D.C. like socialist and openly-gay Congressman Sanders from Vermont.

In the book FABIAN FREEWAY, the High Road to Socialism in the U.S.A. (c) 1968 tells of the unobrusive little beast called a turtle - an emblem of Britain's Fabian Society, which, since its formation in 1884, has preached and practiced a philosopy of achieving socialism (a Communist cousin) by gradual means and has as its slogan: Make Haste Slowly.

Over the years to the present, the Fabian turtle has won a series of gradual victories worldwide that could hardly have been predicted in 1920. Even now the results are hardly noticed to the great majority of people in this country.

GOP politicians in key governmental leadership roles use their powerful positions to place their cronies on miscellaneous boards and committees thereby enabling them to reward their financial supporters.

One of the favorite statements of politicians is YOU OWE ME because it seems someone is nearly always indebted to someone else and much unethical compromising is the result. The recent Patriot Act debate and arm twisting on TV in the House is the most current example as we watched House rules being compromised and weak-kneed representatives succumb until the required votes were achieved.

They don't realize no man escapes when freedom fails because the best men rot in filthy jails and those who cried, "Appease, Appease" are hung by those they tried to please.

Even many conservative talk shows don't seem to understand what is happening. While so much emphasis is directed towards the presidential campaigns, no one is watching the fox steal the chickens at the local level. This is where communist United Nations Regional Administrative government accomplishes its goals. The same-sex marriages in Multnomah County, Oregon started with the idea and blessing of the County Commissioners and to this day, they are still issuing the licenses as a matter of public policy.

Maureen Heaton writes in 1969, "There is little general knowledge of either the meaning and purpose of, or the activity which prepares an area for, regional government. Had it been otherwise, it never could have reached its present proportions (It is much, much worse today). Maureen goes on to say the average person finds it difficult to believe that there are those who call themselves Americans who would be willing to turn their backs on their birthright, and voluntarily give up the boon of self-government. It is even more difficult to believe that there are those among us who would be willing, OR ABLE, to steal the birthright of the rest of us, and that in order to do this, they would lie, cheat and betray the public trust.

In future articles, I'll endeavor to tie a variety of these betrayers in with current events. And yes, how can we eat an elephant will probably offend the "animal rights" groups too. This whole bunch of socialist leftist wackos are working together to destroy our sovereignty.

But one of my favorite Oregon skeptics to my conspiracy theories. a political tax activist and a dear brother in the Lord says he and many others are not sheep for the shearing and he truly believes that there are enough good people getting more and more fed up and at some stage they'll rise up and cause this nation to reverse course. He suggests maybe it will eventually be through a future third party. He even reluctantly suggests it may be with force and bloodshed which he hopes doesn't happen but when liberty is at stake, he says, there comes a point when the last straw (Exodus 5:7) is laid upon us and real men of liberty rise up with a ferocity born of righteous indignation and say, "No More." He advises us to be strong, be bold for the Lord thy God is with us. To those who aren't real bold, pray confusion in the enemy's camp and watch them begin destroying each other. (Judges 7:9-25)

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican Party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years. Betty is a researcher, freelance journalist and a regular contributor to  New E-Mail:








During the 1960s, the slogan used to justify helping Communism was "bridge building" - an overall plan to compromise U.S. sovereignty in favor of world government. Today the slogan is "Think Globally, Act Locally." From its early days, as the global mouthpiece, the United Nations, a Communist front and formerly the League of Nations, has created a massive network of interconnecting organizations which cover all areas of our lives.